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[QLD] 10% off Personalised Plates @ PPQ


For the next 48 hours only, PL8M8s, family and friends can take 10% OFF* new plates.
Check your email today 21st September for the promo code & redeem at PPQ.com.au during checkout.

*PPQ sales T&C's apply. Offer valid Tuesday 10:00am AEST Tuesday 21st September 2021 to 10:00am Thursday 23rdSeptember AEST. Valid for the first 2,350 full plate purchases via PPQ.com.au and PPQ call centre only. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Offer is only open to individuals who hold a valid Queensland driver licence or QLD Customer Reference Number (CRN) who use the PPQ discount code. Offer not valid for plate laybys, plate trade in, Monochrome series, Classic Plates, Q Plates, accessory plates, PPQ gift vouchers, business plates (incl artwork fee), Custom Plates, plate restyles and plate remakes. PPQ reserves the right to vary the offer period without notice.
Full T&C’s available here.

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Personalised Plates Queensland
Personalised Plates Queensland


  • 3MTA3 still available?

  • Didn't dive too deeply into this; its showing the lowest 10% discount = $49, so that would still cost you $441?
    In addition to your normal registration fees?

    Some will say that 10% discount is 10% discount, but surely that cost is not a bargain?

    • +1

      your normal registration fees?

      don't know about QLD but pretty sure in VIC once you get personalised plates the normal yearly Rego price increases even.

      even if you want to keep the normal rego plate from a car you are selling and put it onto your new car that plate becomes a "personalised" plate and your yearly rego get the extra fee.

      • There's no normal annual fees on personalised plates in Qld. Once you pay for it, its yours even if you don't put it on any vehicle.

  • Other states are a lot cheaper than Qld for Personalised Plates

  • +2

    And of course VAXXED is still available. It is QLD…

  • New to Qld. Off topic but does it worth the investment of a q plate?

    • Try using the online quote tool - they push you to the top tier at around 2.5k for a set of plates very quickly based on your plate details.

      Can't see how they can justify it given its stamped out by a machine

  • The real discount is not having to get a pink slip every year!