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Four Renewals of amaysim 10GB/28 Days Mobile Plan $8.49 @ Groupon

  • Get 10GB every 28 days for 4 x 28 days (6GB/28 days ongoing)
  • Unlimited standard calls, texts and voicemails in Australia
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Keep your existing mobile number or get a new one
  • BYO phone
  • All amaysim plans are powered by Optus 4G Plus network
  • Price includes free standard delivery of SIM card
  • Note, this promotion cannot be used on an existing Amaysim mobile service
  • Redeem before: 17 Oct 2021
  • SIM plan must be activated before 31 Oct 2021

Description thanks to doweyy

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  • Wait till 30% off.

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    I’m currently on the 6 month 2GB promo from last time. They restart the start date from the day you activate. I’ve also received an additional 10GB data. All for $6.97

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    You can use these 4 times on the same number?

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    First time review - as a thank you to OP. Paid $8.46 to Groupon, then got $1.27 cashback from Shopback - bringing it to $7.19. Better than several days ago.

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      Pretty sure the two OPs do not want to associate with SB. Hence, it is not mentioned.

  • I'm wondering if I chose to transfer my number when placing the order, does it mean I won't have my number until the new simcard is received?

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      No, you still need to port once you receive the sim.

      Note - You can still choose to activate it with a new number as well.

  • Thanks WatchNerd… In that case, it doesn't really matter whether I select a new number or transfer my number when placing order as I still have to port once the new simcard is arrived.

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      I always choose to port because this means the sim comes not activated.

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        these sims are already activated they just reset the plan date

        • WN is right. You are talking about new number.

  • I see thanks heaps for your input.

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    Amaysim has unlimited data banking now.

  • I'm currently an amaysim customer. Does anyone know if it is possible for me to buy a sim with another company, port out, then buy this and port back in as a 'new' customer?

    • Yes, I used the $2 Optus (easy to get for free) to port out Amaysim number in 15mins and activate this deal with no prob.
      Not sure about other telcos though, stay away from Telsim and Circles.life, they make it nearly impossible to port out (might even lose your numbers). Always check the reviews before porting.

      • So you can port to Optus without recharge? Like paying for a plan. I only know Telstra allows that.

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          Yep, this trick still works to me :)

  • Used code on checkout page and groupon says:
    You’re not eligible to use the code LOCAL15. But we still want you to get extra savings. Take 5% off (up to $40.00) with this discount!

  • Can this be redeemed by getting a SIM from a local shop before the one arrives in the mail?

    • Keen to know this too - my SIM's taking forever!

  • Hi everyone I have just redeemed my Groupon voucher for this deal and amaysim has charged me $20. Does it sound right everyone? Thanks for any input/ advice.

    • It wasn't $0 at the checkout step?

  • No it was not. Or I did something wrong ?

  • I have contacted amaysim and waiting for their reply.

  • Gonna neg this sorry. First time I ever bought amaysim through Groupon and it's been nothing but a nightmare so far. Activated fine but old number didn't port across immediately so couldn't receive calls or SMS. I live next to 2 Optus towers but it was only giving my 3G. Then when the port occured and my old SIM got turned off, still can't receive calls or SMS and it happened at 7pm Sydney time so no support from Amaysim until the morning.