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[Pre Order] ASUS Phoenix GeForce RTX 3060 V2 12GB GDDR6 $759 + Delivery @ PLE


Cheapest card on their site. I'm not graphics card savvy like the rest of you here's a copy and paste of its details.

Colour - Black
Power Connectors - 8
Power Required - 650W
Low Profile - No
Slot Spacing - 2.55
Chipset - RTX 3060
Reference or AIB - AIB
Water Cool Compatible - No
Architecture - Ampere

I'm assuming LHR cause V2? How do you even tell?

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  • +10

    Maybe good for an ITX build

  • +8

    Its crazy that single slot "el cheapo" versions of the budget cards are selling at this price and are actually tempting, considering how desperate this situation is…

    2080tis at 1k last year were a (profanity) steal.

    • Agree with the sentiment, however just for the sake of accuracy there hasn't been any single slot high end (we'll call 70 series and higher) air-cooled cards from any large brand since the gtx 1070 Katana to my knowledge.

      This is a very small GPU in terms of length, but it's a 2.5 slot card not a single slot, much thicker.

      I think you're meaning single fan :)

    • Haha, some people were in a hurry to offload that card for ~$800 when the RTX 3000 series was announced

    • +11

      Funny you say that - I have 3060ti MSI ventus 2x and MSI single fan version and the single fan version outperforms the 2x, overclocks better and all temperatures are much much lower. It uses less power and gives a higher framerate.

      • +2

        I mean Ventus isn't exactly tough to beat…

        • +4

          Have you seen a cheaper 3060 V2 ?

          What kind of trade offs ?

        • +2

          Nothing wrong with one fan, especially for a 3060, which runs cool and doesn't consume much power. I've had single fan ITX-sized GTX 1070s and 1080s before (gigabyte models) and never had problems with them, and they run hotter and consumer more power than a 3060 will.

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    its kinda cute doe

    • +4

      so smol

      • +7

        …Username checks out?

  • it's adorable. you could do worse given that 6600 xts have absolutely skyrocketed over the last few weeks.

  • +3

    Despite it being single-fanned, the heatsink is actually decent with 3 heatpipes and fin-stack. From the limited number of reviews I could find, max temps seem okay - 70-80 degrees, which is not too bad. Asus seems to have learnt their lesson from using cheap, dumpster fire Intel-stock-cooler-style heatsinks on their Phoenix cards from last generation.

  • -1

    I would buy this right now if it was a larger dual fan and 4+ heat pipe design.

    • the 3060 doesn't have a TDP that requires more cooling to run safely. Sure you could run at slightly lower RPM with dual fan but this is fine, many of the dual fan models are just bigger to look higher performance to the laymen, it's an industry trend

  • Looks like this is pre-order?

    • +1

      Apparently stock coming in tomorrow so the wait shouldn't be too long.

  • I'm considering sff system now. Thx ordered.

    • Have a look picking up a Coolermaster MasterBox NR200, pretty decent ITX case for the money.

      • +1

        The NR200P Max looks pretty sweet too, addresses many of the issues people had with the OG, will doubtless be a fair chunk of change more though

      • Yes I'm considering nr200p max too.
        $499 include aio and 850w power
        Hope any pre-order discount

    • With this GPU, you could go as tiny as the K39!

      Edit: If you're thinking about SFF, be sure to check out Optimum Tech on YT, he's the guru

      • Thx

      • +1

        I don't if you can use it in the k38. I think it supports up to 41 or 43 cm wide GPUs, this one is a little too wide…

        • +1

          My bad, you're dead right.
          For some reason kept thinking this post was for the MSI Aero lol

          • @jp1011: I was hoping it was, would have bought it in a heart beat!

            • +1

              @AFM7: Agreed! Itching to do a K39 build even though I have no need for anything that small

  • out of order now.