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[Refurb] DJI Mini 2 (Official DJI Refurbished) $549 Delivered with Free Shipping Code @ Dick Smith


Exclusive retailer of official DJI refurbished

This product has gone through an official DJI refurbishment process – performance is guaranteed!

Includes a normal DJI warranty
Refurbished to provide the same high-performance as a brand new DJI Mini 2
Tested by DJI under strict factory conditions
Capture a new perspective with a simple to use lightweight drone that captures 4K quality video, features a 3-axis motorised, stabilising gimbal and transmits HD video from up to 10km away.

Ultralight and foldable DJI drone
12MP camera that captures 4K, 30fps video
3-Axis motorised gimbal
4 x Zoom capability
Transmits HD video up to 10km away
Level 5 wind resistance
OcuSync 2.0 anti-interference video transmission
Maximum battery life of up to 31 minutes
Maximum altitude 4,000 meters
Includes handheld controller

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  • Damn, this is a good price +1

    • You're welcome. Almost bought one at $650 last week. Glad I held off.

    • Mini 2 with stuck motor just arrived. Maybe not such a good price.

      Dick Smith unobtainable…..

  • +3

    The Fly More also available for $749 - https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/djI-mini-2-camera-drone-...

    I bought this from Kogan recently on a sale they had, and it is an official refurb from DJI with their warranty. I was also able to take out a DJI Care Refresh plan on it, which is $79 for 1 year or $119 for 2 years, which basically lets you replace it for $79 dollars in the event of damage or a fly away.

    The qualty of the refurb is excellent - looks like it is brand new.

    • +3

      That is a good price but for me 2 batteries and a bag isn't worth $200 extra.

      • It's:
        - Batteries x 2
        - 3 slot battery charger
        - bag
        - propeller guard (the Mavic Mini drone had reported issues of propellers getting bent while stored which caused error codes and in some instances caused flight issues)
        - wall charger (although it's a US wall charger)

        The batteries are normally $79 each and the fly more combo separately is $329.

        • +2

          You can get a battery from Kogan/DS for $69

          • +1

            @dust: Thanks to your comment I found this!! Awesome price. Thank you!!

      • agree. 1 battery if they can sell for $20-35 i will get one, but not bag…. and combined those 200? no way

        • Where are the batteries $20-35?

        • The batteries are sold for $79 each, the two-way charging hub is $59 (so together that's $217); then in addition you get a prop guard for when the drone is being stored (not sold separately but the [incompatible] Mini 1 version goes for $19), an extra set of props ($19), the shoulder bag (not sold separately but their Mini 1 bag goes for $59), and an 18W charger ($29).

          So all in total you save around $143, assuming of course that you wanted / needed all of that gear and couldn't find it cheaper 2nd hand.

      • +2

        Extra batteries are must if buying mini, 25-30 minutes fly time is not enough I think. 3x slot battery charger is also handy if one have extra battery, batter then charging the drone with battery in I guess?

        • +1

          25+ mins is more than enough for me haha. I fly FPV drones that are lucky to get 5 minutes per battery. Get bored after 10mins.

          • +1

            @tommo0468: People who don't own a drone think that 1 battery is not enough… then you fly the drone 15 min twice, get bored, and pack it up and let it collect dust.

          • +1

            @tommo0468: Reduced battery time if it flies in windy condition, taking 4K videos, and in colder weather. Also battery time degrades over number of charging cycles so have to account for that. And allows some time to fly to destination, get into position to take photos/videos, muck around with the camera settings, and getting back if you plan to fly further away or lose sight of it.

            • @Buy2Much: Those are good points but to the majority it is true that after a few flights it will collect dust as an expensive toy. I bought the Original Mavic pro on release with the flymore combo. The only time I ever used more than one battery was when I went camping and couldn't charge up. Was a waste of money but helps with resale value.

              • @tommo0468: agree. only for few people that really into drone, extra batt and other things maybe useful.
                for majority, use once twice three times then dust….

                but the hardcore people maybe only buying $3000 drones…

  • +2

    Great deal, thanks for posting! BTW, the Fly More Combo is $739 at Kogan and you can get free shipping with a free trial of their First Program.

  • +1

    Bought, should be a good upgrade from my tello :)

  • Funny that the same thing is $639 on Kogan. Isn't it the same shop?

  • I see so many of the DJI Mini 1 on Facebook marketplace for over $500. I reckon there are lots of people trying to sell them to get the 2 but they are way over priced! Anyway this is a great price for the 2.

    • some are like that:
      when selling they only remember how much they bought and dont care about current market price, and when someone bargain they will be calling them lowballers

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

    • Wish I hadn't - paid for Xpress postage - arrived a week later, left rear motor stuck, can't get reply from Dick Smith/Kogan.
      Have 48 hours to register for DJI care, or follow the Fair Trading route…. might be my best option.

      Anyone else have an issue?

      • Sorry to hear that! Hopefully its just a case of being unlucky - by all accounts official DJI refurbs are pretty good!

        Aside from the busted motor, did it present 'as-new'?

  • Thanks! Bought a fly more combo linked above from Dick Smith.

    • Have you received it yet? How is it?

      • Not yet. Stuck in Melbourne. Auspost are useless. If I remember I'll report back when I get it!

        • Thanks mate! Just keen to know whether it is 'as-new'.

          • +1

            @loksmack: received mine, like new. in front of sticker stating this is Refurb unit.

            comes wiht a box sealed like brand new

            fly out this morning, bettery quickly gone, maybe cold weather.

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