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Waterproof Smart Bin IPX5 10L - US$22.57 Delivered (A$31.21) @ Joybos Global Store via AliExpress


1. Intelligent induction, the induction area is doubled.
2. Super tightness
3. Large capacity 10L/15L
4. IPX5 grade waterproof
5. Long battery life (using batteries, 2 batteries can be used for 1 year)

1.Battery type: 2AA batteries (2AA)
Packing list: 1*smart trash can (without battery)

Coupon is for US$6 off, can grab the 15L bin for ~$39 AU delivered as well.

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  • +3

    Super tightness? What does this mean in relation to a bin?

    • +1

      Prevent odors from escaping?

    • +1

      Assuming it's the lid seal.

    • Probably just translation error, might have been "lightness" meaning it doesn't weigh much.

      • Why would you want your bin to not weigh much unless its used in a boat or a campervan?

        Fairly certain clear was correct as there is an image in the description with:

        Intelligent Cover Barrel
        - Close the end tightly
        - Refuse odor

        • Probably, I was just guessing. Tight seal makes more sense.

          • @SuBw00FeR: The video suggests "bathroom use" that even after being sprayed with water, it still opens automatically, and 10-15 litre is a bathroom size.

    • What doesn't everyone like their bin to have super tightness?

  • How long will delivery take?

    • Estimated Delivery on Oct 14

  • Today, even bins are smart. First-world product.

    • Yes… even I am wondering the use case for such a product.

      • It's mainly for hygiene, so you dont have to touch the bin to throw stuff out, keeps the outside of the bin clean

        • +1

          I'm not sure that will prevent spillages if you can't 'aim'.

          I can see if you are disabled where this might help, but a foot pedal would suffice otherwise.

          It does seem a little niche.

          • +2

            @pax: I guess the intended use case is for next to the toilet. Your wife, sister, female visitors can put their used sanitary products in it without touching the bin.

            With a foot pedal they would have to get off the toilet with their pants around their ankles to use the foot pedal, or sit their sanitary product on the floor while they got dressed.

    • You ok bud?

    • -1

      Nope. Just the advertiser is trying to be smart.
      This is just an automatic bin…. like have existed for decades.

  • +7

    Wake me when "smart" means it empties itself into the outside wheelybin

  • It's new levels of ugly, which is a fair effort for a bin.

  • +1

    Nowadays I hate products that say uses batteries, realized spending so much to buy batteries and such a waste too on the environment

    • +6

      As an ozbargainer, why are you not using your collection of eneloops to power products that require batteries?

  • coupon invalid?

    • Works fine for me still.

  • +2

    10-15litres seems very small for a household bin?

  • if you buy 2, would it be cheaper a few $ if you do a separate transaction, or is it the same when you order both? just curious if the code can only be used once.

  • Coupon code doesn't work?

    • Works fine for me still.

      • Yes you're right, I cleared the cache etc and then worked again.

  • came for the comments, left feeling emptied

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