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Lavazza A Modo Mio Delizioso Coffee Capsules - 16 Pods $7.20 ($6.48 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Looks like Coles are beating Woolies promotional pricing from last week, and Amazon is matching again.
If you Subscribe and Save you will get your first order for $6.48, but make sure you monitor pricing as the next order pricing will be based on then current pricing on the day. Subscribe and Save can be cancelled at at any time without penalty.
You may also be eligible for an additional 5% discount if your order is over $40.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Note: only fits Lavazza A Modo Mio pod machine!

    (Bought the Voicy model with Alexa RRP $349, for $59 after cashback… For quick coffee with music☕)

    Unfortunately only this 1 basic variety is on special. (I don't buy these.) Often included with machine in Deals.

    Upvoted as Coles have 5 varieties at $7.20, including the Intenso I like.

    My favourites (Qualità Oro & Espresso Divino) are normal price - much more expensive (up to $12.50 before s&s).

    Last stocked up cheaper in Prime Day sales @$7.20 for all varieties before s&s.

    Lavazza online sometimes sells the better varieties cheaper than Amazon. Currently 30% off.
    But need a larger order to get free delivery. Also got a handy hot chocolate shaker FREE with last order.

    • Thanks Infidel for the info. Any Chocolate Pods that you can recommend that are affordable here in Australia?

      • Lavazza don't have Chocolate Pods to my knowledge. So never tried.

        I use Vittoria Chocochino powder. Add to hot milk, add coffee from machine for Mocha. Or use to shake on top of coffee.

        Have bought many Lavazza machines from Deals over about 10 years. Some almost free, most at $25+ profit.

        Lavazza even sent me 480 FREE pods!

  • Looking forward to Intenso and Passionale specials.

  • +1

    Even this cheap is $60/kg. Good for occasional coffee drinkers.

    • I did the maths…
      7.5g coffee @40.5c per capsule = $54/kg. Close enough.

      Very occasional drinker… Only about 1 cup per day in my home.

      Lavazza sent 480 FREE pods - took over a year to drink☕

      Had 14 Lavazza machines from Deals. Bought most at $25+ profit & then sold or gave away most💰 Remaining 3 still work.

      So effectively free machines & so many free pods. Those profits paid for a lot of bought pods😉

      Vs Buying & maintaining an expresso machine, grinder, etc… Nice, but uneconomic in comparison!

      Also have other types of coffee makers using ground coffee.

      But hard to quickly use even a small bag before taste & experience deteriorate.

      • +1

        $60 - 10% S&S = $54. 🙄

        Perfect for you, but some people spend a fortune on pods, not realising.

        • +1

          *Even cheaper if buy 6 or more packs S&S to get extra 5% off
          $6.12/pack 38c/☕ Still $51/kg

          Yes, without taking up those profitable Deals & Lavazza's error sending 480 free pods^…
          I wouldn't buy these pods!

          But it's the old 'ink jet printer model' - cheap machine, more expensive consumables💰

          And once you've bought the machine that only takes these pods…

          As you correctly pointed out - only suits those drinking little coffee✅

          Just handy for occasional hassle free quick morning coffee☕

          ^Machines used to receive 32 pods by redemption.
          Bought 11 machines with Lavazza cashback @$25+ profit (Originally $99)
          Quickly sold most for $25ea. Funding future pods💰

          Claimed 32 pods on each, but Lavazza kept sending pods😄

    • Prices have been updated since Deal posted👍

  • Delizioso means delicious 😋

    • Don't know if I want to know what poxy001 means🤣

  • "You may also be eligible for an additional 5% discount if your order is over $40."

    That's what I did.
    So even cheaper if buy 6 or more packs S&S = $6.12/pack 38c/☕

  • Some larger packs on sale at effectively the same price each capsule as the smaller pack.

    Lavazza A Modo Mio Espresso Passionale Coffee Capsules - 54 Pods $24.30 ($21.87 S&S)

    Lavazza A Modo Mio Qualità Rossa 54 Pod $24.30 ($21.87 S&S)

    • 2 varieties I've tried, but definitely prefer others. Based on taste & those have lower intensity.

  • +1

    Thanks for all the comments folks. I think I have enough pods now to keep me awake for the next few months.

    • Enjoy your ☕

      6 x Intenso arriving tomorrow.
      Was down to last box.
      $36.72 after S&S & 5% discount

      Paid with discounted swapped Amazon gift card, so cost ~$31👍

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