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UNIQLO MEN Supima Cotton Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt - $9.90 (RRP $14.90) + $7.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $75 Order) @ UNIQLO


Summer is coming. You've probably gained some weight in lockdown. Stock up on your new larger size.

General Description:

  • 100% Supima® cotton material made with a special spinning method that gives it a high-quality texture with minimal scuffing.
  • This season’s update features a looser fit at the body and sleeves to create a silhouette that drapes beautifully towards the hem.
  • When worn on its own, this new neck line will make the neck area look sleek.
  • A clean, simple design that will never go out of style.

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  • +1

    I have been using these for years now. These are my favourite Ts to wear at home or even a casual outing. Very comfy. Colour and quality holds quite well for several washes. Mine usually lasts about a year or so with 3-4 washes a month. After that it starts fading and looks a bit worn out. So overall excellent value for money.

    Also great option for a minimalist wardrobe. I purchase several pieces grey and navy. Grey for indoors and navy for outdoors.

    • +4

      Grey for indoors and navy for outdoors.


      • +9

        It's a centuries old tradition.

      • +13

        Don't want to get caught out with sweaty pits on a grey shirt, the worst colour for it.

        • Yes this reason. It’s cotton so even a little bit of sweat is visible very easily.

    • +9

      Current ones are much thinner than those I bought few years ago and it is really noticeable drop in quality.

      • +10

        Agreed, I used to basically be a salesman for Uniqlo to all my mates 4-5 years ago, not too happy with their stuff recently.

    • What kind of setting are you washing them on?

      I have a t shirt that I got for Christmas in 2012 from my then partner and still looks and feels lovely, so a 12 month lifespan doesn't feel great to me…

      • Delicate cycle with 40c water temp.

        A year or more out of a $9.99 t shirt is a good value. As someone noted above, the quality had definitely dropped compared to same label a few years back. I still have a few I bought several years ago.

  • This or airism?

    • I prefer Supima personally. Airism is a bit too "slick" for my liking.

    • +1

      I prefer Airism as an undershirt as it has a polyester blend to wick up sweat and keep you cooler.

      The supima cotton though is more comfortable indoors.

    • +1

      Airism is more of an undershirt unless its the Airism Cotton range, which is more of a boxy oversized cut.

  • +2

    8 of my favorite basics for 80 bucks. This is why I ozbargain.

    • same here, mate

  • +8

    Yo thanks for the discount but no need to rub in the weight gain far out 🤣

  • +5

    Who makes a good heavy cotton t shirt? See through shirts are so annoying, especially for white.

  • Personally prefer their UT range.

  • I prefer V neck t-shirts. Whats the difference between this and the MEN Dry V Neck Short Sleeve Color T-Shirt (besides the V neck)?

    • +1

      Supima is 100% cotton
      Dry is 30% Polyester

      • +1

        Dry depends on colour actually, can be from 10 to 40% polyester.

    • As others have mentioned, Supima, Brushed Cotton, U Crew and the UT graphics tee line are all 100% cotton. There is a Supima V neck, it didn't come out for a couple of years or so until they bought it back last spring summer season. I personally don't like the Dry packaged tees, they're more something I would wear inside but I've seen plenty of men who buy them to wear casually. It rather depends if you mind that theyre not 100% cotton.

  • +2

    Any personal insight to the sizing?

    I have bought a few Uniqlo clothing previously and I feel the sizing is all over the place.
    The size guide doesn't really demonstrate accurately.

    • Yes, it is all over the place, they started making clown collections in last couple of years, I had to go from 34 to 31 in jeans for example. Impossible to tell if it fits without actually trying it on.

    • They're true to size but quite short in length. I'm usually an M for everything but I went for L this time for extra comfort especially around the armpits

    • +1

      It depends on what the fit of the clothing is, but I do agree its all over the place. The Supima cotton is more of a slim/tighter fit in my opinion and thinner than say the 19.90 UT collection (sizing on this depends on the collection too) or the Uniqlo U T shirts which is more of a thicker cotton and regular fit. The U Airism Cotton oversized is a boxy fit and longer sleeves if you're into that, same with the brushed cotton.

      • This was really helpful. Thanks for the insight.
        I have always heard their supima cotton tees are great but there's no physical store here to try on.

        I'm 181 with a medium/athletic build and usually fit size L.
        Sounds like these crew neck tee's are more true to size than their other ones.

        Thanks again zeterix.

    • Shoulder size seemed to go down. Maybe catering for more Asian or smaller sizing?

  • +1

    Great shirts. 9.99 used to be their everyday price before they increased it to 14.99 couple years ago

  • I never understand why Uniqlo sells so well? Their design as plain as you can get and the quality is also pretty average.

    • +1

      I’d agree the quality may be average, but at this price point, I don’t know any other brands that can compete.

    • -1

      Becuz muh Japan

    • They are a fast fashion brand. The design of most items are in line with fashion trends. Designer stuff that has been discounted is usually good quality.

  • +1

    Most sold out and no click and collect in NSW :(

  • +1

    First time I ever bought a trousers and shirt, both shrunk after first wash. I don't know how to go back to store and put a claim. Their stuff looks good quality but it actually sucks.

    • did you use a dryer?

  • these shirts are ugly but comfy

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