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Switch Your Electricity & Gas to Powershop with Econnex & Receive up to $200 Woolworths eGift Card & $200 Bill Credit


Follow the link to see Powershop plans https://www.econnex.com.au/Ozbargain-Powershop/

Includes a one off sign up credit of $100 which will apply to your first electricity bill and $100 Woolworths Gift Card.
An additional one off sign up credit of $100 which will apply to your first Combo bill (Elec + Gas) and $100 Woolworths Gift Card when you sign up to a Combo (Elec + Gas) plan.
*Not available for gas only plans

To receive the full $400 value both Energy and Gas needs to be switched.

NSW, SA, SE QLD residents will be able to take up this offer for Electricity only.

Please ensure if you are applying for Gas, that your property has the ability for Gas to be connected.
You must be the authorised person on the Energy/ Gas account for the property.

A valid phone number and email address needs to be provided. If a customer doesn’t switch online Econnex will follow up with a curtesy call, this is 100% obligation free. If a customer does switch online Econnex may contact for missing information or to confirm details.

Econnex does not charge you for using their services.

Fine Print
• You will receive $100 Woolworths eGift Card when you switch your electricity only.
• You will receive an additional $100 Woolworths eGift Card on combo accounts (Elec + Gas).
• Includes a one off sign up credit of $100 which will apply to your first electricity bill.
• An additional one off sign up credit of $100 will apply to your first bill on combo accounts (Elec + Gas).
• Econnex is undertaking this offer on behalf of the retailer.
• Offer valid until 28th Sept 2021
• To be eligible to receive the Woolworths eGift Card you must signup up online via Econnex and have successfully switched your energy supplier via Econnex.
• This offer is available to new Powershop residential customers who switched online via Econnex.
• This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other corporate offer or discount.
• You must be aged 18 or over. Econnex may request you to provide a copy of your valid ID for identification purpose
• Not available in Ergon Area (QLD) and embedded networks or non-quotable meters
• Eligible Recipients will receive Woolworths eGift Card by email up to 120 days after successfully switching your energy.
• In case the switch or connect is cancelled within the first 30 days the transaction would be deemed invalid.
• Gift Cards will be issued after the first 90 days post sign up.
• The Promoter is CIMET Sales Pty Ltd ABN 72 620 395 726 referred to herein as ‘Econnex’ (Promoter). Econnex is powered by CIMET.
• Woolworths Group Ltd ABN 88 000 014 675 is the issuer of the Woolworths WISH Gift Card, but is not the promoter of the offer, nor responsible for fulfilment of the offer terms. Woolworths WISH Gift Cards are redeemable at participating stores only. Gift Cards are valid for 3 months. For a list of participating stores and full Gift Card Terms and Conditions visit https://everydaygiftcards.com.au/
• Econnex Terms and Conditions: https://www.econnex.com.au/terms-and-conditions/
• Econnex Privacy Policy: https://www.econnex.com.au/privacy-policy/

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  • +5

    What are their tariffs?

    • +1

      I just did a comparison to our Origin plan.

      phffftttt… better the devil I know than the one I don't. Actually, Origin scrubbed up $80 better on our last (winter) quarter invoice.

      NB: We put 10kWh storage in just before our last bill. I'm really looking forward to the next in November. Fingers crossed.

      NBNB: A few years ago we stumbled into an energy retailers conference held in an ADL hotel. Struck up a conversation with one of the delegates, who started bragging about the wonders of his cartel. I cannot forget what I learned. Bastards!

  • Electricity & Gas rate for compare?

  • Don't bother. Tried looking up QLD electricity rate for my suburb and rates aren't that great. 99c supply charge, 20.02c usage, 3.5c FIT.

    • +4

      lol we don't all live at your house

      • And where did I say you do? shakes head
        If the rates are crap for one areas, it most likely is the case for other areas as well.
        You think they will have awesome rates for other states? LOL

        At least I bothered to look up the rate and shared it. What have you done?

    • yeah there's cheaper to be had

  • Wtf, 3 months gift card expiry?


    • Yep, the three month expiry date is perfectly legal for this promotion. It says the following on the page you linked:

      The law applies to all gift cards or vouchers sold on or after 1 November 2019, unless specifically excluded. This includes gift cards for online stores that trade in Australia.

      The three year requirement does not apply to gift cards that are:

      • able to be reloaded or topped up
      • for a good or service available for a limited time where the card or voucher expires at the end of that period (e.g. entry to a concert or museum exhibition)
      • supplied to a purchaser of goods or services as part of a temporary marketing promotion (e.g. a wine voucher valid for one month that is mailed to a consumer as a free bonus with a purchased item and was not part of the purchase offer)
      • donated free of charge for promotional purposes (e.g. a local shopping centre has a one-day marketing promotion where each visitor to the centre on that day is handed a $20 gift card that is valid for use at any store in the centre for that day only)
      • sold for a particular good or service at a genuine discount (e.g. $50 card for salon service valued at $100)
      • supplied as part of an employee rewards program
      • given as a bonus in connection with a purchase of a good or service for use in the same business (customer loyalty programs)
      • second-hand gift cards.
      • part of a temporary marketing promotion (e.g. customers buy a certain product from Business A, which provides a $50 voucher to use at Business B).

      What I find weird is that Woolworths Group gift cards can actually have an expiry date!

  • 3 months…? the link you provided states 3 years.

  • +3

    Tariffs and daily charges are crap for Endeavour Energy area (and probably other areas too).

    Not to mention they want your personal details before even showing you the price.

    Cut the middle man and go to a proper comparison site:

  • +2

    Powershop have really gotten expensive lately. Used them for years with the great prepaid bundle options but now it's more expensive than the big companies, at least in the 2 areas I've used them.

    • Agree. That's why I left Powershop months ago (SEQld). Mainly signed up for the $150 credit in Deal & reasonable discount when prepaid.
      Got $100 sign up credit & far better rates at next reseller. Will leave when that credit runs out

  • Powershop $100 offer
    To set up your account you need to provide bank or credit card details. If you are unable to provide these details your connection or transfer will not proceed.
    Powershop need to perform a credit check before your transfer can take place. Where a credit check fails to meet Powershop’s criteria, Powershop may cancel this contract and not proceed with your switch or connection. Powershop collects, uses and discloses your credit information in accordance with its credit report policy.

    Credit check?

    • +1

      yeah that's pretty common.

      • Will. Credit check. Effect me? As I Chnage power compqny 3 months ago

  • +1

    When I sign up offer is only $100 Powershop, no Woolworths even though I clicked the link and signed up via ecconex?

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