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AUSELECT ARTG Registered 120 Pcs First Aid Kits $13.99 + Post ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend), 280 Pcs $32.19 Posted @ AUSELECT Amazon AU


Pls view the description page to get more info about the product listing included.

【120 Pcs First Aid Kits, AUSELECT First Aid Kit 120pcs for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car & Cycling with Waterproof Laminate Bags You Protect Your Supplies! Be Prepared for All Outdoor Adventures or at Home & Work】

  • Product Dimension: 170 * 120 * 50mm(6.7" x 4.7" x2"); Product Weight: 150g; A portable mini first aid kit is essentially important for unexpected accidents,great for carry with you everyday
  • Material: Made of high-quality 600D oxford fabric, non-toxic, tasteless, ecological. First Aid print is marked to attract attention
  • Necessary Tools: It is not only useful for emergency situation for outdoor but only be a necessary tool for family everyday life especially the elderly or children and office school necessity
  • Please Note:This first aid kit bag includes:1pc scissor,1pc tweezer, 2pcs Gauze swab,1pc 5cmx4.5m confirming bandage,1pc 7.5cmx4.5m confirming bandage,1pc 1.25cmx5m adhesive tape,4pcs 5X5cm sting relief prep pads, 10pcs 3x6cm prep pads,5pcs 7.2x1.9cm band-aids,1pc 96x96x136cm triangular bandage,2pcs safety pins,1pc first aid guide,1pc 16x11x4.5cm nylon pouch
  • Best companion for unexpected emergencies, injuries and first responder. Convenient for families and friends to get timely and effective treatment. It will help you to perform professional care when a first aid kit is at hand and before the arrival of the ambulance. A Literal Life Saver, everyone deserves it!Every first aid kit comes with a drawstring bag


【280 Pcs First Aid Kits, AUSELECT First Aid Kit 280pcs for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car & Cycling. with Waterproof Laminate Bags】 $32.19 delivered

  • Contains 280 essential first aid supplies for treating minor aches and injuries
  • Soft-sided, zippered case ideal for home, travel and on the go use
  • Multiple compartments allow you to sort out your supplies for easy to grab access.
  • This bag includes everything from safety goggles to a biohazard bag to waterproof tape and more.
  • Perfect for home, auto, marine or sporting events
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  • +5

    120pc, 50pc which is cotton bud lol

    • +1

      "1pc 96x96x136cm triangular bandage"

      Is it just me or is that a really big bandage?

      • +2

        Can be used as a sling.

      • It's designed to be used as a sling, so yes it's quite large.

        • Ahhh that actually makes sense.

      • Standard sized sling,fold in half for small kids.
        Put long bit around back of neck and pointed part to elbow.

    • +2

      Seems like cotton buds are the zip ties of first aid kits.

      • cheaper than band-aids!

      • I’d prefer a decent length zip tie set tbh

        • +1

          Better as a tourniquet than cotton buds.

  • Bought this from last deal. Avoid.

  • +1

    I like the idea of the labelled first aid bag, would remove the bandages and cotton buds and replace with better items and analgesia.
    Think it's great that it contains a resus mask as personally I wouldn't want to do CPR / resus without one.

    • +1

      I just heard the other day on a plant operator course,that they don't want you doing breathes now on people just pump the heart!

  • Just purchased both for total of $42.88 so decent price.
    Cheaper than price above. Think the little kit was only $12.99 including shipping with prime membership.

  • +3

    Buy the bag from AliExpress for a few dollars, replace the contents yourself with decent stuff:


  • +1

    Any better alternatives from similar prices