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Handmade Fixed Blade Skinner Knife Damascus Steel Full Tang Rose Wood Handle Genuine Leather Case $65 Delivered @ PEPNIMBLE


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Handmade Fixed Blade Skinner Knife Damascus Steel Full Tang Rose Wood Handle. Comes with handmade genuine leather sheath. $65 Delivered Australia-wide from Brisbane.

Please read more details, dimensions, weight etc. on the website.

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  • Chasing a gravity knife, Do you have any?

    • No sorry.

    • +1

      They’re illegal in every state, aren’t they?

      • Hi,

        These knives are legal to sell and buy in Australia.


  • Are these ones made in Waziragood?

    • Did you mean: Wazirabad

    • are most knives made in Wazirabad?

  • +2

    Would be cool if you stated where each knife was made like last time!

    • Hi,

      It is mentioned on our website.

      • It is mentioned on our website.

        It's not, Ctrl+F "made" and you just see Handmade but nothing more, no mention which country they're made in.

        Pakka wood is a common wood used for nice kitchen knife handles but doesn't really tell you anything further

        • This is mentioned in the description. We should make it more obvious though :)

          Handcrafted by experienced craftspeople in Pakistan using traditional skills and techniques that has been seasoned and matured for centuries and passed on from generation to generation.

          Wazirabad, Pakistan.

  • Is this a bargain?

  • Hi,

    Please check our website. For the advertised price these handmade knives are really a good bargain keeping in the mind the quality of material and workmanship.

    Thanks :)

  • Are there any videos of this knife being used?

    • Hi,

      Sorry not at the moment we don't have any videos due to time and financial constraints as professionally made and edited videos involves extra costs. We are planning to do for future listings.

      If you are interested in this particular knife I can record a small video clip and upload on YouTube to share it with you and others?

      Thanks :)

    • +1


      Please check this video here on YouTube that I just uploaded.

      Thanks :)

      • Great! Love it, too bad sold out so quick :(

        • +1

          We'll be adding some more knives in couple of days.

      • I prob would have bitten at this knife… pity

        • more on the way :)

  • +8

    This knife looks like it’ll add +10 Agility, +8 Health, and +5 Damage to one wields it.

  • Is this really a skinner knife?

    Doesn't look curved enough.

  • All sold out. Please stay tuned for some new exciting designs that we will be listing soon.

    Thanks :)

  • One +, and sold out?? Bit odd

    • Username and expertise on this knife checks out.

    • +1

      Epic item can be quite rare in quantity.

    • At the this price usually the stock sells quick… only three left in stock now..