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[Prime] Lavazza, A Modo Mio Voicy, Espresso Coffee Machine with Alexa & Smart Home Control $79 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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The retail price of $349 appears to be quite high, and there may be doubts regarding the benefits of the ALEXA voice control feature.
Maybe worth it for $79

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2023

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      Nothing new there. Nothing about operation of coffee machine!

      Only saw 2 points:
      Pod coffee is wasteful
      Need to be used in Alexa environment.

      Have used Lavazza A Modo Mio pods for years. So would make no difference for me.

      Pod coffee is more cost effective & quicker, so suits my requirements☕
      (Max 2 coffees per day in my home.)

      Years ago, Lavazza delivered 480 free pods in a Deal for machines they paid us for💰
      I was hooked☕
      Getting to end of a bargain I made with JB manager - 200 pods for $22.

      BUT, consider if you're locked into their Lavazza A Modo Mio pod system, with limited choice of coffee styles. There aren't compatible pods I know of.

      Just subscribed to Prime for 1 year. Have a few Alexa Dots. And Belong data. Both bought with free Telstra Plus points.

      Read reviews in Amazon.
      Issues connecting & limited controls.

    • OMG, they actually did it. Relevant:

  • Not sure that these would make a better cup of coffee than an Aldi pod machine.

    • +1

      Way better than aldi

  • …there may be doubts regarding the benefits of the ALEXA voice control feature.

    Exactly…everything has to be voice controlled these days apparently to be smart, with no perceivable benefit.

    • Also works from app… or press buttons.
      Has built in speaker.

      • Even an app would have limited benefit.
        Surely, at the very minimum, the human needs to physically go to the machine and pick up their cup?

        • +1

          You mean we have to drink the coffee ourselves? What's this world coming to?

          Machine doesn't impress me - not something I've ever thought… If only my coffee machine listened to me. And then make my coffee.

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            @INFIDEL: Pretty sure the pods don't load themselves either

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              @sallan75: Don't forget filling the water reservoir!
              And emptying used pods, cleaning up, washing coffee cups,….

              With all that tedious exercise, no need for gym membership😉

              Going back to my pod machine Lavazza paid me $25 for - not connected to anything other than electricity.

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                @INFIDEL: So yeah, you have to do everything manually. Then according to the reviews, the only step Alexa can do, it's easier and less frustrating to just push the button on the machine to start the coffee.

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                  @sallan75: Thats why I suggested to consider this machine based on it's non connected "features", settings , & the single brand of coffee pods available for it.

                  If that suits you, how much better is this coffee produced by this machine over similar pod machines?
                  (Have 3 different Lavazza pod machines. Coffee tastes the same.)

                  Then see if Alexa is any good as a barista.
                  I have my doubts if it really adds much. If it does, Alexa likely has nothing to do with it.

                  There has been discussion in coffee machine Deals, of desire by some for connectivity. But that's usually to start up machines that take ages to warm up. Never an issue with pod machines. We "non believers" point out the other issues a connected machine usually can't do!

                  Making a coffee while in the shower may not be the time saving wonder some believe it will be! What if something goes wrong…

                  Seems more of a gimmick!
                  But as a long time Lavazza pod coffee drinker - I'm curious @$79 less cashback!

                  But Alexa might play music to drink coffee to, from the machine's built in speaker 🔊
                  Or say things a barista might say to you, or Alexa - tell me a joke!🤣

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          From Amazon Review:
          Coffee machine with very little bells and whistles
          This machine is basically a coffee machine. The programming only allows you to settings which you can really do by pressing a button anyway. The Alexa function is great when it works. I tried to use it to play music but then it just disconnects.

    • What do you mean no benefit?

      Could you not get out of the shower in the morning and say "Alexa make a coffee" and by the time you are dressed and in the kitchen there's a coffee ready to go.
      That's assuming you're smart enough to put a pod in the night before rest to go.. And I'm not sure you are

      • +1

        I take it you don't want 2 coffees - to share with someone else… ☕💏☕
        It can't do that unassisted.

  • Why did they separate the machine from the pods? Would have bought it if they kept that as an option. This has a smaller machine I think, or an older one https://amzn.asia/d/e8UU13j

    • They don't "separate machines from the pods". That's how they come - separate!
      They make their money from selling pods. Just sometimes they're sold as a bundle.

      There are machines offered WITH pods.
      Lavazza sells this machine for $349, "save up to $200" if you also buy 10 packs of pods

      Your choice to pay more, OR buy a discounted machine & add pods when on sale.

      Could buy that very basic machine for $59, or with 64 pods for $89…
      That far less featured machine is $20 less than this Deal!

      They're OK. But have NO settings!!
      Wouldn't recommend at that price.

      Bought the earlier model to that from Deal. Lavazza paid us up to $25 more than we paid & sent free pods. Due to error, got 480 FREE pods☕

      That machine sells for $30 more with 4 packs of pods. Those pods cost about $8 each on sale at Coles. So not much savings!

  • This or Homer's talking Astrolabe?

  • +1

    Best to consider if the settings & features (without considering Alexa use etc) are what you want to produce an enjoyable coffee.

    …Seems to have some good features in a $79 pod machine.

    Only then, consider it's possible uses with Alexa etc. Some report connection issues. So may add frustration to the morning coffee ☕

    Can operate without network or voice commands.

    Since can only be used with Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee pods, which are not as commonly available (not compatible with other pods) - will you enjoy the coffee?

    As most are only used to the machines & coffee they are used to drinking, that has some risk. What if that pod coffee doesn't meet your expectations?

    …Have drunk Lavazza A Modo Mio pod coffee for years. I don't drink much coffee, but enjoy it.

  • +1

    Read the Manual - there don't seem to be many features to produce better coffee than a more basic pod machine. Which sell around this price.

    2 Recipes choices: Espresso, or Long Espresso

    Supplied with sampler of 9 coffee pods.

    Most of the instructions deal with the Alexa connection. So do the buttons on the machine!

    There is a Lavazza Voicy app for Apple or Android. But need to register machine & set up Voicy before can see controls :-(

    It tells me how to ask Alexa for statistics on how many coffees I've drunk this year, or what level of stock of a capsule type I have, & ask Alexa to order more…

    Good for Lavazza sales, not interesting for me. I wonder what information Alexa shares🤔
    Guess it won't like to be shut down as I do now!

    Just hoping for a better coffee than I get now with my old (~ $25 profit) basic Lavazza pod machine!

    But seems it's a slightly better than basic machine with an Alexa complex😜

    Don't worry about the coffee, listen to Spotify on your coffee machine😉

    Don't think this is for me.
    But might buy, try, & sell it if not for me.
    (I've sold 10 Lavazza pod machines at a profit)

    *At least $5 cashback at CR on 11/7
    Maybe a better % for few hours tomorrow: 14% all categories last year = $10.

  • +1

    Cashrewards is now 20% on these!
    Category: kitchen & dining
    Shown in top left of Amazon viewed in Desktop
    Should now be $63.20!

    Glad I waited.

    Paid with last of ~14% discounted ShopBack Swap Gift Card (swapped to Amazon GC)!

    Time for a coffee☕
    Still using the $25 profit Lavazza pod machine from 2015
    This should be a welcomed upgrade😉

  • If you want pods for this - try current promo @Lavazza

    Cheapest I could find, cheaper than Prime Day (but can get free delivery with Amazon)

    Have the freshest imported coffee in my years of experience with Lavazza pods.

    Lavazza: $8.13 for 16 pods
    wider range of styles
    Free delivery with $60 order,
    + Free shaker with $100 order

    Ordered my favourites: A Modo Mio Qualità Oro & A Modo Mio Espresso Divino.

    Coles: on sale is $8.40 for limited styles.

  • Price is now $302.04!!

  • CR incorrectly calculated cashback as $3.59!
    That's not the 20% promoted on 11/7 for KITCHEN category!
    Emailed complaint.

    • Sent complaint to CR with invoice & Amazon screenshot of category.
      Now corrected to $14.36 - fast approved!
      Also qualified for $5 bonus - approved!
      $19.36 cashback💰

  • +1

    Not interested in connecting to Alexa (yet).

    Plugged in… No Alexa found, so operates as a coffee pod machine.

    Better tasting coffee from same pods - good crema.
    My old machine didn't stop water flow (at ideal amount) - so quality varied.

    Happy with it for price.

    • Connected easily with wifi & Alexa.
      Speaker is far better sound than expected.

      • As machine is never far away, there's no real advantage using Alexa or app.

        Still need to load pod, check water level, place cup…

        Asked Alexa for a coffee - "Sorry I cant do that"! Will try again…
        Used app instead.
        Otherwise commands have worked well.

        It's getting more use playing Spotify or Amazon Music

        App told me I have drunk 1 coffee since connecting. Is Lavazza putting pressure on me to drink more?😂

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