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Tricolate Coffee Brewer $58 Delivered (RRP $75) @ Monastery Coffee


I went to my local coffee shop this week and the head barista shared that he had invested in a new Tricolate Coffee Brewer - a newly-created passive coffee brewer that can do better extractions than a v60 or Stagg without the need for special kettles and pouring methods. Designed and made in Melbourne.

It’s currently cheaper to buy through Tricolate’s recommended Australian seller, Monastery Coffee at $58 delivered, than through the Tricolate official website ($75 delivered). A nice 23% off RRP.

Scott Rao likes it. I’m willing to give it a go, and retire my V60 and goose-neck kettle if it can produce better results more consistently.

Happy Brewing!

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    I believe it when I see a James Hoffman video about it ;)

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    I've seen these before and found them really interesting - had some discussions with Scott regarding issues with keeping the coffee levels 'flat' and whether that is worth the hassle.

    Trying to say that it's entirely passive is a bit disingenuous - I'd liken it to the levels of effort required for a Clever Dripper or Hario Switch where you can steep and release.

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      Passive brew method = non-pressurised, gravity pull brew. At least that’s what I thought passive meant in coffee brewing vernacular.

  • It's good, but I'm yet to see evidence it's better than a well-made v60. It's far less likely to ever be worse, however, than a bad v60, due to how straightforward it is.

    Getting a flat bed during the bloom is the hardest part. However, avoid most agitation, or it will over extract. It's quite hands-off once it gets going.

    Yields can be higher and there's more body (akin to a Kalita), but the acidity has less clarity and is not a bright. I still prefer a v60 for a washed, high-quality Ethiopian or Kenyan.

    Cleanup is super easy, and I appreciate how much less paper it uses.

    IMO It's a terrific workplace brewer, but not the "one brewer" to replace them all.

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      Also, order coffee from Monastery, as they're one of (if not the best) roasters in Adelaide. Fantastic people, too

    • Thank you! Will keep this in mind. The filter arsenal might just stay diverse under the espresso bench (Aeropress, V60, Tricolate). Considering I'm loving a few washed Ethiopian Gesha's right now I'll temper my expectations when brewing in the Tricolate.