Yoshi Stools $25 (Was $49) + Delivery or Store Pickup @ Amart Furniture

  • Available in 21 patterns
    (Design Availability Varies by Store)
  • Features Fabric Upholstering
  • Use as a Footstool, Occasional Table or Extra Seat
  • 320Hx350Wx350D
  • Fully Assembled

Note: Need to select store for $25 price to display.

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Amart Furniture


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    Shows 45 on their website…

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      Choose your store (top right)

      Should discount after that

  • +8

    Yoshi Stools

    Didn't Yoshi lay eggs?

  • +5

    Who the hell is out collecting stool samples from Yoshi?

  • Ah… Selecting a store brings up the cheaper price.

  • +1

    Can we get a sample?

    • I was convinced Mario had this market exclusively covered …

  • +2

    Yikes. $99 delivery for store that is 6km away.

    • +2

      Only $88 for 5km - bargain! ;)

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    I went to my local amart when they were $2. People waiting outside for the store to open then a sprint to grab. I refused to run so missed out.

    • You're the real winner in that situation (except for being there in the first place)…

      • +2

        Was quite bizarre. We didn't have ticketing so people grabbed as many as they could carry. Then got told they could only buy one. They then they walked around the store trying to hide the excess presumably to come back wearing a moustache and buy them. Trouble was, people who initially missed out were hovering like vultures so as soon as they put them down, the vultures grabbed them. I'll admit I hovered briefly but also refused to run to beat the other vultures so missed out again.
        I left regretting I came and was a part of such desperation. Still, a $2 stool is a $2 stool!

        • …a $2 stool is a $2 stool!

          An irrefutable fact!

    • +1

      Same here, they let me buy it for $20 each though after the allocated ones ran out

  • Thanks OP. I got the leopard print one.

    • Saucy!

      Can you balance on it!?

  • $99 delivery fee~~

  • Can't checkout, probably OOS.

    • its a technical issue, messaged there support, was just try later… useless gets to checkout adn then errors, they said they have known about it all day. should suspend the online cart until its resolved.

  • Selected store and still showing as $49?

  • Beware. I just tried to order one and despite getting this error:

    We're sorry that your order could not be placed. This probably happened due to a high volume or temporary connection errors. Please wait a few minutes and resubmit your order. We wont process your payment until you have successfully place your order. If you have further questions please contact us.

    My bank account is $25 lighter. I have no email confirming order,item still in checkout, and of course you have to tunnel into their system to find how to contact them.

    So the "we wont process…." statement is simply a lie.

  • Re my above post, I see that paypal has processed the preauthorisation. This has happened before, and the transaction does typically drop off. But its freaking annoying.

    Does anyone know, is this a problem with seller or with paypal?


  • Tip: Check corporate reward gateway for 8% gift card.

    Suncorp gift cards are also available for 6% discoun