What Do You Term as Junk Food?

What is the most harmful food to the human body according to you?

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    Fast food restaurants
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    Processed food available in middle Ailes of supermarket
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    Soft drinks
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    Bakery items
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    Everything above except meat


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    DiD SoMeOnE SaY KFC!!!…..

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      I don’t care!

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    I think junk food is anything with low nutritional value.

    • People agree with general ideas like low nutrition value. But they disagree on which food has low nutrition value.

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    Heavily processed, low nutritional value, high in artificial additives.

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    Anything that is highly processed.

    eg. Shredded meat is processed but that isn't highly processed.

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      Shredded meat is not processed food. It is just fine cutting.

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        past tense: processed; past participle: processed
        perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it.
        "the salmon is quickly processed after harvest to preserve the flavour"

  • Depends on context…… To a starving person, all food is healthy food.

    • What do you mean by starving person? People in western countries(who eats 10 times a day) or someone stuck on an island with no food

      • You can find starving people in western countries, mostly due to illness…..

        • Can you explain how people will starve due to illness? How a guy with illness can eat junk food if he can't eat good food

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          And poverty

          Nothing like choosing your Centrelink payment to go to either groceries or rent

          • @Switchblade88: I never saw a starving poor guy in western countries unless he is a drug addict. Most of them are obese or overweight

            • @peeltheonion: San Francisco

              • @deme: Yep. It’s horrible. Everybody there blames Google… seen people smash Google Glasses unprovoked to protest…

    • Everything is relative, including the meaning of healthy. Just say you were lost in the bush for two weeks without any food and were on your last legs when you stumbled upon a triple cheeseburger deep fried in batter with a good dollop of cream on top and covered in hundreds and thousands, I reckon that would be a pretty healthy find.

  • Bakery items
    does that include whole grain bread?

    • You can include it if you think it's junk. If you don't think it as junk then it's not included, because you can't eat whole grain bread in huge quantities if you don't apply some sort of junk on it like Nutella or jam

      • what i am saying is bakery items can range from whole grain breads to sweet and savoury pastries.

        And also half the world would disagree with you about consuming large quantity of whole grain bread without junk. bread is a staple in many countries and eaten as a side of everything. soup? bread. pasta? bread. salad? bread. casserole? bread.

        • It is included in bakery

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    What do you think it is?
    What is the point of this post?

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      sounds like a not well thought out school project

    • My option is already included in the poll options. If I tell what it is some people will slay me.

    • +1

      OP wants to hear some random people's opinions on what they think is healthy (or unhealthy) food.

      Because there's nothing like this on any other part of the internet, they asked here.

      It's now our job to take it in turns to say what we think and finally resolve this matter once and for all.

      All in all, another quality 'peeltheonion' post. Next up: which sorts of TV shows are best?

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        The OP is basically a Pete Evans-esque food conspiracy nut.

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          What is a conspiracy in the points I mentioned? You seem to be either a dumbo or pharma rep

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            @peeltheonion: There's a link to you saying you want to get COVID to see what happens and to test your personal theory about what the virus is/does. This is a very stupid idea, and I support you going ahead to do this. I just don't see the value in telling us you're going to do this in the first place. Why not give us status reports on what sort of breakfast you like while you're at it?

            There's also a link to you talking about the lockdown and tossing out rhetorical beauties like "I don't understand why people are not noticing the dictatorial trend in western democracies. How did Hitler convince the majority of Germans for the holocaust and war?"

            If you actually wanted an answer to that question, why not pick up a history book and read about it? None of us benefit from you JuSt AsKiNg QueStioNs. Especially questions that have already been answered.

            It's fine to want validation for your (bizarre) ideas. I suppose it's also fine to ask strangers open questions in the hope of hearing something you like in the responses. But people get to identify you as a time vampire and a credulous tool as part of that process.

            • -2

              @CrowReally: You are just a troll. Following everywhere who doesn't agree with your ideas. If you have any valid points I can answer them with science instead of criticizing them. I definitely will get exposed to this virus 100% before taking a vaccination. Again, if you have any valid points i will answer.

              • @peeltheonion: There's a huge risk exposing yourself to something you've never experienced before.

                You're already proposing to do that with COVID-19, why roll the dice and give 'a valid point' a try as well?

                Stick to what you know - transmit mode and telling people why they're wrong for not agreeing with you.

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              @CrowReally: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652937
              I posted another one. Go there as well.

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                @peeltheonion: Plot twist, it's just a rogue survey bot scraping the internet for opinion data.

                • @CrowReally: I want to know what do you think about this post

                  • @peeltheonion: @unsubscribe

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                    • @CrowReally: There is always an option of ignoring it. Yeah?

                      • @peeltheonion: Surveybot has been deactivated for: Posting after an @unsubscribe command, in violation of T.O.S.

      • Nice try, BigJunkFood!

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    My entire diet except when for when the Mrs makes me something.

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    Chocolates, lollies, packets of chips, soft drink. Stuff that doesn't effectively fill you up but has a lot of sugar, fat, salt.

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    The rebel whopper.

  • The food you eat turns to junk when you disrespect the pyramid of food. People need to satisfy their body temple better.

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    "Don't forget, rub it on a piece of paper. If it goes clear, it's your window to weight gain!"

    Dr Nick Riviera

  • Sugar!

    It's highly addictive and is a silent killer. People swallow this in forms of drinks and processed foods.

    • There is another silent killer in processed food. Sugar is not so silent.
      Hint: What is the major ingredient in mayonnaise?

  • Nova group 4 - ultra-processed foods.


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    Peeltheonion is the new hellopam19

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      I'd say closer to SlavOz

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      Peeltheonion is the new disableduser123

  • Anything that is not healthy

  • -2

    Anything that contains sugars / carbs / starches and so called vegetable oils ( they are all highly inflammatory to your body )
    Ignore those people who say - but people have eaten bread, rice, potatoes and pasta for centuries, you've got to remember that those items weren't eaten for health. They were eaten by workers just to stop them from starving, so they could keep on working for the lords and bosses of the time until they dropped - at a young age. The wealthy of the time actually ate meats, cheeses and the like.
    Before the "great leap forward to good health" by getting rid of animal fats and the like, and instead giving people sugars and carbs and synthetic veggie oils there were very low numbers of obese people, hardly any diabetes compared to now, and lower levels of heart disease.
    Look at old photos and film footage from the 1960s when all this food crap began and notice that overweight people were hardly to be seen.
    Do your Research , look up a guy called " Dr Ancel Keys" a psychologist, he is the person who has made everybody eat what they are eating now . Be prepared to be shocked on how statistics can be deleted, twisted and altered in able to prove one guy right and everybody else wrong. He formed the basis of what now is the so called healthy food pyramid, and caused how big food and drug companies approached modern processed food !!!!!

    • -1

      No use in sharing your knowledge brother. That’s what I realised. You will become a conspiracy theorist. People want to eat whatever they like and they think doctors are there to take care of them. If you tell them what our ancestors think it as common sense, it is non-sense to them. Just use your knowledge to take care of your family.

  • Beef jerky, Vegemite, deep fried/baked food.