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Cadbury Dairy Milk 180g and Other Varieties $2.50 @ Woolworths


Half price Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 180g block $2.50 at Woolworths

Offer valid Wed 22 Sept - Tues 28 Sept 2021

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    These blocks keep getting smaller and smaller.

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      They are doing it because they are concerned about our health. They are so kind & caring.

      Aldi Dairy Fine recently dropped in size too but still cheaper than this and tastes the same if not better. I think it's 180g also but $2.00 everyday.

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      Cadbury is terrible! Tried their Breakaway block and it was nothing like it used to be. Had an awful lingering flavour, stale wafer and tasted like the cheapest chocolate you could ever buy. I stick to Lindt and Whittakers now.

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        Whittaker's is the best by far.

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          Terry's Chocolate Orange is very good but more expensive.

        • nah Aldi's, Whitaker's tastes like wax

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        I think the dairy milk is still the same as I used to remember.

        • Yes. I still love the taste and prefer it to most other brands.

    • Its called shrinkflation.

      Between ColesWorth/IGA etc rotation of specials only a sucker is paying full price.

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    Sometimes I click a deal just to check that the comments are still the same as the last time it was posted.

    You know, like, condoms and the I'm-married-life-time-supply jokes, or Big Macs and smaller-than-it-use-to-be gripes.

    Anyone else do that?

    • We're here for the comments and consider ourselves lucky if we can snag a deal or three :)

    • Not just you!

      Also adding the pervy comments on any women's activewear (esp leggings) deals, the high yield investment jokes for any car deals, "thanks bought 10" for any high cost deals, how does this compare to Dyson for any vacuum deals… feels like an Ozbargain bingo would be quite easy!

  • Jelly Popping Candy Beanies absolute mint… So delicious

  • Cadbury chocolate has really gone downhill in the past 2 decades, they honestly taste like plastic these days, very little chocolate. Not sure how they keep their monopoly in supermarkets.

  • no more Dairy Milk with orego cookies :-(