Auspost taking 16 days and counting to process an express posted camera

I bought an $800 dollar camera off ebay, it was shipped on the 6th express post VIC - VIC and the tracking still just says not processed. Auspost ignored my online enquiry so I called them and they dont have any answers apart from telling me to wait 15 business days.

Assuming that it never shows up, the seller seems to think they cant get compensation, but does Auspost fully cover it even without extra cover purchased? Its Ausposts fault if they lose it.

Mon 6 Sep, 4.25pm
Received by Australia Post

Thu 9 Sep, 12.00pm
Delayed – waiting to be processed for delivery

Update 8th October:
The camera is now in transit and has been DELAYED AGAIN, still not delivered after 33 days.

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    It's not your problem and Australia Post has no contract with you, only the sender.

    You should chase the seller and if it never arrives, lodge a Resolution Centre ticket to get a full refund. Let them sort out the compensation and chasing Aus Post, it's not your issue.

    • Yeah I didnt really realise that Auspost has no contract with me.

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        Yep, don't stress about it, it's the sellers responsibility to get the item to you. Having said that, it is understandable that they're quite backed up at the moment so it is a frustrating waiting game. Hopefully will arrive soon.

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          If it wasnt express post then I would get the delivery time. But Auspost is just treating express post the same at the moment.

    • If a seller opens a case and it doesn't arrive by the date of decision for this . Ebay will refund the buyer even if it delayed postage .
      I know because I can only put in delivered tracking details to save myself .

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    E-bay will side with the buyer a billion times before believing 1 seller.

    Your safe as houses to get your money back… You can probably get the camera + the money

    • Safe as Sydney apartments?

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    For reference I currently have 6 items floating around Australia in the post, 2 of those posted from Vic to Vic over a month ago, 1 hasn't moved from Sunshine in 3 weeks. AusPost is struggling right now beyond anything I've seen during COVID… so not all hope is lost IMO. Impossible to know what is truely happening currently though unfortunately :(

    • Yeah that sucks, surprised there isn't more forum posts popping up about this, I think the situation was mishandled, crippling the nations delivery service to put people in quarantine that have been exposed is a double edged sword.

      • This whole scenario is unique to Australia and most of the world. Every aspect and repercussion cannot be foreseen or predicted without a crystal ball. Overall we have done well considering. A lot of hindsight experts out there at the moment.

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    A letter from my dad from Mentone to Moorabbin took 2 weeks. Suppose they are still catching up from that week pause.

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    Friends parcel took 4 weeks to get from Croydon to Seaford.

    Australia Post is knackered

    • Fk

    • It is not only Australia Post.

    • Had a package delivered within two weeks from the US

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    I'm up 22 days on shipments from within the same state!

    Really bad!!!

    • Then they have some items sent 15 days after yours, that arrive on time. They really have no system in place to prioritise already delayed shipments. Pretty crazy.

      • Yep, it's terrible at the moment.

        I'm waiting on 5 different shipments from different sellers, sources all with Auspost… all over 14 days old now…

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    There honestly needs to be a governmental inquiry into AusPost’s poor performance.

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      There really isn't.
      Between staff loss due to covid isolation requirements and record number of deliveries (outstripping normal Christmas rushes) there's nothing they can reasonably do. They're already rapidly hiring extra staff to try and cover the shortfall, but scaling to cover these issues isn't fast and is hard to do economically without over hiring and over spending.

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        We’re a year and a half into covid and they saw other country’s responses…this was entirely predictable

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          That maybe true, but the answer would be over hiring and wasting millions of dollars to retain staff in the event of a shortfall. AusPost are in a situation of damn if they do and damned if they don't.

          Other countries also didn't have lockdown, labour movement restrictions and border closures like Australia has. Reduction down to 1 flight per day on each airline (so 3 in total) on the golden triangle also significantly limits capacity for express parcels, so priority space on trucks and dedicated AusPost flights will be given to express post so standard speeds in and out of SYD/MEL are going to go out the floor.

          Australia was doing very well (and still are apart from NSW and VIC) in regards to covid infections. No one knew how bad staff levels would be affected by isolation requirements, we could be very lucky not have any exposures that affect postal workers or we could be extremely unlucky and have multiple depots shut down because of exposures on site. Hell my local TNT depot was shut down for 2 weeks because they had an exposure at the depot and all staff there were placed into isolation. Unless they have an entire depot's worth of staff retained any parcels going through there would obviously be backlogged. And they can't just simply have staff (which will reduce capacity at other depots as well) come in from other depots as they'd need recertification in site specific OH&S and delivery drivers reallocated/retrained on delivery routes. And that takes time. Time for a backlog to begin to develop and then add in more parcel demand than Christmas that backlog will get big and fast.

          (Similar problems with DHL and other couriers as well, everyone is hurting and not just AusPost)

    • It is not only happening to AustPost.

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    Without extra cover, AusPost only covers up to $100 for express post. (Although if they've done something to lose the parcel, they will compensate higher if pushed to the PIO to get a satisfactory outcome)

    I should also mention that the claim normally needs to be made by the sender, as the contract is with the sender and not the recipient. (But again if the seller tries to wash their hands of responsibility, make a claim with AusPost first which will fail 99% of the time then raise it to the PIO. The dedicated agents working with PIO complaints have a lot more leeway, both in terms of who and how much they'll cover.)

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    Australia Post is fcking hopeless right now.
    item 1 - Express post to same state over a month and still hasn't turned up so i had to go through the insurance claim with Aus Post
    item 2 - Standard Post to same state Arrived 20 days late
    item 3 - Standard post to same state Currently 7 days late

    Friends package was a month late

    Australia Post is so much more swamped then they are advertising.

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    Losing track of time..need to upgrade their watches

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    I wouldn't want to be an ebay seller right now

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    As I said before they sacked Watch Lady ( surely Watch Lady would have done better than the Donk ) and they put in a Donkey to run it .

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    Seems we are just plain lucky - we sell on eBay ship via AusPost around 30 packages and some 80 regular mail items a week and it is very rare we experience unreasonable delays. In fact have not had a complaint for a couple of months.
    Unless OP's seller took out extra insce cover AusPost will only cover $100 of an item - still that is the sellers problem.
    If the delivery is past the date initially indicated by eBay then I would open an INR case, simply to get the matter on record.

  • Similar situation. bought a wool rug on the 8th and another item on the 17th, the sep 17th item arrived today, from qld to vic, the sep 8th item is still in backlog despite being about 20km away.

  • Welcome to one of the many consequences of an incompetent government response to Covid. Tardiness on things that work (vax) and disproportionate reliance on things that do more harm than good (house arrest for large parts of capital cities).

  • You will always hear people say Drive Safely and Slowly, you will get there.
    But with speeding (Express) you will never get there

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    Its not just delays .
    My lost items is about 3 fold higher . Definitely internal theft in my opinion .
    Probably not to the point that insurance is worth it as if a case closes with a delay you will lose your insurance if delivered after the case . .

  • All of you that have had delays, Was it Victoria or NSW because I suspect that VIC maybe far worse off then NSW at the moment

  • yer, but Australia post must be doing heaps well servicing the community after they paid all those massive executive bonus's..

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    Same here… Had something shipped from Brisbane on Saturday from my partner to me in Victoria. Online tracking says it hasn't even left the post office.

    They're absolutely shit at their job and they were shit at their job prior to this pandemic, COVID-19 if anything gave them an excuse to justify their below average service.

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    lol mines been sitting a few ks away at the parcel center for a week, could of picked it up myself

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    And to add to it now 2K StarTrack workers have protested today ;.

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    I just got a package today that I ordered a month ago. It did not move, did not get scanned into the system at all, and then we put in an enquiry two weeks ago. It suddenly moved today and arrived. Meantime, the business has sent me a replacement - so now I feel really bad.

    • I'm waiting for that to happen for me. I'll try to wait another week, after that I think I have to move on.

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    I sent similar experience from Australia post with a delayed parcel delivery. When I enquired I was told that they lodge complain only after 11 business days of no tracking update. They have at least 1 week of backlog which doesn't seems to be clearing

    • They aren't lodging anything, unless you mean compensation process, they know the parcels are going to take forever, they're stalling for time. My 'express' parcel has has had no update for 20 days.. Crazy

    The camera is STILL not delivered, and it has been "DELAYED" again. But it has moved to another location in tracking, so I cant say its missing. Auspost is APPALLING

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    My express parcel also stuck in status:
    Delayed – waiting to be processed for delivery

    Lodged support ticket won't really help, how f the service

    • Auspost is taking you for a ride. Based on my experience, since Auspost has not even processed your parcel yet, when they finally do process it (for me this took 4.5 weeks), they then treat that processed date as if its when they received the parcel. So they are now acting like my parcel is only slightly delayed because it was processed only a week ago, and to them that is now the pickup date.

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    I got a parcelthat was dispatched after 3 weeks, which seems fast compared to you guys so I guess I should be happy. The seller was only 3 suburbs away but don’t offer pick up unfortunately.

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    I bought a pump from a supplier in Tarneit. It was shipped on 16 September. On Monday 4 October they sent me a second pump via Express Post and asked me to send the first one back if it ever arrived. Today on 12 October both pumps are still at Waiting to be Processed status.
    You'd think Australia Post would work on a first in first out system but they obviously don't or can't.

    • Exactly, first in first out should be their process. I'm going to call them again today, getting any help from them is like drawing blood from a stone, but I have no other options.

  • I called Auspost, ironically I had to wait 30 minutes on the phone while they stall saying the manager is busy. Then they said the manager will call me back, of course they haven't called back.

    (profanity) goblins

  • Finally arrived after finally getting a speak with a manager, if I hadnt done that would not have arrived I'm sure. 41 days for express post 40km away from me!

    • I'm assuming you were the receiver? Have a package posted on the 29th but status is still 'Delayed, waiting for processing' - I guess it might be worthwhile for me to follow up with Auspost as well.

      • Yes, pray that it doesn't end up taking as long as mine, I had to call Auspost 6 times, get through the automated tracking garbage and then have them tell me to wait. If you have the option to get a refund or something maybe go for that. Otherwise you have to call them, get to a person, demand to speak to a supervisor, get told they are busy, then have the supervisor / manager call you back in next 2 business days. But they probably only did anything for me because it was so unforgivably late.

  • Anyone experiencing the same with Toll? I missed the delivery once and since then it has been staying at Depot for 2 weeks. Contacted customer service multiple times but no updates.