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50% off Samsung Galaxy Buds2 and Complimentary Case ($109.50 Delivered) with Purchase of Galaxy S21 Series @ Samsung AU


50% off Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Save up to $300 off Galaxy S21 Series + 50% Off Galaxy Buds2

Save $300 off on the Galaxy S21 Series + 50% off Galaxy Buds2* when purchase in the same transaction.

PLUS get an additional $500 off your Galaxy S21 Series purchase when you trade in an eligible device

Offer ends 30.09.21. T&Cs apply

"Complimentary Galaxy Buds Case EF-PR190CBEGWW, GP-FPR190HOJPW, GP-FPR190HOGGW, GP-FPR190HOHBW, GP-FPR190HOIWW"

Combine with trade-in deal for more savings on Samsung Galaxy S21 series

Galaxy Week offers apply to Participating Products purchased from the Samsung Online Store (shop.samsung.com/au) from 9.00am (AEST) 20 September 2021 to 11.59pm (AEST) 3 October 2021, or the period specified (Offer Period), unless withdrawn earlier.

See list of Participating Products and relevant Offer Periods here: https://shop.samsung.com/au/samsung_store_terms_conditions. These discounts are not available on purchases made via Samsung Enhanced Partnership Portals, Samsung Government Store, Samsung Business Store and Samsung Education Store. Discounts not redeemable in conjunction with any other offers or promotions.

Subject to stock availability at the time of purchase. These offers (including offer periods) may be modified by Samsung at any time in its sole discretion. Discounts not transferrable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Subject to Samsung Terms of Sale.

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    I hope they have good offers when the s23 comes out lol until then I'm happy with my S10+ still doing the job pretty well.
    The other issue is I hope the s23 is a nice phone I'm still hoping there will be a nexus version but let's face it those days are gone, no way Samsung is gonna release a phone without all the data harvesting/monetizing apps/OS installed :'(

    • The other issue is I hope the s23 is a nice phone I'm still hoping there will be a nexus version but let's face it those days are gone, no way Samsung is gonna release a phone without all the data harvesting/monetizing apps/OS installed :'(

      Buy a Pixel

  • +1

    I can't seem to get it working like your cart imgur link. Any tips?

    I added Buds2, Darth Case shows free case. Then I add S21 and only shows half price of buds and total $1217.50 before applying any trade in bonuses.

    It says this "Your 50% saving on the Galaxy Buds has been applied. Offer ends 03 October 2021.
    To ensure your order is processed correctly the value of the bonus case has been applied to the Galaxy Buds Live/ Galaxy Buds Pro." but it still only shows half price buds2 and full price $59 case.

    • I noticed that too on my cart, remove the items from cart and try again

      • +1

        Might have been a price error since fixed? I tried re-adding them but no luck. Tempted for the 50% off without the free case. Should I go big money and get the S21 Ultra 128GB?

        • For me too case shows full price

        • Yes, price is only updated if you add Bud live. Adding Bud2 gives you 50% discount only.

  • Lol everyone already pulled the trigger on this

  • +1

    Got it. Thanks OP

  • Just bought my S21 on Sunday, if anyone could possibly add a white pair of earbuds onto their order id be grateful ! tried emailing and phoning to add onto the order and no luck which is such a shame. Perth based. Many thanks!

    • the only thing you can do is cancel the order and reorder it

      • they wanted me to send the phone back and re order the phone! Nuts!

        • that's what I was told last week after I received the $50 code

        • you may need to ask for the new $100 and $50 off code again after you cancel it

  • Anyone tried partially refunding an order with Samsung? Say, one item in a multi-item order.

  • case after adding is not free. only buds are reduced by 50%

    • +1

      Worked for me. Case was full price but buds were 60 bucks instead.

    • same, not reducing

      • In what order did you add your products in cart?

        • Same like in photo. Buds, then case and then phone.

  • i was adding it with s21 phone but case dropped to$53 and buds to 80 something dollars

  • I'm seeing a number of reddit posts about the fit of the Buds 2 not being as good as the older Buds and Buds+ with the wingtips. Just something to be aware of.

    I love the fit of my Buds+.

  • Tried everything the price of buds go half but case does not go free or reduce buds price further. Any tips???

    • +1

      change your browser. it worked for me after changed from chrome to edge

  • +1

    I added a second buds2 and that got discounted $59, could be some error their end

  • Gosh dangit… I ordered my S21 on 20th September.
    Had the webchat open at the same time for "Mike" to help me through with my purchase.
    Helpful Mike suggested I might like to buy some Galaxy Buds with my purchase and I said no, I can't afford that right now Mike. When really I meant I was going to probably buy them through the education store which has 30% off.
    MIKE dangit you missed the opportunity to tell me that I would get 50% off if I bought them at the same time.

    Annnd I bought a custom colour so I can't cancel the order anyway.

  • Anyone received this message after order:

    "Thank you for choosing Samsung, your order has been received and is currently being reviewed. We may need to contact you to verify your order.

    Once your order has been verified, you will receive a order confirmation email and your order will be processed."

    • Mines a phone but stuck on this status

  • +1

    Got Buds for $90 without needing to add the case. (Didn't like any of them). Seemed to only work with Graphite version. Note: bought S21 at the same time.

  • +1

    I traded in and also got the s21
    Galaxy Buds2 Qty: 1 Total: $31.85
    Hohoho Darth Cover for Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Live Midnight Qty: 1 Total: $53.97

    no idea maybe a glitch but worked out and got confirmation email. thanks OP

  • I was encountering the same problems as the people above - $109.5 for Buds2 and $59 for case, but then I put in my discount codes which reduced it to $109.5 combined (this is in addition to the discount provided by the codes).

  • +1

    Seems you can add multiple buds and they get discounted by the case price, even though you only have one phone in the cart!

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