Cabletime Adjustable Phone Stand US$1.09 (~A$1.51) Delivered @ Cabletime Official Store AliExpress


Very low price on this adjustable phone stand suitable for phones up to 7.2".

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  • +3

    one that has a stand is probably more useful if you want to connect the charger cable at the same time

    • +26

      Always going to be one fussy about a $1.51 phone stand isn't there? Put your phone in landscape and attach the cable.

      • +7

        $1.51 garbage is still garbage.

        • +16

          You'd be pretty stupid to spend $1.51 and throw it in the garbage. Simply don't buy it.

          • +1

            @Clear: Exactly. It's extra piece of plastic that will end up in landfill. Living in a developed country we should be more conscious of how much garbage we produce and stop buying garbage just because it seems cheap. $1.51 not spent is $1.51 saved.

            • +7

              @zealmax: It will end up in landfill if you decide to throw it out. I dunno why someone would buy it and then throw it out.

              I didn't buy it so that's $1.51 saved from my bank account.

    • +14

      Yeah, also wish this stand had 500w fast charging wireless charger built in and could pull out this week’s lotto numbers as well. Terrible deal, OP.

      • +3

        one with an adjustable stand is only a dollar or two more

      • HahHa 100%

    • +9

      He didn't neg the deal or something, just gave his opinion, not too sure why neg him?

      • +3

        Probably because people disagree with his opinion that its lacking a charging port considering that it's already so low priced and can't have everything? Hence why other phone stands with more 'features' exist.

    • this one okay cheap i have one plastic like this one, one height adjustable stand but plastic, one not adjustable with wireless charging, and now bought this…

      used the height adjustable one more often

  • Bought one, thanks.

  • Thanks OP! Was just looking for one and found this post.

  • Thanks, OP!

  • Thanks got one for the tax return next year :)

  • Is it plastic or metal?

    • ABS Plastic

  • -2

    "Sorry can't access this reward"
    And it changed price 3 times I tried to get this deal…
    I know it's only few bucks here nd there, but how shady can one get, China 8weeks+ shipping naturally.

    • +1

      Appreciate the downvotes, just stated what was infront of me, still bought 1 for $3.20 for someone that will get use out of it..

  • Will it work with the legendary Nokia 3210, or it will break the stand? Maybe need two stands to adjust it

  • Thanks, ordered one!

  • This phone stand is good to use an old phone as a display clock

  • No such coupon, must have been removed

    • +1

      Dunno why I get neg’d for stating a fact. There was no coupon, then it was offered again later.

  • +2

    More stock added. Coupon working.

  • Is it still working for people? Says the coupon can't be added for me

  • Signed in with my Google account and it added a coupon for $2.77 off a $2.78 or higher spend, worked out at $0.29 delivered after $0.28 taxes !

  • Will be delivered to your next generation.

    • 4 weeks on average for me with Cabletime.

      • same. 3-4weeks.
        cabletime is good…. very good

  • Thanks got two in separate orders so I could use the coupon twice.

  • Just ordered one with the coupon, $1.51 with mastercard rates

  • On a slow boat from China.

  • Got one. Thanks Op