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Harris Coffee Beans, 1kg $12.75 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest that's it been, but still a great price for great coffee.

All the blends are available at this price. The green "strong" is my go-to.

Normally $19-$20. Usually on sale for $15.

Enjoy guys.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Not as good as most, and likely shortdated, but it'll get you out of a pinch.

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    Nah. Go to Aldi. Cheaper and fresher.

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      Do they ship?

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        Only to the store.

        • Well damn that's going to be impossible to get.

          • @Clear: How come?

            • @Marcx33: Because Aldi isn't a nationwide chain.

          • @Clear:

            impossible to get


            Inconvenient for some? Absolutely!

            Is what Aldi sells a bargain? Yes

            Is it a legit alternative for a large base of users? Yes

            • @sqeeksqeek: Ok yes you're right. I will apply for essential travel to a state like Victoria that has Aldi to get coffee beans and when I return to my state without an Aldi I can quarantine for 2 weeks. I hope all the extra costs and hassles are worth it.

              • @Clear: So you live in NT or Tassie then, by all means use Amazon. Every other state/territory has Aldi…

                • @sqeeksqeek: Like I said. It's not nationwide and not everyone can just go to Aldi.

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    I actually like Primo coffee.. personal taste. They sometimes do free shipping

  • Got the super strong blend.. pretty awful. Stick to Aldi dark roast, much better.

    • Yeah i was tempted to just chuck the rest of the bag out but I reluctantly worked my way through.

      Won’t be going back for more

    • Which one is more stronger? Aldi or this one thank.

  • Absolute trash

  • Isn’t this company making Moccona and L’or so the quality must be decent?

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    (profanity) sake I waited for over a month until I was running on fumes, decided to buy two bricks at 15 since I couldn't wait any longer.

    The very same day the delivery arrives :(