Intel Core i3-10100F CPU & MSI B460M-A PRO Motherboard $219 + Postage + Payment Surcharge @ Shopping Express


Spotted this bundle on shopping express when looking for mainboards
Pretty good value

Intel Core i3-10100F LGA 1200 CPU
MSI B460M-A PRO LGA 1200 mATX Motherboard

For $219 + Postage + Payment Surcharge (for select payment methods)

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  • +1

    This is actually an underrated CPU, essentially a i7 6700 CPU for $130-140… solid to pair with a 2060/1660 etc

  • Not bad…but this combo was cheaper in the past and it is a newer gen.

  • Why 10100f everywhere? Can we have 10100?
    10100f doesn't have integrated GPU while 10100 has integrated GPU.

    • +2

      because non F CPU is almost double in price.

      would you pay $80 for Intel graphics?

      • +2

        Yes, since I can't afford a decent GPU :D

        • try an used 1030

      • Yes, if we don't need separate graphic card.

  • +1

    my intel i5-4690 4c4t cpu is feeling old…

    this intel i3-10100f 4c8t crushes it.

    • +1

      dont feel too bad, these days everything crushes a 4th gen I5

    • +1

      Dont worry, im still running an A8-5600K and 7770HD GPU. I dont play heavy games though, only things like AOE definitive, red alert 3 and farming sims

  • This would be great to pair with a budget mid range GPU! Pity they don't exist.

  • Will the performance be better if I pair my 1030ti with this cpu than a 4th gen i5?

    • +1

      I wouldn't think so. The GPU is already the limiting factor here.