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Purchase an Oculus Quest 2 & Save $150 off Second Headset (e.g. 2x 128 GB Headsets $808) & Free Delivery @ Oculus


So bummed I missed this, a mate and I both just got headsets from Amazon. Great deal if you and a friend want to both get a headset.

Buy a Quest 2 today, get $150 off of a second headset, now through 9/27.* Free shipping. Easy Returns

You Can mix capacities. $150 taken off in cart!

2 x 128 GB headsets $808.00

1 x 128 GB, 1 x 256 GB headsets $968.00

2 x 256 GB headsets $1,128.00

Referral Links

Referral: random (317)

$47 in Oculus Store Credit for referrer and referee.

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      • The Reverb is on a different level. You get what you pay for: Q2 vs Index vs Reverb G2

        • Personally I got my G2 at the $899 pre order discount, but found the $479 Q2 to be a much better headset overall (hence why I sold both the new G2 and the G1 which I was upgrading from). Picture quality isn't everything.

      • PSVR is absolutely not 1080p per eye. It is 1080 across BOTH eyes, or 960x1080 per eye.

        HP Reverb is 1080p per eye, and the difference is night and day between them.

        • Sorry, that is what I meant. Most VR headset resolutions per eye are roughly square so it seemed pointless to list both dimensions, or to compare VR headsets to 16:9 desktop resolutions…

          By "1080 per eye" I meant "each eye is a square with sides measuring 1080" (960 x 1080 to be precise, as you said). Same for Quest 2 - it's about 1.83k x 1.9k per eye, so again it's not "2k per eye" in the desktop sense, but rather more like a square with sides measuring 2k… Or just under half of a 16:9 aspect "4k" screen per eye. Both generations of HP Reverbs are 2160x2160 per eye, so slightly over half of a 16:9 aspect 4k screen per eye.

  • Anyone in Ballarat or Geelong keen to split?

    • Sending you a DM :)

  • Anyone in the eastern suburbs (Doncaster East) of Melbourne interested in going halfies?

    • sending you a dm

  • Anyone interested in Perth WA

    • I'd be interested if you haven't found anyone!

  • So if I get 2 headsets, one for each of the kids do I have to purchase each game twice? One game for each headset?

    • +2

      There is app sharing:

      Never tried it so unsure if it works with every game, or if it was "patched" to only work with a single headset.

      • I'm pretty sure it's only for sharing to other FB accounts on the same headset now.

      • If you have 2, one headset sets up app sharing. So only need to buy games once on one account. Games released after feb 18 all support app sharing, and multiplayer can be played together. Only a small number of games dont have app sharing like beat saber, population one, and a few others. Source: i do app sharing with my sister when i bought her a headset few months back. All multiplayer games that have app sharing works and can be played together.

    • +2

      App sharing will let you buy at least some games only once in your case.

      I'm not sure if it works with every game yet (in the original blog post when the feature was launched, Oculus said they expected most apps to support this over time).

      There's a few limitations but which shouldn't be a problem in the case of 2 kids in same household:

      1. Each user needs to create a separate account
      2. The same user needs to be the primary / admin account in BOTH headsets (do the initial setup of both headsets using same account)
      3. You need to buy all games that you want to share using that one user's account
      4. You need to enable app sharing in one headset (this is the headset which user #2 will use, sharing the apps bought by user #1)
      5. You need to NOT enable app sharing in the other headset (which user #1, the 'owner' of the app, will use)
    • Check reddit for games

    • +1

      Just remember it's a personality and psychology profiling device first and foremost. By the time your kids have grown to adulthood and can make decisions for themselves Facebook will have established a psych profile on them that would make a malpractice psycho-analyst blush.

      It's not just your own right to privacy (entrenched in The International Bill of Human Rights) that you're waiving when you're strapping them into that thing. If adults are too dopey to understand the significance then that's on them, but betraying your own kids in such a profound manner is dreadful parenting.

      • +4


      • +2

        You realise you can just make dummy fb accounts right? Plus if you're actively on fb then you've waived your privacy rights, might as well buy this and pirate all the games to pay for your personal data.

        • +1

          Oh rubbish. The information gleaned from this headset is significantly more revealing from a mental, emotional, and personality perspective than what law enforcement psychiatrists use for sex crime and terrorist profiling.

          Allowing Facebook to harvest information about your children as far as what subconscious stimuli influences and manipulates them, and store it on their servers without limitation, is incredibly disturbing behaviour. Choosing for yourself as an adult is one thing but depriving your child the opportunity of making that decision for them is failed parenting. You're supposed to be protecting them from the predatory element, not hooking them up to their servers.

      • +2

        …I bet you have some interesting theories on 9/11 and the flat earth.

        • They've done it multiple times! It's demonstrable behaviours. How staggeringly naive could you possibly be?!

      • All that effort to get to know me. I guess so they understand what I want and need……….so they can make products useful to me and tailor advertising that doesn't annoy me. Perhaps even let my future leaders know what I would like to vote for instead of the current misguided stuff.

      • Legally a kid can't have their own FB account till they're 13 anyway. I'd just give the kids a throwaway account with bogus identifications. So FB can capture whatever the hell they want.

    • Unless it's a multiplayer game, where they specifically want to play together, just split the game purchases across both accounts and make them take turns.

  • Wasn't their an issue with the face protector and they were giving out free new ones? Were the new ones the aftermarket add on that people recommend and do new headsets include them too or did they just do a redesign for new models?

    • They include a free silicon protector.

  • Also if anyone is in the Central Coast area and want to get one, pm me to go halves!

  • +1

    Do these require an active FB account to work? If so, they can get Zucked.

    • They do

  • If you want to dab into pcvr just get this. Yes there are better goggles out there that have faster refresh/more pixels but this can do pcvr wirelessly and also has Android mode if you want to load games into it.

    There's really only a handful of games that have pc like graphics so it really doesn't matter. Once the novelty wears off or you realise your body gets motion sickness with adventure games, you'll end up just playing beatsaber or space pirate trainer lol.

  • If anybody in Sydney (Lidcombe area) thinking about picking one up, lets party up. Shoot me a message!

  • Had an Oculus Go, used for looking at 3D photos I took throughout Asia.
    Downside with the Go is the poor resolution, otherwise great.
    Anyone who has a Quest2 can comment on viewing photos - sharpness, viewing quality?

    Also, again, anyone in Adelaide interested in joining with me in this deal?

  • Dont forget to get a referal link if buying from oculus store
    You will need to message a referrer and add them to facebook as the link gets sent via Facebook messenger.
    Both you and the other person than get $47 credit to spend on games - great way to start off you library.

    • im about to buy a couple, how does this work? just links to message the person above?

      • If your mate has one, get them to go to their app and hit the gem in the top right. You both need to be connected on FB and the ref link comes via Messenger.

        • ahhh, thanks, damn, i was going to create a new account for mine…

  • anyone interested to team up in melbourne northern suburbs?

  • Anyone interested to team up, in melbourne southeast suburbs, around elwood to chapel? 128GB Reply or PM

    • I’m in Port Melbourne and happy to team up if you are still available.

  • anyone wana team up, I live in Sydney (2769 - the Ponds)

    • I am in north shore. if we can meet in the middle. I am keen to team up.

  • Anyone want to team up, I'm in thomastown Victoria

    • pm me, I'm trying to get someone too, Melbourne west

      • I'll have a spare if you guys haven't teamed up already —tullamarine so in the middle.

        • Will this be considered overseas transaction since it is not .au ?

          • @fossilgem: I was charged by Facebook Technologies Ireland Limited if that helps… what are you after?

            the invoices dont list GST /tax directly though.

            • @wisc: No. Just worried that my credit card company will consider that as an overseas transaction and charge overseas transaction fees because it says ireland limited

              • +1

                @fossilgem: oh, thats more about what currency they charge you in, they charge in AUD, your fine.(i just did mine though paypal though to my credit card - they do currency conversion)

  • I am planning to buy one. Anyone interested? I am in Point Cook.

  • anyone know when this will end? (Im waiting on some funds to clear)

    • +1

      Buy a Quest 2 today, get $150 off of a second headset, now through 9/27

      • Thanks Purchased today, as its unlikely the funds will clear by then, given postage dealys and startrack workers have just gone on strike (Paypal not clearing until a day after its landed)

  • Anyone want to partner up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne? I’m in Doncaster East. Made a call out yesterday but that one fell through.

  • +1

    anyone in canberra wanna double

  • Anyone in Adelaide want to place an order together? Private message ASAP before the deal runs out of stock or ends.

  • Anyone in Fairfield (NSW) LGA?

  • OK, i just bought two, hoping to sell to someone in person. I'm located near the airport, so I could potentially meet up with anyone in a 10KM radius when i next go shopping or am out for exercise. (possibly at airport west shopping centre or around Lamana (Essendon))

    prefer not to post as its a pain in the ass. (and other fees for paypal etc)

    if not, i'll list it on the facebook market place.

    • (IE who wants to split in my area)

  • I'm in Bayside, Vic if anyone's keen to go in on one?

    • Keen to go but seems you didn't turn on private message?

      • Sorry, turned it on now. Couldn't see how to send u private msg though so feel free to msg me

        • Sorry but another ozbarginer team up with me 10 hours ago. Hope you find someone shortly!

  • Anyone want to team up in Perth? DM me!

  • Will this be considered overseas transaction since it is not .au ?

    • not for currency conversion, its charged in AUD.

  • I already bought two. Anyone wanna buy the second one for $404 near Dandenong Victoria?

    • Just sent u a msg… I'm interested

  • A friend of mine just bought a oculus quest 2 from amazon last week and still hasn't opened it (it's a Christmas present). Any chance that amazon might sell them another one for $150 off to match this deal?

    • Best thing to do is to return. They will not match discount.

  • Anyone from Sydney Ryde area looking to buddy up?

  • Anyone aware of how the warranty would work when splitting between two different parties and you only likely get one invoice, ok between friends but wondering about if warranty is honoured if it is sold unopened to someone you dont know and it turns out faulty?

    Does warranty need receipt or simply go from when you first activate it and your activation details?

  • does it come with AU plug?

    • I purchased mine from Amazon and it came with an AU plug USB C 10W charger but as far as I know, this is AU stock and will come with an AU wall plug. 10W chargers arent that expensive anyhow.

    • From Oculus comes with a 240Volt adaptor Matchbox sized 2pin Output 5V, 2 Amps, 10 Watts and a shortish USB-A to USB-C cable for charging it

  • for referral of $47 credit, we need to do that after we have received our oculus right?

    • The terms and conditions imply the referee should use the referral link to place the order.

      Invite a Facebook friend via Messenger with a link to buy an Oculus Quest 2. 30 days after your friend activates their new Quest 2 device, your AUD$47 in Oculus Store Credit will be ready to be redeemed. Your friend will get their AUD$47 in Oculus Store Credit once they activate their Quest 2 device.

      I did read on reddit it might still work later as long as the referee clicks the link before they activate the device, or if they have activated it, do a factory reset.

    • Nope.. The referrer send you a link to the oculus store via Facebook messenger. Clicking on the link you get via messenger will then come up to a page in the Oculkus store where you can then purchase a headset. You get the $47 credit applied as soon as the headset is activated.

      • how to send a purchase link via messenger?

        • Its done through the oculus app and it will only show if you already have an oculus which has been activated. Its a diamond shaped icon up the top of the app and then it links to facebook messenger ( It pulls your messenger contacts )

          • @Squeezy: Thanks, Never had an Oculus before, no wonder i cant find it.

            • @pitpicker: yeah its a wierd way of doing the referals. Guess it makes it easy for people to spam them to all their

  • last minute but does anyone one to pair up? I'm near Melbourne CBD. :)

  • In Cheltenham, VIC if anyone within allowed radius wants to team up on this

    • wanna meet in the middle? 10km radiuses intersect.

  • I have purchased a pair of 128gb headsets if anyone wants one for $404. Estimated delivery date is 4 October and I'm located in Doncaster East.

  • OK, my 2 in VIC arrived today, if anyone wants one that is ready to pick up around the airport PM me.

    • That was fast, mine are arriving on the 4th and the 12th!

      • well considering I only put my order in on the Thursday after lunch, yeah, it was extremely fast, it ended up coming a few days early too.

  • Just noticed a $20 currency conversion fee on my card, did anyone else have the same issue? The payment was meant to be in Aussie dollars so seems odd?

    • +1

      I had the same same but ING refunded it

      • Refunded it after you raised a query with ING or did it automatically? Or did you raise the issue with Oculus?

        • It was automatically refunded. I didn’t notice until I was checking my bank statement.

    • 28 degree master card, no issues, just the 808.

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