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Free Shipping on Almost Everything: Kogan RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Brown Switch) $27.99 | Full RGB $34.99 Delivered @ Dick Smith


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RGB (non customisable) variants

Full RGB (customisable)

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    I am using this keyboard right now (red keys). For $30 it is pretty good, the switches are maybe 70% as good as cherrys. Note that it is not RGB in the full sense.
    Each row has a fixed colour (yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, red going down) and all you can change is the brightness and flashing pattern.

    • thanks, was wondering if they are Cherry switches, but found no cherry in the whole specification area.

      • Says Outemu on some of the product images, so you at least know what you're getting

      • Not cherry. You get what you pay for

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      This takes me back, I'm remembering the days of like must be 2009 or so, that mechanical keyboards, even the shittest ones were like $100+

      How far this thing has come.

    • How loud are the reds? I'm using Cherry Browns at the moment, would they be quieter?

      I'm assuming its reds > browns > blues?

  • Not a fan of the 'gamery' font on the keyboard, though it is a relatively cheap price.

    • sells brilliantly to the clueless parents just trying to buy easy gifts for their "gamer" son

  • I don't think there is a Red Switch TKL

    • Fixed, thanks.

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    Bought one of these (Brown Switch). Lasted 4 months of very light use then dead as a doornail.

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      Same here

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      The one that I bought worked for about a year before I was able to retrieve my better Deck from the office. It's not a fantastic keyboard, but it's not bad.

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      Thank you, saved me the pain.

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      One I use at work still okay more than 2 years on. One for home had most of the num pad and the P key non-functional within a year.

      Lucky dip

    • I bought one of each switch type, have been using the brown for games and blue for work, brown only just died because I spilt a beer on my keyboard and damaged the space key when cleaning it, otherwise I have had them for over 2 years without issue, buying another brown now as a replacement

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    Using the red (non full) for daily work use, so far so good. If it lasts, $30 would buy again

    Lights are fixed as per comments before but really use them for backlighting so don't care about colours or customisation.

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    The Smart blinds are at a good price.

    • I'm in the market for these. How much are they normally? Any idea?

      Edit: any reviews?

      • I would say these are the cheapest Tuya devices with a remote that are local stock. You could get it a few dollars cheaper from Aliexpress but it's not really worth it.

        • Thanks. I found a screenshot of the same product as low as $55 in the past…sounds like it can be cheaper ! Will wait :)

          • +1

            @activ8newbs: Yeah that was a historical low. I've been waiting a while though!

    • Nice. Would these be usable for outdoor patio?

      • I would say no, I don't think the hardware could withstand the outdoors for much long.

    • @Ryanek not a good price at all, I bought one for $55 2 months ago and then this was $62 until just 1 days ago (I am keeping a close eye on them as I need to buy more). For this price, you are better off buying off AliExpress for a little more and get Tuya/Battery version.

      • Link?

      • Did it come with a remote? There are various kinds of smart blind models and they're all not equal. If you the same for $55, then thats a good deal.

        • Yeah comes with a remote which works great without setting up any app/Alexa integration. It’s a great machine and super convenient

    • This is exactly what I need. I moved into a new apartment recently and the sun into my bedroom is unbelievably hot in the morning, wakes me up and gives me a big headache, though I think it would be perfect to open the blinds maybe 5 minutes before my alarm goes off. Someone please post when this hits $55 again!

  • I have the nearly identical aldi one (full rgb). For the price they're excellent. Not a fan of the gaming design, and would have preferred a few more dedicated function keys, eg notepad, calc, volume, but otherwise it's excellent ftom a productivity standpoint. Unlikely to find anything better for anywhere near the cost.

  • As a complete ‘keyboard noob’ please tell me…red, blue or brown switch? This is starter keyboard for my new build. TIA.

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      Blue and Brown switches have a "bump" so you know when the key is registered. This is commonly referred to as tactiles. Your red switches are linear and there is no bump.

      In a sense browns and blues are similar to your regular dome membrane keyboard. Reds are a bit different.

      My first mech was a brown switch and I honestly did not like it at all. I ended up building my own custom keyboard (set me back $300 lol) and I have reds. I love the feeling of them.

      TLDR - Reds.

      • +1

        I prefer yellows but they're not an option here so red

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          I was actually mistaken, I have black switches which are heavier than reds. It's an amazing feeling.

          I do agree though, Reds are the best option here.

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        The best source of information on mechanical keyboard switches without actually testing them out yourself

        • Thanks mate.

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      Question 1 - do you want your keys to have some resistance, so you feel a satisfying push when you hit the key? Or do you prefer no resistance?
      Question 2 - do you want silent or loud?

      Blue - tactile feedback and nice and clicky. feel very satisfying to use, but a bit loud so I use at home.
      Brown - tactile feedback and quiet(er). still feel good to use, but quieter - i use at the office
      Red - no 'bump' - just smooth press all the way through and silent. Great for gamers as the keypress is immediate and without any pushback.

      People who write/type typically prefer blues and browns, gamers typically prefer reds.

      Personally I love my blue - the clicky clacky sounds are surprisingly satisfying and I love the feeling of hitting the keys. I like my browns a little bit less - a little bit less tactile and quieter. Still a big fan of my brown though.

      I got the kogan brown switch - it's an excellent starter keyboard.

    • Do you want to annoy your colleagues in an office setting? Get the blues, otherwise browns.

      • I have the Brown Kogan kbd and they drive my colleagues crazy during calls. Wonder what the Blues would have done to them.

        • Model M buckling spring for the full click-clack effect :)

    • blues are tactile and clicky
      browns are tactile
      reds are linear (smooth up and down, no bump)

      these are cheapo switches available. the tkl at least has name brand switches. outemu are chinese switches and probably the minimum cheap switches to get. i would only recommend the TKL option if i had to buy any of these.

    • You could always buy something like this to test for yourself: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001556317656.html

    • I highly, highly, highly advise you to stay away from this keyboard. Please spend just a little bit extra on something significantly better.

      As for switches, my personal preference are Clear switches as they're tactile and heavy - so satisfying to type on. Tiring to game on.

      Reds are linear and silent, so you will hear the sound of the key bottoming out on the keyboard. There is no resistance on the switch and feels unsatisfying to type on IMO. Other people enjoy reds, I don't.

      Blues are tactile and clicky. They will have a slight bump and the switch will click, which may or may not get annoying to you on the long run. I'm definitely over it.

      Browns are terrible. They're a scratchy red and it feels linear despite being a tactile switch; the bump is so unnoticeable you have to look for it. The switch has little to no resistance, so it simply feels like a cheap version of the cherry mx red switch if you're a speed typer.

      On that note though, GX Browns (used often by logitech) are on a different level from other brown switches and I recommend them highly as a middle ground. They feel weighty and offer a lot of feedback when typing - another personal favorite of mine and feel a lot closer to what I imagine a 'brown' switch should feel like. These are most similar to clear switches.

  • +2

    Wish they had a full RGB that was TKL. Good prices.

  • I have a brown switch one. It’s good, I’ve had it for about a year but recently my T key stopped working

    • Are they that easy to break? I've been using my microsoft keyboard for more than 10 years no problems

    • I have the Kogan Outemu blue switch keyboard and my T key went weird the light still works but doesn't match the keys it just cycles, the green LED is dead lol

  • +1

    I've used my blue daily in the office and it's working fine. Great value for money.

    • +1

      I've used my blue daily in the office and it's working fine. Great value for money.

      I want to murder the guy next to me in the office who uses logitech blues

      Maybe with social distancing the noise goes away, but unless your coworker sits relatively far away from you/listens to music religiously, please be mindful of your neighbours

      • Nah it's fine. It's my own business, I've got my own office and my staff are pretty happy and haven't had issues with it. Some people are exaggerating the noise of the blues.

        • Outemu browns are pretty good for their cost

          Some people are exaggerating the noise of the blues.

          Have you had heard the sound from the Logitech tactile switches!?

          From memory the outemu blues weren't that bad..

  • it says $10.99 for shipping Shipping for me ?

    • Enter coupon 'FREEBIE' at checkout to get free shipping.

      • +1

        there is no coupon box at the checkout to even enter this

  • my bad.. Actually its on the page.. Thanks

  • dick smith = kogan ?

  • -2

    The legends on these boards is just godawful… But can't argue with the price, especially with a metal top plate, might grab one to mod or have as backup

    Edit: Grabbed one, ty OP.

    Double edit: Cancelled… I don't think I can go back to non-ortho… ty OP.

  • +2

    Treat the keyboard as a gateway to a real one. Gives you a taste of the awesomeness of a proper mechanical keyboard for not too many $$. Once you see how nice it is you’ll find yourself getting one with better switches in it.

  • +1

    How do these compare with corsair k100 opx

    • they are exactly the same, you can't tell the difference. you are just paying for the corsair name.

      • K100 vs Kogan 😳😳

    • -2

      kogan ones are crap, theres a reason they are 30 bucks

      • +1

        he is trolling, he is comparing a $30 keyboard to a $300 keyboard.

        that's like comparing your holden to a bugatti

      • They're both crap once you've tried a custom-made keyboard.

  • +1

    i had one of these series, first keyboard that ever broke on me, rgb failed then keys stopped responding.

    Anybody else have the same issue>? Wondering if it was just my specific unit.

    • I bought the full RGB - brown switch, a couple of keys become hit and miss, and they sink a bit compared to other keys (the most used keys like t and d)

    • I've also had this on the brown switch TKL - after about 3 months had the same experience. I thought I was just heavy handed/fingered having used Model M's constantly for past 20+ years

    • Have also experienced the same issue with keys failing with the RGB brown switch keyboard.

      Additionally, I was using this keyboard with a Mac mini connected directly to the USB port on the back, and from time to time the keyboard was not functional when trying to use it to wake from sleep. It would require me to disconnect/connect the keyboard physically to make it work again. Haven’t experienced this with other USB keyboards.

      • +1

        I've experienced the same with with a brand new Unicomp (buckling spring) Mac kb (https://www.pckeyboard.com/page/product/UB4ZPHA).. it worked fine when I first bought the keyboard, but later Apple macOS patches introduced this annoyance.

  • Thanks OP boight the TKL blue one for my 12 yo son. I heard kogan os good with warranty issues, hope i have no issues in getting a replacement one if this breaks. Lot of comments out here confirming that the keyboard is not at all rraliable and is expected to fails very quickly.

  • +1

    Been using the brown for 3 years or so, withstood 300 hours of warzone rage bashing.

  • Where do you add the code? Mine has nowhere

      • Coupon is on 'almost everything' and appears that item isn't part of the sale.

    • I asked the same question earlier today and it seems everyone isn't using the code or magic cuz how else is no one else answering this question.

      OP said at checkout, but there's nothing there, right up until the Paypal button says "agree & Pay" which means including shipping and at no point was I offered a coupon box to type in at all stages.

      • My bad. Coupon gets added in cart before checkout. See here

        • So that coupon box is unclickable right?

          • @dbmitch: It is. Enter coupon and click apply to get free shipping.

  • +3

    I've been using the brown RGB switch keyboard for work for 2+ years and it hasn't missed a beat.

  • This board is not hotswappable so if a switch dies, u are kinda screwed. This was my first mechanical keyboard and it only lasted half a year before wasd keys became unresponsive. Better to spend an additional $20 and pick up a tecware board from Amazon.

    • The Kogan ones look exactly the same as the Tecware ones, and even have Outemu switches. Are you sure they're not the same? Why would you say the Tecware ones are better?

      • Tecware has per key rgb and a cleaner font. Also tecware is hotswappable so if a switch fails, you can just replace it.

        • +1

          Ah ok, thanks for the advice!

  • +1

    Don't buy the keyboards with the generic switches, get the keyboards with the Outemu switches. I own both and the generic switches are crap and the overall build quality of the keyboard is subpar to the keyboards with the Outemu switches.

    • For anyone who's confused only the TKL and the Full size "Full RGB" specify the switches are Outemu.

      I don't know what the switches are on the cheapest one but full RGB is defs worth going to if you want to set the backlighting to just 1 colour, the zones look so bad on the cheapest one imo.

  • Thanks OP, great timing as i just bought a prebuilt last week.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    I've had 5 of these keyboards, 3 being RMA repairs.

    1) Keycap broke because they're incredibly cheap and flimsy
    2) Dead switches on arrival
    3) Dead switches after a month

    The switches in general are incredibly inconsistent feeling and aren't nice to use, the board itself sounds awful typing with the cheap keycaps so I replaced them with a better set but it still sounded pretty poor because of the metal on super plastic body with no foam or anything to absorb the sound.

    For $30 it'd be great to have sitting in a cupboard for if you somehow break something nicer but I wouldn't want to use it daily, or even for more than a week.

    Honestly, all it does is say a lot for Kogan support, I reached out to them in each instance and sent a picture of the board and they didn't ask for any more info and just sent out a new one.

  • mine lasted about 20 hours of use, they're ok as a backup but dont bank on these keyboards

  • I have bought this in the past
    Came with the wrong colour switches and multiple keys broke within 2 months, and no customer support, cheap for a reason i guess.
    Would not buy.

  • I bought 2 keyboards but Kogan charged shipping for 1 of them despite having the freebie code. 1 just arrived with dead key (ful rgb outemu brown). Still waiting for the other TKL outemu blue). Already lodged a ticket. Hope they respond soon. To be fair, my previous customer service experience with Kogan was ok.

    • +1

      Just got a reply from customer service and they're sending a replacement. Hope it arrives soon and without issues. Still waiting for the TKL to arrive.

  • Just got mine from this deal (TKL Brown). Quite nice actually, better than expected.

    The keys have more pressure than the Razer BlackWidow Lite I was using but still feels very nice to type on.

    Build quality is sold as well.

  • Just got mine. The keyssssssssssssssssss frequently get stuck down so my typing looks like this.
    The keys also frequently don't register ('ve had to fix this sentence multiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii times due to missing worddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddds).

    • DickSmith never responded to my request for a replacement, so PayPal closed the case in my favour and is issuing a refund.