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Cast Iron Frypan 26cm - Red $13.30 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W


Some people like to stew cast iron but I like to fry it.

This is decent pan for frying cast iron and its discounted so decent price.

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    Big W open during lockdown??

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      For click and collect

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        It's been 18 months of the pandemic, how are people still not getting click and collect?

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      Only 2 stores are open for essential shopping even during lockdown. In an LGA NSW. You heard right. You wont be stopped buying non essential items though or even if you don't wear a mask.

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        for the idiots that downvoted me.


        I was wrong… It's 3 stores that would be open. 2 during those days and 1 partially but you can go through the "barriers" that they have in place. lmao.

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          Why did you scribble out the suburbs?

    • $19 usual price

    • Not all, in Sydney in LGA of concern they are closed, also for click&collect

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    Showing as $19 in QLD

    • Selected a store? Should discount then

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    Ebay plus shows $13.30.
    Link here

    • Oos

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        The Grill pan is still in stock

        • A noob question, but is this actually cast iron? It just says iron…

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    free shipping with eBay plus.

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    Showing $11 WA

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    Gosh that's cheap. Good find OP. Anyone know if it's coated or unadalterated CI?

  • Showing $11 in ACT. Bought one and the two other red cast iron

    • Can't click and collect for some reason

  • Do you have to season this as well?

    • Yes

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    This is decent pan for frying cast iron

    Why would I want to fry cast iron? I usually fry food

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      I like iron but some people find the taste weird

      • slow to heat up - heavy AF (too heavy for most small females) - some tests found cast iron actually heats very unevenly - rusts if you leave it wet - imparts WTF chemical coating (cheap from China!) weird taste to your food - and adds too much iron to your diet if you're watching excess iron levels like my partner - what's not to like ?

        • Save so much not needing to buy red meat

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          slow to heat up… some tests found cast iron actually heats very unevenly

          The point of CI is that you heat the whole thing up and it's heavy so it acts as a large heat sink - keeping a more even temperature. On my induction stove it only takes a few seconds to heat my 26cm CI pan.

          heavy AF (too heavy for most small females)

          It weighs 2.6kg. If you can lift a bottle of milk or a bag of flour then you can probably lift this pan.

          rusts if you leave it wet

          So dry it and keep it oiled. Do you regularly leave your cookware sitting around wet?

          imparts WTF chemical coating (cheap from China!) weird taste to your food

          As opposed to every other pan that you use and buy? Scrub off the factory seasoning and season it with your own oil. This is a normal part of using a CI pan. Yes they are slightly more work than a teflon pan, but they last forever and can actually transfer heat well - unlike teflon pans.

          adds too much iron to your diet if you're watching excess iron levels like my partner

          More people are low in iron than have excess iron. The amount of iron transferred from a CI pan to the food isn't huge for most foods but you maybe should avoid it if you have haemochromatosis or other iron disorder.

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        If you can taste it, it hasn't been seasoned (or the seasoning has degraded), or you're cooking something acidic for a long time (e.g. a slow Bolognese).

        • While that's good to know, the comment you replied to was a joke replying to a joke.

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    I have this pan, it seems decent quality so far

  • I should have bought this online last night while it was still in stock. Only available in certain stores now.

  • Good for mobility training! Cheaper than weights!

    • Yeah ive really bullked up just by cooking with this

  • Hey all, I saw that C+C is not available for my closest shop, making it $21. Can anyone comment on whether they've tried the Benzer cast iron pan and how the Big W one stacks up? Even compared to the $12 Kmart one?

    • I use the $12 K-mart one, once seasoned its just like any other cast iron pan, no issues in the 4 or so months ive had it; and i've left it for a week unwashed to check rusting, nothing.

      • Is the Kmart one actually 36cm wide? Seems a bit light at 1.9kg vs the bigw 1 at 2.6kg.

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          It says it's 27cm x 36cm. I'd say it's a typo and it's actually a 26cm pan. And I'd guess it's just not as thick.

  • Why does my cast iron smoke pan start smoking like crazy when on the cook top? Has it not been seasoned correctly or long enough?

    Does any one know of a non-stick pan they could recommend?

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      It smokes because you've reached the flash point of the oil. It does this more easily in a cast iron pan because they transmit heat much better than teflon coated pans, but you can get a teflon pan to do this as well. Basically, turn the heat down or deal with the smoke (if you're deliberately cooking something that hot). If you heat up a non-stick pan this much then you're going to ruin the non-stick coating and potentially release the poisonous fumes into the air (depending on which side of that argument you believe).

      Get oil with a higher flash point: they vary quite a bit. Olive oil is not good for frying. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Smoke_point_of_cookin...

      When I cook with my CI pan I spray it with a thin coat of canola oil, heat it until it's just starting to smoke, then cook. To clean it, I take it straight from the stove while it's still very hot and run it under the tap. If there's anything stuck on there then I give it a scrub with the brush. If I've cooked something really sticky then I'll use detergent if I need to, but I don't normally. I then put it back on the stove, spray it with a little bit of oil and heat it until it's smoking, then put a lid on it and store it in the oven. This way I know that the pan is dry, oiled, and the seasoning is restored ready for next time.