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Mount Franklin Water 20 x 500ml $8 ($7.20 Subscribe and Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


My favourite water on special. Matching Woolworths but rarely goes on sale any more and when it does its sold out quickly.
It might only be cheaper for states that do cash for cans. Enjoy :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Your favourite bottle

  • $8 for 10 litres of water is not a bargain…

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        What's wrong with low levels of fluoride?

        Acute high levels of it may cause issues but standard tap water/toothpaste isn't likely.

        I don't like tap water either but this screams of FUD.

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          Conspiracy theories LOL or trolling.
          If they are trolling maybe the water under the bridge they live at is not very good. :P

          This line from them says it all

          I shouldn’t judge those who love those horrible additives found in tap water, that make it taste “better”.

        • +2

          What's wrong with low levels of fluoride?

          Absolutely nothing.


          • @jv: hey JV,

            The irony of all this is that you brought out the conspiracy theorist with your classic troll comment.

            $8 for 10 litres of water is not a bargain…

            If someone buys mount franklin and its on special then it is a bargain for them.

            Maybe you should be more selective with your trolling?

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      Agreed 100%, but I am in Melbourne :)

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      high iq comment by you

    • And 10c per each bottle returned becomes 5.20 S/S or 6.00 for 10L.

      Not bad

  • Does this contain fluoride

    • -2

      No, but contains more salts that tap water…

      • -1

        More salts versus fluoride. I’d have the former any day of the week.

        • You are free to choose to increase your risk of a stroke…

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            @jv: LOL. If your choice of drinking water is making meaningful difference to your sodium intake you are doing well.
            Average sodium intake is about 2g. This has 0.005g per 100mL or 0.1g if you drink 2L.

            Such a small difference if not going to make a difference to stroke risk.

            Although I'd rather have tap water than waste money.

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              Can’t say the same for fluoride even in minute quantities.

              Dept of Health does not agree with you…

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              @JeBs: You'll find fluoride everywhere. You want spring water? It's there. Might suggest not drinking at all then.

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      Fluoride can be found in fresh water, a small amount in fact is good for your teeth.

  • I buy this too but to be honest it is not so great. Best of the worst :)

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      Vastly better than unfiltered tap water.

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        I don't know since they changed the quality of the plastic I find these bottles retain some of the plastic taste

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          Phew, thought I was the only one! Support the 100% recycled plastic use but it certainly has altered the taste.

          • @Hybroid: Yeah I'm in the same boat, recycled plastic seems like a great idea but kinda worried about what I'm consuming if I can taste it myself

      • Probably true if you are from Sydney or Adelaide.

        • -2

          Most know that fluoride is in all tap water. Those educated enough know too that governments mandate it be added for reasons relating to tooth health. I guess there are many who don’t brush enough and need it, but for the rest who brush two time a day with regular fluoride toothpaste, it’s completely unnecessary and potentially excessive for the body. It all adds up.

          Tap water is excellent so long as there is a filter to remove the fluoride along with other nasties.

          I recommend a high school education for all those who disagree - or maybe just a toothbrush.

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            added for reasons relating to tooth health.

            and shown to be perfectly safe…

          • @JeBs:

            I recommend a high school education for all those who disagree - or maybe just a toothbrush.

            nice trolling

            • @Gimli: Ah the time before internet. People were so stupid. Now, just by browsing the internet you get PhD.

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    Expensive, no ozbargain here ppl.

    • -1

      Compared to what? The cheapest you’ll find Evian for is around $2.25/L. And note the Evian water through Amazon often has near expiry, compared to what you’d find at a supermarket. Just hope these Mount Franklins have good expiry dates.

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        Pleb, used to be alot cheaper than this, like 5 or 6 bucks a carton, not 7.20.

  • Not a bargain. Woolworth is on special now

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      This is $7.20 with subscription and free delivery. Bargain.

      • and 10 cents back for each bottle

  • Normal price of water is Free!

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      someone else pays your water bills?

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        I use the water at my local park…

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          you remind me of this guy: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/382306

          I also use it as a hotplate to boil water for dishwashing (and occasionally for a bath - all water from the nearby public tap of course).

          • @tdw: What a legend !!!

          • @tdw: That's the funniest post I have ever seen lol

  • melb tap water best in world - should bottle that and sell to china

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      stop giving China new idea

      • Isn't the Vic govt in bed with china already?

        • They're filling divorce docs

  • There are places in oz where the natural level of fluoridation is stronger than what they would add so in these areas they don't add any more.

    While the particular fluoride form may be different to that found in nature it is wrong to think fluoride in water is something unnatural.

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    Water taste rankings

    1. Bella Delphine bath water
    2. Sydney tap
    3. Bottled mega corporation water
  • big Do Your Own Research energy itt

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    A free resource that is bottled by Coca Cola and sold to you is not a bargain.

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    I'm voting negative on this on the ground of plastic pollution. We're lucky to have cheap, running, drinkable tap water and should use it. While mount Franklin make their bottles from recycled plastic, national geographic claim that 91% of plastic doesn't get recycled after use.


    I'm sorry to be so negative I really don't like voting this way.


    • Lots of videos on YouTube about marine life getting affected by plastic.

  • We are lucky to have access to some of the best drinking water in the world here. Why people would pay for little bottles of the stuff and kill the planet in the process still baffles me.

  • I buy this water for the 10c rebates , it’s so addictive to see them going back to counter machine that spits out money back .

    • The que can be long at times.

  • This is a question about Amazon in general, are users allow to pay by subscribe and save and cancel before the next delivery?

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