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6x Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz $69 @ Cellar One (Membership Required)


4 Hour Flash Sale: Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz

Offer ends 6pm AEST Tuesday 21 September 2021 or while stocks last.

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  • +4

    3.6 on vivino

    Better can be had for the price.
    Largely paying for the brand.

    • +1

      Of which, GB has nothing to do with anymore. See Corryton Burge for the winemaker's actual produce

    • Any particular wine you'd recommend? I would say 6 bottles delivered for $69 is hard to beat, especially for a 3.6 rated wine.

      • -2

        3.6 is about right for a $6-$10 bottle.
        For example
        https://www.vivino.com/AU/en/mcguigan-black-label-shiraz/w/3... is rated 3.7 (their latest vintages are 3.8-3.9 which is borderline very good)
        retails for around $10 but can easily be found for $6-$7

        This is the Penfold's koonunga hill of Grant Burge, except doesn't score as well.

        • -1

          Each to their own but mcguigan black is a terrible wine for me. Thin and sugar laden.

          Vivino ratings are a guide but I would read more into the detailed comments and learn to trust your own palette

          • -1

            @hotmustardsauce: Lets not forget is is a $6-$7 bottle and not trying to pass off as a $20 bottle made by a known brand.

      • +1

        After trying GB 5th generation, and reading a couple of reviews (Vivino 4.1) I went for [GB Barossa Ink Shiraz] (https://www.cellarone.com.au/grant-burge-barossa-ink-shiraz). My partner found it bolder and much more opulent. Worth the extra $10/6bots. Cheers!

        • +1

          +1 for the Barossa Ink

        • Now the Ink i can recommend.
          That's a great drop

          The GB 5th Gen isn't in the same league.

        • had one of these last night actually…

          bought a box each of the Barossa Ink Shiraz and Cab Sav a couple of months ago, and while I thought the Cab was the clear winner at the time, the Shiraz was really a hell of a drop for the price (I got them under $10 a bottle with the referral bonus).

      • Most <$10 Spanish wines from Dan Murphys are pretty good

        • Can you please share any names?

        • In Spain you can buy a bottle of red at the supermarket for a euro that beats a lot of what you can get here for $10-20

    • +1

      I think you mean Burge Family Wines? Grant Burge are owned by Accolade Wines, who are US owned.

      • +1

        Sorry, my bad. Thanks for correcting me.

  • +1

    Since when has Accolade Wines been owned by the Chinese?
    I understood Accolade was owned by a US equity group.
    There are constant movements/changes amongst winery owners.
    But the product is still made in Australia, using Australian grapes and for this deal, it is selling for $11.50 per bottle which puts it $3 below DanMurphy's price (thus constitutes a deal)..
    And the 15 reviewers who posted to Dan's rated it 4.7/5, probably because they judged it for the segment it was meant - a quaffer.

  • +2

    Wow. I made an honest mistake and as above I apologised and thanked Tangenyahu for correcting me. I never mentioned that it wasn't a deal.

    I did not neg and yes you are right, Burge is still using Australian grapes and employing Australians etc. I just prefer to try to buy from an Australian owned company if I can. Bec Hardy is one that comes to mind and they regularly put out deals for wine and I usually buy Coopers beer. Not always, but more often than not.

    • The OzBargain crowd can be very hard to please and unforgiving! Don't worry about it mate, you're all good :)

    • Not just a mistake to me. You mentioned a non-fact that is also pointless and irrelevant and trying to make what point?

      • With all the political drama happening in the world, ie The Chinese constantly invading Taiwanese air space with fighter jets, troop movements next to the Indian border, let alone the trade war happening against Australian Iron Ore, meat and wine amongst other things, there is a lot of people wanting to boycott anything to do with China.

        Personally, I am one of those people. The point I am making, which is highly politically motivated, is to ask people to avoid buying Chinese made and or owned products. Naturally it is probably impossible to do so completely, but start small and lets make a statement. Let us support Australian owned and made products and help our economy.

        Wow, I think I've just opened up a hornets nest. Apologies for the rant. But I feel better for it. :)

        • +2

          That was some honest comment that I respect.
          Personally I'm one of those people who dislike nationalism, or any extreme right wing ideology.
          As how you put it right there, they are all political drama. I'd be more worried about how Australia politics and media are totally controlled by US influence if you ask me. The media present news in a way that they'd like you to see.
          I prefer our country to be independent, wise and with a pragmatic foreign policy, rather than being sacrificed and caught in political games between among power countries.

      • They were right in pointing out that Grant Burge is no longer Australian owned, just by who is another case.
        Would make a difference to some people's choice.