Vans Anaheim Old Skool $50 (Was $139.95), Huffer Puffer Jacket $50 (Was $229) + Free Delivery @ THE ICONIC


THE ICONIC are doing a massive mid season sale with some great steals:

Some styles also have a further 20% off at checkout -

Also stackable with 3.5% Cashback with Shopback or 4.5% with Cashrewards

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  • Cashrewards popped up with 4.5%

  • +15

    Will this shield me from the Earthquake if i wear this to bed at night ?

    • -2

      Too soon, buddy

    • +3

      If you wear 100 of them

  • +11

    Melbourne not interested - no Kathmandu logo

    • +12

      Isn't the Premier there sponsored by North Face ?

    • +2

      I prefer macpac

    • -2

      Kathmandu interested. Been wearing only Kathmandu till now and want to try something else.

      • +6

        Username checks out

    • "Are we good to go?"🤔

  • Anyone have this? I wear kathmanu size S

    • +17

      And thanks for letting us know your size.

  • +7

    This would look great collecting dust in my wardrobe instead of your warehouse

    • True.

      Not much OS travel at the moment.
      Would be handy for European winter.

  • +1

    My pick would be a superdry puffer for $80

    • It’s definitely better looking than the OP one

  • +5

    Polyester filling.

    • +2

      Why it's $50, not $100 ($229? That's a joke)

      • $229 for polyester is a joke. I'd be expecting ethical down at that price.

  • Looks like a good buy - gonna give this a go. Yellow one for $40 too if anyone's game.

  • +5

    I'd recommend this still available at Myer in many sizes/colours at $80 and down filling

    • -1

      "Fabrication: 100% Synthetic"

      Is it actual down feathers?

      • +2

        I’m guessing you didn’t read all the description- With a down filling this is a winter jacket every man needs and we are confident that he will want to just keep going back to day after day.

        Can confirm it is as I got one, it’s a nice light style that would suit many places in Australia

        • +1

          Oh wow then that's a great price.

  • -1

    Summer is coming, no need for an enormous puffer jacket.

    • +14

      Pro-tip: buy winter clothing in warmer months for cheaper

    • +1

      They don't have an expiry date.

  • +1

    Daannnngg…I had put the yellow one in my cart and one of you folks bought it before me!!!

  • +1

    Better off buying an actual down jacket from macpac for $50 more. Polyester filling means it won't be very warm.

    • +2

      OTOH, down is next to useless when it's wet, so make sure you don't get caught in the rain. Polyester is plenty warm; down's main advantage is it packs a lot smaller, and is lighter. Which are important for hiking; less so for urban wear.

    • +1

      Both down and polyester will keep you more than warm enough in Australia, even in Victoria and Tasmania winters. Polyester is better when wet and easier to wash, down is a bit lighter at a given warmth and more packable.

      Nearly all Patagonia puffers are made from polyester and people love them.

  • -2

    Ridiculous, hardly any normal sizes with these sales , why bother posting

    • +6

      XXXL sizes are for regulars getting into the 9 pieces for $10 KFC special.

      • xxxl isn't that big

        • +2

          Rookie numbers for those OBers

    • +2

      There were several sizes available (S and L) and its available for quite a while

    • +2

      ridculous, hardly a useful comment, why bother commenting

    • +1

      what's a normal size?

  • Nice deal. Sad I missed out on S/M sizes…

    • -1

      you are so small hahaha

  • Missed out again, hope they restock soon

  • +3

    Does any one else hate the woosh sound the puffer jacket makes when the person is walking?

    • yes, and they are kinda ugly also.

      • why are they so popular?

        • +2

          Cause they are warm and light. Not sure how light this one is, but some of the lightweight/thin puffer jackets are super light but also really warm.

  • People saying that this isn't warm I'd have to strongly disagree with…
    I've owned multiple down jackets from Kathmandu and Uniqlo and this jacket actually feels as warm if not warmer from my experience. Only downside is that it's quite bulky and theres a big jump in sizes..

  • Great Deal!

  • +2

    Do they also have any "Blow Your House Down" jackets?

  • Thanks got one
    Will see how the XXL fits.

  • +1

    Is it just me or does anybody else think the Huffer Track Puffer Jacket is so ugly!?

    • yes very ugly, but so so so popular and I don't know why,,,

  • +1

    Got some blues shoes. Thanks O.P

  • cheers, picked up the north face vault backpack for about $72 after the 20% discount and cashrewards.

  • Are the van shoes comfortable or do they have zero support like normal converse shoes?

    • Chalk and cheese. Vans are my bag. So comfy. I own no Converse shoes atm but have previously and found them blister making b**stards.
      Admission: I embarrassingly own over 50 pairs of Vans. Yes. I do have a problem 😃