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Lavazza A Modo Mio Minu Coffee Machine - Free (up to $25.50 Profit) after $50 Cashback @ Target


20/8: As many of you are wondering where your claim validation is being 10 days now, it has been confirmed that they have been a little overwhelmed with claims and will take an extra 5 days to catch up. Also 32 free pods appear to be on their way.

Lavazza currently has a cash back promo on their pod machines until 6/9/15.
The Minu is collecting $50, Target currently selling for $49 (EDIT: Some stores are now selling at $24.50) (normally $59) so technically you can profit $1 (or $25.50) on these.
Still $49 at my local Target as of 14/8.

Like printers they love to make their money from the consumables so entry price is low, but ongoing can be high. Think the pods run about $10-$12 for 16. They are a nice compact unit though, so I grabbed one to keep as a backup if my automatic machine dies. (Cheers to my bro for spotting the special)

Some important info as per the T&Cs:
"Cash back of Lavazza A Modo Mio Minu White Capsule Machines are only available from Target and Dick Smith" so no price matching elsewhere on these ones.

Also the cash back form hasn't been updated completely from the last promo, and after submitting will tell you that its outside the (previous) valid date range but it goes through OK. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail and Lavazza state they will notify you of your claims validity within 10 days. (This has also been confirmed here)

It has now also been confirmed that multiple claims are ok

Not currently available online but should be plenty of stock across Target stores (although is listed under Clearance on Target website so may vary).


Update: Some stores have an extra 25% off clearance items, hence the $36.75 price tag. From the comments so far these are:
Highpoint (low stock)
Adelaide CBD (low stock)
Sunbury (2 left, opened boxes)
Craigieburn (low stock)
Plenty Valley

and now it seems some even have it @ 50% off:

No stock left at:
Knox City
Melbourne CBD
Warringah Mall
Caroline Springs
Waverley Garden
Macquarie Center
Airport West
Forest Hill
Castle Hill

Any more, let me know.

Register your machine here to receive 32 free pods. Thanks Chris

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  • +1

    Does it come with any pods?

    • -1

      What does POD stand for ?

      • +5

        Truth, justice, and the American way.

    • stated came with 12 sample pods?

      • Who me? Or do you mean the 12 on the box? That says "Only 12.1cm width"

        • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/172572

          should be similar to last deal that in box has 12 sample pods

        • @edgar28:

          Ah ok. No, machine only. Looking at that listing, its the same target part number and description, is it possible the poster mistook "The only decision left is which of our 12 delicious capsule coffee blends to try first" as meaning it included them? I've only seen mention of the Simpla machine including 12 samples.

        • just check in target, no sample pack

    • Jpods?

  • is it nesspresso compatible pods

    • nope. different

      • -3

        how much, on average, a pod costs ? Nespresso capsule usually costs about $1.2-1.5 per cup..

        • From calculations, roughly 63-75c per cup based off the OP's post

        • +5

          $1.20-$1.50? No way, they are around $.60-$.80 each. The compatible ones (Grinders, etc) are around $.50 on sale. Coles is selling the LOR ones for $.40 this week.

        • @neil: That's one capsule/pod though. A standard cup of coffee needs 2 or more capsules to equal the grams, let-alone taste/strength (regardless of brand) of a "real coffee".

        • @Utopian:

          I'm no coffee connoisseur but I drink cappuccino so I only use 1 and that fills the coffee cup to the top. That's more milk + foam. A bit different to say filter coffee you'd get at work which would be a whole cup of coffee (probably 5x the amount).

          I wonder how much coffee 1 pod produces vs. the amount I'd get in a cafe?

        • @neil: Ya killing me! Please tell me you're not pushing all that water through those poor beans. Small button, then add hot/boiling to the up.
          One pod holds ~5grams of coffee. Some brands 4.8 others 5.2
          Water to coffee ratio should be 18:1
          So 2 pods (or two tablespoons of ground) needs 180ml water, absorbs a bit, yield less than that.

        • @Utopian:

          Yep, espresso/small button (as per the instructions) not the lungo. I mean to say the coffee + milk + froth gets it up to the top of the coffee cup. I thought cappuccinos are both made with 1 shot of coffee?

        • @neil: Cap is just the ratio of milk/froth. One pod is a half a barista shot. Grams don't lie :)

        • @Utopian:

          OK, I'm polling OzBargainers. I hope my coffee budget doesn't double now!

  • +2

    No free pods, and no, yet another proprietary pod system

    • +2

      Damn them capsules are expensive… the caffitaly ones are usually <50c per capsule…

  • +7

    Nice, free landfill.

    • +1

      Agreed. Since I already have Nespresso, Caffitaly and Dolce Gusto, once I get my cashback on this Lavazza and gone through my initial pods I would have not used it any further (pods are expensive and not many compatibles), and probably thrown it out.

  • Are there any compatible pods available for this lavazza machine (like how comes sells compatible nespresso ones for cheap)?

    • I found some on eBay for ~55cents each

  • Does Dolce Gusto capsules/pods compatible?

  • +1

    Do Aldi's Expressi pod compatible with this machine?

    • +1

      Googled… and its not compatible :(

  • +2

    I am using this machine. So far I can only find the original Lavazza capsule for this model.

    • +1

      Yeah, I've only seen Espressoland pods here in my search online but they aren't any cheaper. Seems to be a few more overseas though.

    • I just bought one from Target. Where do you buy "original Lavazza" capsules ? Please advise

  • +3

    I used to have one of these, and found compatible pods online, not a huge saving for compatible… https://espressoland.com.au/a-modo-mio-compatible

  • does that mean the coffee machine is for $1

    • nope.. it's technically, receive $1 to buy this machine

  • Awesome thanks OP!!!


  • Great deal. Similar to a post of mine last year https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/140564

    None at Knox City. About 12 at Ringwood.

    Ring up your local store and ask them to put one on hold for you so you don't miss out

    • Just got one. Target at Stockland the Pine. Was told there are heaps there……

  • +1

    Just got one. Still 5-7 left @ Rhodes, NSW.

  • Can we buy 2 and get 2 cashback or one per address ?

    • +1

      Hit up that T&C link above for all the details but:

      1. Multiple claims permitted, subject to the following: (a) only one (1) claim permitted per Participating Product purchased; and (b) each claim must be submitted separately and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
  • +1

    Just called Broadway NSW store and apparently they have 'heaps' left.

    I tried price matching with the Dicksmith Store on George st in Sydney CBD but they said they can't as it's below their cost price of $89.

    • +10

      Hehe, despite them having it "on sale" yesterday for $87.50?

  • Terget,Airpot West have a few

  • Where can I find the model number on the box?

  • +16

    Definitely no pods in the box. A little embarrassing lining up behind a few fellow ozbargainers.

    Checkout lady was like, gee these are selling fast. What's going on here?

    • +11

      Can't see what's there to be embarrassed about, unless the people in front of you only had one machine and you had a trolley full.

      • +8

        Or a brought along the whole work crew with me… :)

    • Where was this?

    • Did you see JV? I suspect he/she looks like the Phantom, the Ozbargainer that walks!

  • +4

    Good buy but dont get the Lattemento milk frother.
    Mine is not working after less than 2 months use.
    It seems have problem with contact points on the lid, and got worse it is not working at all now. Sometimes the heating still working but not the rotation. Got replaced, and the new one not working after 1 month of use!

    • +1

      thanks for the tip - pity i didn't read it earlier (though thanks for the reminder in the later post)!

      i'll see how it goes and with some luck mine will work.

      Having said that, here's my experience with milk frothers:

      • Aldi frother (expressi) - worked quite well and survived an accidental dishwasher incident. Non-stick wasn't great
      • Woolworths frother - crap. First one broke after about a week or two. Second one also broke within a month. Returned both as they would spin but not heat.
      • Target frother (belini) - broke within a month. Would not heat anymore.
  • +1



    However I did receive and email with confirmation that the submission was receive. Shall see how it goes.

    • Read OP's post

      • Ah thanks … Had me worried for a second when I saw the webpage




      Pick a date.
      To be eligible for the cash back offer you need to have purchased your machine between the 01/08/2015 and 06/09/2015.

      See terms and conditions for more details.

  • +1

    Nobody at the Target I went to, there was at least 15 left

  • Anyone try the $10 coupon with this? (and something else to make it $60)
    Not sure if this would qualify…

    • Clearly says excludes electrical.

      • +1

        Thank you, I saw that, but it entirely depend on their definition.
        They may classify this as "homewares" or "kitchen" and mean items such as TVs etc in their classification "electrical".

  • +2

    We're sorry - but your claim may be invalid.

    The purchase date you provided does not fall within the purchase period of
    30 March 2015 to 10 May 2015.

    • I'm having the same experience. So has anyone actually got the cashback from Lavazza yet?


  • +10

    Scanned $36.75 at tuggeranong target. Bought one. Left 4 for ozb fellow.

    • +1

      Ta but all gorne!

  • PLENTY left at Browns Plains an hour ago. Would go grab more but been shafted on the Oral-B cashback so not taking my chances (realise it's a different company).

    • +6

      Mine is staying in the box until Lavazza validates the cash back. Otherwise going back to Target.

      • Same here. I have enough 'stock' here that isn't selling and I need to find some coin to get my charity running.

      • +2

        Then will you be returning it back to Target? ;) I am reading between the lines here…

        • +2

          Me, nah I'll hang on it for when my automatic breaks again..

      • +2

        Im not even taking mine home, gonna sit under my desk until the cashback clears.

        • I'm not even leaving the store.

      • +3

        Even if the cashback clears… can you still take it back to Target? Genuine question… that would be interesting if you could.

        • yes, you got 28 days to return

        • +2

          Yes you can, but you have to pay back the cashback to Lavazza - see ToC

        • +1

          @engineeringprof: Lol my mind was at work… thinking free $50 aye…

        • +4

          @engineeringprof: how do they know if we refund it at Target ?

        • @yht: Just try. I will watch this space in future.

        • @devang153: I have returned many things even after a year.

    • -1

      Hello there, what cash back offer is on Oral -B?? :p

      • +1

        not really savvy are you there ;)

        • Yes i'm definitely here..
          I heard about $50 cash back but nothing else apart from that. :(

      • If any oral b products fail to rid of your coffee stains from teeth they will give you cashback for the purchase of both coffee machine and tooth brush products

    • -1

      Hello there, what cash back offer is on Oral -B?? :p

  • +1

    I just called Waverly Gardens - they confirmed that it is now $36

  • +1

    Yep it's $36.75 - I was stunned and got worried for a sec that I picked up the wrong one and panicked a little - good thing I saw the minu. Maybe 10+ left at Parramatta Westfield.

  • +2

    Yes $36.75 at Waverley Gardens. And plenty in stock!
    Coles has one with milk frother for about $84.

    • deleted

    • Just picked one up. 7 left guys

      • I must have snoozed, can't find any. Can't even find an empty shelf where they would have been.

        • Probably taken off shelves and put out the back for phone orders

    • The Coles one is the newer model and costs more. Though it might just be the same model with a built in frother.

  • +1

    Just purchased at Target TTP SA $36.75 :D
    Still quite a few left on the shelf.

    • Are you 100% sure it is the same model, same colour no variations?

      • Definatly the correct model.

        • Yep, have the info now:
          Some targets are having an extra 25% off clearance items.
          Lucky for you if you live near one of those!

  • When you fill in the cash back form you select Minu, right?
    The machine on the list is Minu White Capsule Machine (AMMMINU)?

  • anyone know if melb cbd has any?

    • Sold Out!

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