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100x L'or Espresso Coffee Capsules Assorted Strength Nespresso Compatible $35 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU

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  • Price in the title please.

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  • What's your favorite flavor? I have tried almost all of them and found that the Supremo is the best. What else you guys are using such as Starbucks etc. I need some recommendations. Thanks

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      Pod & Parcel. Not exactly the cheapest but pretty tasty and biodegradable pods.

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      Papua New Guinea

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    • Tried a few and Supremo is one of my top choices. Ultimo is good too.

    • Single origin Colombia far by my favourite, I tried like 6 different one.

    • Yep, Supremo is so nice. Or Absolu is also really nice

    • I like Supremo and Indonesia

    • You're all incorrect. The answer is Onyx and Columbia.

    • Columbia is my fave

  • Supremo

  • Thanks all. I will try it.

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    Everytime i see this packaging, my first instinct is always condoms

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      Not sure why you're getting downvoted, you're right. The L'Or packaging looks very similar to Skyn condoms

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    Last October I bought Supremo 100 pack for 25.75

  • When its say nespresso compatible is it the original or virtuo or both?

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    Just an FYI, Costco has the 100 pack of Supremo for regular price of $25 and often on special for $20.

    But as is the case with Costco, they only stock the single variety which is Supremo.

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      Pretty sure its a 60 pack you are referring to… not a 100 pack

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        Yes. I think you are correct.
        THANKS for the correction.

  • Keep in mind, even with this 'deal' you're only getting 520g of coffee for $35 - there is bugger all coffee in a capsule!

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      don;'t forget to factoring in convenience, 1 min of ready to go better than instant coffee.

    • The average yield on 1kg of coffee beans is about 100 cups? Assuming $25/kg that's about 25c/cup. This is about 31c per cup.

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        1kg should make about 200 cups if the weight not include pods,but pods cost money to make.Also there have other brands sell for $2 for 10 pods,different coffee bean and brand cost different.
        But but,LOR often sell 100 pods for under $30 when they price coles or wws

        • Cheapest you get a woolies is about 40c/pod. This deal is ok I guess, they were ~$27 for 100 during previous amazon sales.

        • Yes sometimes they have 3 pcts for $30

  • I could be bored of Nespresso these days. I often feel that the coffee is too watery feeling. I started to add less milk but the taste isn't the best.

  • is there a way to get assorted 100 capsules for this price? or similar price?

    • when Coles/wws have half price of 10 pods

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    Think I'll wait. Previously bought at sub $30.

  • I purchased 100 x Espresso Coffee Supremo Coffee last time this deal was posted as I enjoy this one… all of the seals on the coffee pods were not air tight and they tasted abit watered down compared to same one bought in supermarket.

    Perhaps I got a bad batch… just sharing my personal experience.

    • What do you mean when saying they were not air tight? They're completely sealed although I must say I also noticed in some batches the aluminium seal (the part that gets perforated) feels to have less pressure behind it.

      • Thats what I meant should have clarified… the fact that it doesn't have a aluminium seal that has "pressure" or balloon like seal it may suggest it's not air tight… Other pods including same brand from supermarket have a more tight seal

  • Last time i found the expiry dates were quite short. Half way through the 100 capsules i realised it was already expired and i am a 5-6 cups per week person. Ymmv

  • Perfect timing! 😍
    Was on my last 5 capsules from last deal.