Lancer 2014 out of Cap Price Servicing - Dealership Quote for 90,000 km Service Excessive?

Hi all

My car (2014 Lancer) is now out of its warranty period and cap price servicing, it’s now up to 90000km.

I contacted the dealership and was quoted $1600 for the service. I was told “oooh that’s quite a big one, we change the spark plugs and place a special transmission oil”

So I’m thinking that’s VERY excessive. Is that correct in thinking so?

I’m tempted to just find any mechanic. What would you guys recommend and what should I be specifically mentioning to the mechanic e.g it’s 90000km, should I have the Sparkies changed? Also any mechanics you guys recommend in South Western Sydney?


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    Sell my kidney and pay for the service
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    Find another locally run mechanic
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    Service at a company e.g MIDAS, REPCO
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    Don’t get a service


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    I contacted the dealership

    there was your issue.

    What other quotes do you have?

  • Yeah nah way too much. Grab some quotes from your local mechanic/independant

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    should I have the sparkies changes?

    If you look at your service booklet for 90,000kms or around there, it'll tell you exactly what needs to be changed.

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      Also, things like spark plugs are changed to prevent a future failure.
      If you can live with the possibility of a cylinder misfiring, requiring an unplanned trip to the mechanic, you can likely risk it and get 10000s of KMs more.

      There are probably exotic sports cars or valuable computerised euro mobiles where this is inadvisable, but for a 7yro Lancer coming up to 100,000km it is probably a saving of $150+

  • If I'm going to the dealership for a service I usually get a quote from a local mechanic first and then if the dealership quotes a silly number I ask them to price match or I'll go to the mechanic.
    Yet to have the dealership tell me to bugger off

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      Dealerships can price match another mechanic shop's price?? I'd have expected them to tell you to bugger off….

      • I thought the same but I'm now 2/2

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          When's the next service. Try for a 3/3?

    • I somehow think that our local MB dealership that charges $290 (incl GST) ph will not drop down to match out local mechanic that charges $115 ph

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    place a special transmission oil

    Gotta love a CVT

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    I can offer you special transmission oil as well 🙃🙃

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      Username checks out!

    • Oils Ain’t Oils.

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    just replace the engine oil and filter. thats all.

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      Or, you know… do what your service book says, which may be significantly more than "just replace the engine oil and filter"

  • Ring ring, yes OP, your timing belt also needs to be done while we have the car

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      It's a chain, when or if it needs adjusting will show on the LED screen.

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    I’m tempted to just find any mechanic

    ok, ring around and get some quotes…… See how they compare.

  • Ask your local friends and family who they use for servicing. Never go to the dealer again except for any recall work.

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    Service Rip off?


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    Get a essential plus service at mycar for $229

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      I wouldnt trust them with my tyres let alone my engine.

      • If he only wants an oil change not much could go wrong

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    Spark plugs and atf fluid change is something you can do yourself. Unless they've got other things to do, that is an absolute rort. See an independent mechanic 100%.

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    Is a timing belt involved?

    • Don't know with Lancer, but older Mitsubishi's needed one about then.

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      It's a chain. Price seems absolutely ridiculous.

  • Some cars replace the timing belt at 90000. This is an expensive addition to any service.

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    I have got into the habit of checking via
    Just use a fake number and email address if you aren't comfortable using real details, although I sometimes recieve a discount code for the next service.

    • this was great!
      found 6-8 in my area who will complete it as per the logbook and its $800 - 50% saving already

  • I contacted the dealership and was quoted $1600 for the service. I was told “oooh that’s quite a big one, we change the spark plugs and place a special transmission oil”

    This happen to me, then I went to the good old local service centre and pay $300 for regular service.

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    is a 2014 lancer even worth 1600 bux?

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    At 7 years and 90,000km, they are probably looking at changing the timing belt, and the price reflects this. Unless there is something you really really like about this stealership, I would be looking at an independent workshop to do the work. It will be cheaper and probably better workmanship than getting a 3rd year apprentice to do it.

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      But it has a timing chain

  • Dealership Quote


  • ‘Special transmission oil’? Yep,banana skins.

    • CVT fluid is a thing. You need lots and it's expensive.

  • Time to buy a car!