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Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard (Outemu Red or Brown Switch) $39 Delivered @ Kogan


Greetings everyone, Kogan have dropped the price on these keyboards today down to $39 again (were $49) to match the Dick Smith pricing and this can now be combined with free shipping with "ZIPFREE".

Previously shipping with $5.99 or above at Dick Smith.

Pricing seems to be on the Red and Brown Switch versions currently, Blue is still $49.

Alternatively, if you want Express Shipping, you can sign up to a Kogan First 30 Day free trial at the checkout (for Selected Areas.

Description: Thanks to KayDat:

Game and code like a professional without the heavy price tag thanks to the Kogan Full RGB Mechanical Keyboard, helping you win every battle with style and ease.

  • 104 backlit keys
  • Outemu Red or Brown switch
  • Aluminium top keyboard
  • Fully customisable RGB backlight with software
  • 13 Preset Light Patterns each with 8 Colour Options
  • Full anti-ghosting and n-key rollover capabilities
  • 5 Onboard customisable profiles

The Kogan RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a must-have for both amateur and serious gamers, giving you match-winning fully responsive mechanical keys without hurting the wallet.

Original ZIPFREE Free Shipping on 10,000 Select Products @ Kogan Post

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Are these any good and which is the quietest when using?

    • Red will be quietest but I don't understand the point of mechanical keys like Red keys that have no tactile feedback.

      Brown is a good compromise between Red/Black and Blue (tactile and clicky).

      Shame Blue isn't on special for $39 otherwise I'd probably order one and give it a go

      • There is still a SIGNIFICANT difference in the experience between rubber dome and linear mechanical switches.

        • I find that rubber dome keys bind very easily if you're imprecise (which I am). Mechanical keys are much more forgiving. This is just one reason why I don't see myself ever going back to rubber dome keys.

      • Objectively, one of the advantages of such switches is they have a higher actuation point. Meaning they can register a input much earlier into the press whereas membrane switches require a key to be bottomed out before the input is registered

        Personally, I use linear switches and they are still a big upgrade over membrane switches in the sound and feel. When you bottom out a mechanical switch it's solid and not mushy. You can hear it

        • I agree reds are better than membrane keyboards but IMO not sufficiently so to warrant the extra spend.

          Source: have a Corsair K95 with red switches as well as a few MX Brown/Blue keyboards (and use an aliexpress cheapy with Otemu Blues at work).

          • @xyron: Red and blacks are designed with gaming in mind. Constant repetitive but intended presses of keys. I have blacks, and they're designed to require intent to push, whereas if you're looking for a keyboard to improve typing speed, you'd want one with a tactile feedback like a blue. Browns are a good inbetween in regards to being much lighter actuation force, but no clicky tactile feedback if you don't enjoy, want or need that. I personally hate the sound and couldn't stand forcing my girlfriend to listen to me playing games with that constant clicking.

      • Yeah I don't get reds either, missing half the fun, blues for life

    • They both should be relatively quiet unless you hit the key hard and bottom out.
      My local JB has some sample mechanical switches that would be similar to these. So it's worth checking.

    • I mean, it's $39 for a mech…you can't really complain about that even if it ships with a fresh turd with it in the box.

  • Kogan and Dick Smith are the same company haha. They've just matched themselves.

    • Yeah lol, but for some reason kogan kept it at $49 until today, thought they were trying to be stingy during the free shipping offer but seems to not be the case.

  • I've heard that they've been 25 bucks before. I kinda want one at that price. I have no idea what I'll use it for, but I'm curious how is it compared to regular cherry boards.

  • Already have one Brown switch keyboard at home, works well. Just bought a second one.

  • I have used them before, I got one in the last sale. Build quality seems quite sturdy and doesn't feel like it will fall apart anytime soon. I also have a Corsair K70 in brown switches also which I paid $170 for.

    In summary, it's about 70% as good for much less cost. If you already have a great kB. Might be good for a backup. Or a daily beater. No complaints but don't expect Corsair or Ducky quality for 39 dollars and you will like it

  • I've bought a blues and a brown version of this keyboard. Both came with dodgy shift keys but kogan responded really quickly and either refunded me the amount or sent a replacement.
    The brown replacement came fine and for the price point, these are pretty awesome.

    Also, the blues are really clicky and the browns do the job well for an office environment.

  • Heh. I think our office is about to be populated with Kogan mechanical 'boards. I tell everyone how awesome my 'board is, and when they try it out they see why it's so good (I have a HyperX Alloy FPS with Cherry browns). At this price point several co-workers have said they're willing to spring for one.

  • Any gamers using this successfully?

  • I just ordered one from Dick Smith two days ago, $39 with $5.99 shipping….


  • I have the TKL and full version of this keyboard with the full version you can change the backlight to one uniform colour, whereas you cant on the TKL it just stays the very tacky rainbow colour. Unless there is something im missing ive tried both the software and mode on the keyboard.

    • I got the TKL as well and unfortunately you're stuck with the tacky rainbow :( Bit disappointing but I just disabled the LED's, the switches are nice and the keyboard is decent quality. Perfect for work

      • Wait what are you saying the RGB is just on or off? I'm not expecting it to be fully programmable for $39 but surely there should be other presets.

        • Full version has customisable RGB, and is very good
          TKL only has preset rainbow colours on or off. Just makes it feel like a cheap chinese board, i might end up returning it and get something better quality. Bit dissapointing that only $5 difference between the TKL and the full. Other than that I cant fault it, good switches and build quality.

        • The TKL version has lots of silly lighting presets (flashing when you press keys etc), and you can also configure each key individually to have it's light on or off, but each key only has one colour.

          That's why the full size keyboard is "Full RGB" and the backlit one is "Rainbow RGB"

    • The ten keyless is actually a generic version of the Armaggeddon MKA-3. I've looked at both drivers and they are virtually the same with different branding. You cant change the colours from the default rainbow. Also It appears the left windows key does not light up, but maybe that's just mine

    • can you use the software with the TKL? there is a little bit of customization available with the software

      you can download it under "User manuals" on the product page

  • Dumb question… But is it plug-and-play? Thinking of using it in the office too, but don't know if there will be issues with installing a driver/software. Not fussed about the customising or anything.

    • +2 votes

      Works fine on my work computer. Looks it's installed as a standard keyboard in device manager.

    • Yeah plug and play. The software is on the board and you can change modes with the FN key.

    • yes. I'm usi g it ow a d it is good as

    • Hmmmm mechanical in an office? You won't be the popular one if it's an open area…

      • Yeah, open space. I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about it for a while now but our crappy work ones are pretty clicky as they are now so I'm just going to test out the brown keys. I'll just use it at home if it becomes that much of a nuisance to people haha!

    • Thanks everyone!!

    • +2 votes

      Just to add, you can customise the colour of each key (including if the light is on or off for each key) using the functions on the keyboard itself without any driver installed. The settings seem to be saved to the keyboard itself and persist even when you unplug and then plug the keyboard back in.

  • Bought one to replace my old Microsoft Media Keyboard, will see how it goes.

  • Been waiting for this price w/ free delivery, thanks OP!

    Now the big question: Brown or Red (for mostly office tasks, small amount of gaming)?

  • got 2 from dick smith last week - Brown keys - feels decent so far. Mechanical is louder of course but the feedback on the browns is nice.

    I also got the $20 gaming mouse and that works fine to.

    Good price and unit so far

    • "TKL" = no number pad = smaller keyboard.

    • numpad

    • +3 votes

      TKL stands for Ten Keys Less, which means the removal of the number pad (17 keys total).

      An important difference with these keyboards is that the full keyboard is "Full RGB", meaning that the colour of each key can be configured, however the TLK version is "Rainbow RGB" meaning that each key has a specific colour and you can only toggle that colour on or off.

  • Good for the price. Keep in mind that every keyboard that I have tried (brown and red) both had pinging issues. Seems to be caused with key upstrokes and resonance with the aluminium top plate. Doesn't get fixed with o-rings either :(

  • I bought one of these a year or two ago for home, I love it, though I've swapped it out for a while with a baby sleeping in the room. Good feel, really get value out of it once you get used to it, and the lights were useful when I started working from home at 6am.

  • Has anyone tried the wireless version:


    Or does the presale mean no one's used one yet?

  • thinking of buying one. can someone tell me how much time it takes to get to Melbourne with standard dilevery?

  • Ah, I was only looking for a blue :(

  • I got the blue, pretty clicky, pretty decent keyboard for the price

  • Thanks OP just bought my first mechanical keyboard, the brown version for the office

  • need a new keyboard and don't really want to spend alot, so jumped on. feedback seems good from what people have said, no glaring negative reviews. as long as i get 1-2 years of service from it can't really complain at the price

  • Can someone who had already received their order please confirm this is NOT the UK (or whatever it is) layout with the tall enter key? I like the horizontal enter, not the weird tall upside-down-L one.

  • Another Dowwey deal, another pointless purchase, thanks mate!

  • "Didn't need one. Bought one."

    The ozbargain motto.

  • I am still using a Logitech G15 v1 keyboard….Would be at least 10 years old now.

    • ah yes the legendary spaceship keyboard. i had a few of these and they were my favorite.

      • Haha I'm rolling with the second generation version.

        I remember all the hype about having a keyboard with an inbuilt screen, but never looked at it 99.99999% of the time!!

        • haha so true, the keyboard is massive! I remember when the v2 came out, it was smaller with alot less macro buttons. But after all that, I hardly use the screen and have never ever used the "G macro" keys, I still like it tho haha.

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