Home Loan - Help Me Find a Good Deal

Hey Guys,

Sorry if this seems like spoon-feeding but I know there's a lot of helpful folk around here.

Just sold our place and now looking for pre-approval for new PPOR before we start submitting offers.

Our objective is to pay off as much as we can on the loan over the next 3 years, so looking to fix a good portion and split maybe 30% variable.

My requirements are:

  • low as possible 3 year fixed rate
  • competitive variable rate, with offset
  • split 70% 3yr fixed/ 30% variable

We will have sizeable deposit so LVR will be less than 50% and loan amount between $800k to $1m (looking at properties around the $1.8m to $2m value). As we'd like to reduce our principal quickly, probably looking at a 15yr loan duration.

Located near Sydney if that matters.

Who do you recommend for this situation?


  • Not too difficult to search, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/tag/home-loan

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    Get a broker, it'll make life easier. I've done a broker twice, takes the pain out of the process.

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    Welcome to OzHomeLoans! At Aussie we'll save you.

  • Buy something cheaper and have a smaller/no loan.

    • Obviously not from Sydney mate :D

      The whole exercise was to reduce our loan (which we have done) but anything further is not possible. As it is spending $2m in our area is already gonna be a shack.

  • PM me and I'll pass on my broker's details. They're in Sydney but not that it really matters.

    Used them twice for refinancing and equity release. They post a lot on Propertychat as well (how I found them).

    • Thanks mate, I did use a broker for this property we just sold so I've reached out to him for further details. Will grab your one if I don't get much from his side.