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[Prime] Tenda Nova Mw5c Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System - 3 Pack $96.85 (OOS), 2 Pack $70.85 Delivered @ Tenda via Amazon AU


Cheapest according to Ozbargain history. Previous lowest price was $99.50 via Ebay

2-pack option available for $70.85
3-pack option

FLEXIBILITY, LOWER COST & HIGH CAPACITY: There are three nodes that come with Gigabit WAN/LAN ports which means that you can connect it to a high speed broadband line over 100mbps incoming

WHY NOVA MW5c? The MW5c product sits between the Nova MW6 & the Nova MW5s and represents excellent value for money in terms of features and performance. Supports a maximum of 80 connected devices simultaneously. MW5c-3 covers up to 3, 500 sq. ft.

TRUE MESH NETWORK: Supports 802.11S for a true Wi-Fi mesh network, built for your smart homes with internet hungry devices. Ideal for working from home
WI-FI EXTENDER & POWERLINE REPLACEMENT: Ideal for replacing your existing Wi-Fi extender & Power line solutions, provides Whole Home Wi-Fi coverage. Compatible with all internet service providers

3 Year Product Warranty

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Good price with Gigabit port

  • I use a mobile fone hotspot as my home internet would these work off a 4g hotspot to extend

    • No. You need one of those portable routers that pop up every few weeks - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650851

      • Yeah got one of those but never opened it

    • Some phones can output a WAN link via usb c Ethernet adapter. So could work. Unfortunately I don't think Samsung has this enabled in the stock firmware. Rooting the phone might help to enable it.

      • Thanks for the reply guys I have a Felix 4g sim working in a Redmi note 5 pro hotspot for my home internet just trying to extend the signal further More

        • Actually just checked on my Samsung S21 and with a USB C ethernet adapter it works as per:

          Probably didn't work on my S10+ as it was an older version of Android.

          But unless you get a USB C hub with ethernet and power, you may need to also have wireless charging on your phone to keep it powered as your USB C port would be used by the ethernet adapter.

  • +1

    Thanks going to try this out. Currently have two Smartthings wifi mesh hubs but moving to a bigger house. Cheaper to buy this 3 pack than to buy a single Smartthings hub to add on. Will bridge these anyway. Hopefully no double NAT headaches!

    • +1

      You can run in bridge rather than router mode to avoid double NAT

    • I've got the same issue 2 x smartthings just not enough for house and can't Justify the price of one more.

  • Would these be compatible for use with a TP Link C3150 v2? Or would they effectively replace that unit?

  • Completely new to mesh, but would I be able to plug a PoE security camera to this so I don't have to run cat5 from the NVR to each of my cameras?

    • +1

      These don't provide PoE, but you could probably use a PoE injector with this to power the cameras and provide Ethernet.

  • Thanks OP at that price I bought the 3 pack, I was looking at the TP Link AX1500 router OB special but coverage in our two storey house is an issue. I know these units are just AC1200 but with only a 50Mbs broadband plan, no AX Wi-Fi compatible devices, the priority is coverage over future proofing. Plus this will be my first trial of a mesh Wi-fi system so at under $100 its worth a try for what I need.

    • i think the 100Mbps include LAN transfer?

  • i bought two pack few days ago..but the speed drops significantly, the connection is great..but speed is pretty bad.

    • What does that mean? That your network was 100 mbps and now is 50? Or that it was 20 and now is 5? What's a "good connection" if speed is bad?

      Did you replace your previous setup or added this mesh to it? What was the setup you're comparing to?

  • i have a D-Link Taipan AC3200 that keeps dropping the wifi signal. can i use these with that or should i use the aussie broadband standard white modem i was given when i signed up?

  • +1

    2pack - promotion applies for free cp3 - https://www.tendacn.com/au/partners/cashbackpromo

  • 3/2 Pack listed as $149/$109?

    • No, thanks. These are still $96.85/$70.85.

    • You need Prime
      Price: $149.00
      Prime Price: $96.85

      • Hi, I have Prime but price is still $149 not Prime Price at $96.85. Not sure if I did something wrong. Thanks

  • Does the base station in this replace my current modem/router or just plug into it?
    Sorry for dumb question. New to mesh

    • -1

      You can use it as a router (WAN) but not DSL, if you have DSL NBN you can set it up as access point only.

      • +1

        if you have DSL NBN you can set it up as access point only.

        Which means you'll still need a DSL modem to connect. Some routers have modems built in, but not this one.

        The one in this deal takes the wide ethernet cable, as opposed to the more narrow telephone cable that DSL uses.

  • Do these support wired backhaul?

  • These doesn't have any info like see which pc did how much data etc. Its just a nice extender basically?

    • What do you mean by which pc and how much data?

      For transfers, there are wifi protocols listed and one of the pics has something like "5GHz - up to 800mbps" meaning that, according to the manufacturer, it's up to ~800mbsp via the 5GHz network.

      • I think he means device monitoring - i.e. iPad 1 used 3gb data, laptop 1 used 10gb data, etc.

        • Oh, I get it now. Is it usually just given that routers offer such monitoring and stats?

  • Saw the deal and went researching and seems to have missed out on the three pack.

    After reading the reviews I am still unsure if I missed on a deal or avoided headaches ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • +2

      Missed out on a deal๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • -2

      Missed a headache

    • If you have some valuable links to reliable reviews, comments, etc - I'll appreciate that.

  • I bought these and initially thought they were good, but My google home kept losing connection, and I would reset and reconnect many times. Gave up and ended up getting the TPLINK DECO instead.

    • I have had these exact ones for over a year and they have not missed a beat. Consistent speed and connection.

  • How does this compare with deco e4 $96 2 pack ?

    • +1

      The tplink One you linked to only supports 100mb network connection. The Tenda supports 1 gigabit

  • Noob question, would this one work for a 2 floor apartment?

    Router on ground floor and coverage for level 1 and 2?

    • apartment?

      So you mean concrete? It won't work with concrete

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