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Four Renewals of amaysim 10GB/28 Days Mobile Plan $8.95 (+15% Cashback via Cashrewards) @ Groupon


Another killer deal from Groupon and Amaysim, cheap as chips.

Comes with an Extra 15% Cashback via Cashrewards - Bringing it to $7.74 after cashback.

  • Get 10GB every 28 days for 4 x 28 days (6GB/28 days ongoing)
  • Unlimited standard calls, texts and voicemails in Australia
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Keep your existing mobile number or get a new one
  • BYO phone
  • All amaysim plans are powered by Optus 4G Plus network
  • Price includes free standard delivery of SIM card
  • Note, this promotion cannot be used on an existing Amaysim mobile service
  • Redeem before: 17 Oct 2021
  • SIM plan must be activated before 31 Oct 2021

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +1

    Does unused data rollover?

    • +1

      Nope. Reset back to 10GB each month.

      • +1

        Note these are only 4 week/28 day cycles, so while 4 renewals are marginally quicker, you'll get a touch more data per month

    • Hardly would be any left over for 10Gb

      • +2

        Hardly use 2-3Gb at the moment with the lockdowns…

        Would be good to have 20-30Gb to use over the summer months…

        • +2

          same here, wifi all the time.

  • +2

    Myst be actived b4 17October 21

    • +3

      The groupon code needs to be redeemed with amaysim before October 17, actual SIM activation is before October 31.

  • +6

    It’s a steal for sim-sluts 😜

    • Not sure why anyone would want to go on a plan these days. It's a great time to be alive.

      • Just like casual workers, why be a full time employee.

        • For job security and leave benefits?

          • +2

            @io: It was more the irony. There is more insecurity now.

  • Thanks op, ordered one as my catchconnect expires mid October. With this nearly 4 months and then the free belong $80 (which should give me another 6- 7 months) I will be good for another 10 months :)

    • you won't. lowest plan from belong is $25 per month now

      • +1

        Well $80 plus referral is $100, first month is $25 then can downgrade to $15. 75:15= 5 months. Shortly after also husband signing up so possibly another $20 for referral. Will get me 7 months

        • What was the “ free belong $80 ” you mentioned above? Are you getting $80 free somehow?

          • +1

            @io: Sign up NBN from Belong or you can use Telstra points to buy one.

          • @io: There was a Telstra plus points offer, 2000 Points gets you $80 credit. They are out of stock atm though

  • To be clear, is $8.95 for 4 months? or each month

    • $8.95 total for 4 months.

    • +2

      28 days isn't a month. But yes it's $8.95 in total for 4 x 28 days.
      Plus 15% Cashrewards.

      • +2

        It's 4 February's !

        • Except one is a leap year

      • +1

        That is 13 recharges per year (52wks/4), so Telco has been going with the 13month per year for quite a while.

  • Are sims delivered with this?

    • Yes :)

      • Ah that's weird - when checking out it didn't have anything about delivery address - great deal thanks!

        • +9

          Ahh just to clarify, Groupon will provide you a code to redeem on the amaysim website. On the amaysim site you will provide your address and they’ll send the SIM there.

          • @doweyy: Ha! I see - that's awesome thanks

          • +1

            @doweyy: Sim arrived today and ported from Telstra in 2 minutes - thanks again!!

    • Groupon gives you a code. Redeem that on Amaysim site to order the sim.

    • I did a similar deal last month ($10/24 weeks via Groupon) went on the Amaysim website, but the SIM card never arrived. Contacted them the day before the deadline for activation and they said I could buy a SIM from the servo ($2) and activate on that. To this day, the original SIM card still hasn't arrived.

      • Ok great to know - thanks for the info

        • I ordered the recent deal and the sim arrived two days after the activation deadline. It was activated the day I ordered it, and they reset the activation start date automatically on first call or data use. Seems to be a new process.

          • +1

            @TheLurker: They've been resetting the activation date for quite a while.

            It will screw things up if it pushes your sixth renewal date past the end of the promo period (150 days after ordering). The sixth renewal will be charged if so.

            See here and here.

            • @the splingee: I didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up. Have turned off auto renew after their customer service confirmed it would not affect the voucher. Will follow up if it goes wrong.

  • +2

    Worst part of this is being on a 6x 2GB Amaysim plan (similar Groupon thing) thinking with wifi most of the time it would be enough and realising it's still not really

    Still good for backup/hotspot data though because wifi is unreliable. Thanks OP :)

    • +1

      As usual, your individual circumstances can't be accounted for all of the society. For some it will be plenty, for some alright, and for some not enough.

      • +4

        Oh sorry I didn't realise I had to preface everything with a disclaimer "The words that I am about to write are an opinion I have formulated based on my experiences and do not depict the experiences of other people past, present and future that might find themselves in similar situations."

        I just kind of expected that was a given.

        Anyway my point is my main number is stuck on Amaysim for about another 142 days and can't utilise any other offers from Amaysim.

        • +1

          Port out to $2 telstra sim then port back in.

        • Why not? I take Kogan sims, always new account, sometimes 2X a month. New customer every time.

          • @bargainparker: I'm still taking the deal but I can't port my main number on to it without ending the current plan my number is on and porting out. Will mainly utilise the data on a secondary number/account.

            Or could also activate at a later date when state opens up more I guess

          • @bargainparker: People reported in the past that you can't port the same number out of Kogan and back in within a month. I wonder if Amaysim has the same policy?

            This has given me headaches since Catch became an unreliable participant in my 90 day switcheroo.

    • +1

      Same problem for me. You can just start the next '28 days' if you run out of data. Still incredibly cheap even if you only get two months out of it.

      • Yeah this might be the best way of going thanks

    • Just renew sooner and then get something else. I got that offer for my daughter and somehow we got gifted 10gb, but in case she needs it I’ll renew sooner and then buy another sim. Even one month at the price I paid I’d be happy with!

    • 2G is fine unless you are a protester lol.

  • +1

    Amaysim does not offer VoLTE which means no voice calls over 4G.
    Also does not offer wifi calling.
    Keep this in mind before switching to them

    • -1

      No mvno offers that. You gotta pay the big bucks for that certainly not this cheap plan and other cheap mvno

      • +1

        Moose mobile has both. Boost as well.

        • -1

          Boost is barely a MVNO to me, gets full Telstra network and has had past benefits like data free Apple Music streaming

          Seems like Moose uses full Optus network but I could've sworn all Optus MVNOs do as well so unsure why they're selling that point so much.

          • +2

            @pennypincher98: Good news just checked my kid’s phone (she’s on amaysim) and both Volte and Vowifi work! On my catchconnect they don’t.

            • @fozzie: Really? Amaysim now has both? You can try if it has Wifi calling by turn on Airplane mode and make a call. If it goes through then congrats.

            • @fozzie: I just tried it and it didn’t work. Can you confirm that you can make a call over wifi?

              • +1

                @isys: I just tried and it gives option to turn on but doesn’t work.

            • @fozzie: Sorry guys it gives option to turn on Vowifi but it doesn’t work. Not sure if volte does, it says calls and data 4g but I have not tested

              • @fozzie: When making calls it will jump back to 3G.

    • +1

      Optus announced last year that they would offer VoLTE and VoWifi for postpaid,

      But doesn't look like there's many that do have it available

      Moose Mobile
      Aussie Broadband

      src: https://whrl.pl/Rgd5Yr, https://whrl.pl/RggkPM

      • Thanks for that. Tbh personally I don’t care, I just want the cheapest plan. It’d be nice if it was included but I also understand that if I want the cheapest I can’t expect it all.

  • +1

    wish i could use it for renewal without needing to port out.

  • Nice timing to pick up some of the JB Hifi $500 Telstra contracts from this time last year

  • +1

    Just a note, group or conference calls aren't supported by amaysim's network provider, which is Optus.

    • +1

      Partially correct, this is not suppored by Amaysim, but supported by Coles which uses Optus…

  • Cash reward only tracked $1.34

    • +1

      Hi Fozzie,
      Happy to help.
      What we find is that some Groupon cashbacks via the Cashrewards app are reporting at lower amounts, but these are being adjusted every couple of hours. So please check your account and if there are any ongoing issues feel free to DM me : )

      • Fixed cheers

  • can't find amaysim on Groupon

  • On a side note, has anyone noticed cashbacks straight to MasterCard if making a Groupon purchase using MasterCard? I see some cashback on my cc for my last couple Groupon purchases and I have been trying hard to find out where this is coming from.

    This is what my cc statement looks like

  • Goddamn! Just set up my parents for other deals only days ago.

  • Hey,
    My contract with Telstra expires on 08/10. Can I activate the deal now and get ported on 09/10 with sim card already sent to me? Or do I need to wait till 08/10 and wait another 2-10 business days for sim card?

    • You need to order now. Then you activate when you need it (i think it’s within a month anyway). You also need to activate before plan expires as otherwise you get charged as you are PostPay?
      My catch connect expires October 14th and I already ordered. Probably I will activate one or 2 days earlier.

  • Nice! I'm assuming you can't stack this with the $10 referral offer?

  • too bad, I am already with amaysim

    • +1

      Port out, wait, then port back in. You can still buy this groupon and then use it by 31st Oct.

      • That’s exactly what I am doing. My Amaysim plan expires in 3 days. So after it expires I will move to Kogan and after 30 days in Kogan will port back to amaysim.

        • I think Kogan will only let you port on an active plan. This is what happened to me last time, ended up having to reactivate the Amaysim plan.

          Someone correct me if I'm wrong?

  • +2

    I got the 50% off the long 6 month plan the last it came up, for $75 for 6 months and 150GB data. Since then, they've added free data to my plan numerous times, so I still have about 120GB data left.

    Now, at the end of the 6 months, they've offered to give me the same $75 discount for another 6 months. So will deffo take them up on that offer.

    I only learnt yesterday that Amaysim was bought by Optus last year.

  • +1

    Can someone confirm how long you need to port out from Amaysim before you can port back in?

    Possible to port out for a day or two to Telstra and then back to Amaysim?

    • +1

      Yea, absolutely!

  • Am I the only one that gets frustrated with these 28 day renwal cycles? Maybe I'm not the right demo but 28 days cycles mean that the renewal drifts further and further from payday. Is it really so hard to get an option for monthly?

    • +2

      Well choose another provider then: Also with this offer you are getting nearly 4 months for $7.50 (after cashback). So it’s irrelevant really. If you can’t cope with the 28 days choose a one year plan so you don’t need to worry.

    • If you put aside $0.14 every day while on this plan you'll be able to afford the Kogan 90 day $14.90 plan after this.

      That's 202 days connection for less than $25.00.

  • +1

    I can't place the order on Amaysim website, anyone got this issue?

    Our shopping cart isn't working right now…
    Whilst we twiddle with the on/off switch, we suggest you come back later and try again.

    • Yeah having some weird issues here too!

  • Where is the promo code after I’ve purchased? The order number doesn’t work.

    • You access it through Groupon. Click on your amaysim purchase and click on 'Use voucher'. It will then bring up the voucher details.
      Hope that helps.

      • +1

        Oh thank you! Found it :)

  • Can you turn off auto renew straight away? It seems like if I turn it off immediately, it cancels the 4x renewals as it's a voucher?

  • +1

    I cannot place order on amaysim website, said shopping cart isn't working right now, since yesterday, bloody annoying