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[PC] Unforgiven 2: Carry The Pain - 100% off in its first week of release (was US$1.99) - DRM-free @ itch.io


Unforgiven 2: Carry The Pain is an indie action adventure platformer game that has been made free for its first week of release (until 2021-09-23 08:00am) - YouTube trailer


  • Branching Story with every choice given having an outcome.

  • A variety of boss fights.

-Multiple hidden challenges ranging from platforming sections to Boss Fights.

-Every challenge overcome will be rewarded by a unique ability you can use for the rest of the game.

-you can check all your abilities in the journal in the menu.

-Multiple endings that vary based on choices.


Broken … Shattered … On a journey to redemption … Carrying the pain of HIS past errors … Seeking forgiveness by accepting a quest bestowed upon HIM by the King to cleanse the Underworld from an ancient evil … also giving HIM a chance for revenge from the one causing the pain in the first place …

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