Razer Orochi V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse $79 + Shipping @ PC Byte (OOS) or $89.66 + Shipping (Free with eBay Plus) @ PC Byte eBay


In true OzBargain fashion, I stumbled across this deal whilst looking for something else.

Well reviewed wireless mouse. Unfortunately, white is not on sale. This appears to be the cheapest I have seen, previous deals: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/Razer%20orochi%20v2...

Usual price is from $110-120. Shipping for me was $9.90, it might be a little more to regional areas.

Out of stock at PC Byte.
Added new link to EbayPlus, has both white and black in stock for $89.66 (with code PLUSSP22) . Thanks to azukay.

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    already sold out?!? was only 8 mins

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      Perhaps they didn't have much stock…

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      was only 8 mins

      8 mins is enough to do many things.

      • 🤦‍♂️Lol

      • I can hear her dissapointment

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      ebay has it as well if you don't mind paying a bit more. Cheaper with ebay plus.

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    I paid 89.66 back in June from the last ebay sale directly off razer store. Nice light mouse with accurate tracking and performs as good as any wired mouse.

    Battery life is good with lithium batteries. I tried with eneloops and the balance of the mice felt off. Also tried rechargeable lithium AA's while the balance was better the mouse would randomly cut out for some reason and stopped using it with rechargeable lithium AA's (didn't happen with eneloops).

    Been 2 months on the non rechargeable energizer lithium AA's and the mouse is still reporting full battery with average 2h of mouse usage a day for gaming.

    • I'm still on the original lithium but will switch to rechargeable AAA with adapter (or dodgy foil) in AA slot. Hopefully will feel just as balanced

  • Anyone who owns g304/g305/g102/g203 comment on these? I heard that it can be quite similar but the shape is also different

    • Orochi is much smaller, most likely a fingertip mouse for most hand sizes. Weight distribution is better than g304/5 if using AA but AAA feels a bit back heavy but better than the g304/5 with AA. Most people say to get the Orochi over the 304/5. If a cable doesn't bother you, a razer viper mini is definitely a high tier budget gaming mouse that's small and lightweight.

      • That was a perfect review. Thank you :D

  • For those who missed out, Amazon AU has it for $85 on prime for the black one

    • Got the last one thanks