What Is Your Favorite Alchoholic/Non-Alchoholic Drink?

What are your favorite drinks? Does it depend on the weather?

Not associated with any survey companies. Just curious in Ozbargain community.



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    Really expansive Scotch with coke

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      Blue label JW w LA ICE

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      How big is your glass?

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      Really expansive Scotch

      It must be quite a big bottle!

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        It is, hence it's so expensive. 😉

        • Can it be seen from the moon

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      I hope you don't mean that brown fizzy drink?
      Otherwise, I'm with you on the coke, but add some ice.

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      McCallum 30 with RC cola is my drink of choice

      • Where do you get Royal Crown Cola in Oz?

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      Those premix drinks are nice, mainly because they can independently tweak the sweetness, flavour strengths and carbonation to get them just right. But they cost a ridiculous fortune. I believe they’re heavily taxed. They also have a bit of a bogan rep compared to spirit + mixer.

    • Ever tried petrol in a coke bottle brother?

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    Non alcoholic in no particular order

    Coke vanilla
    Ribena (pre mixed)
    Golden circle golden punch (only valid if delivered via popper format)


    Zacapa 23 straight up
    Long Island Ice tea (mainly because you can’t beat the value)
    White Russian

    • Agree with Zacapa 23. Flor de Cana 18 is also a favourite, straight up…..no ice.

    • I find the Z23 a bit too sweet but not bad at all

      • haha it is VERYYYYY sweet i will admit, but sometimes its nice to enjoy your drink as opposed to grimacing at every sip of a real peaty whisky for instance..

    • +1

      Ribena (pre mixed)

      I feel this is very underappreciated.
      (I used to buy the poppers. So good with a boring sandwhich at lunch)

    • Have you tried the Zacapa XO?

      I really like the Zacapa 23, and was considering trying the XO, but hesitating over the 2x price tag

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        Unfortunately I’m not part of the rich guys of ozbargain club…

    • Isnt long island cocktails expensive?

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        Depends where you go. But normally Long Island is almost same price as any other cocktail but has on average 2 more shots for the money.

        • Depends on the bartender though. Sometimes they will try and do half shots of each alcohol variant instead of full shots.

    • Used to love Zacapa. Still don't mind it but Diplomatico is a better rum.

      Negronis all the way.

      • I have always been curious about diplomatico. Still waiting for a sick deal to take a dive on it. Current prices I’d rather stick to what I know and just go with z23.

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    Non-alcoholic: Ice cold water
    Alcoholic: Sapporo

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      Why ice water? I much prefer room temp, and after being run through a charcoal filter tastes almost sweet, which is a side point.. What's the benefit of ice cold for you?

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    Lychee drinks are my favourite but they’re usually packed with sugar.

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    Budget friendly and nothing but nostalgia.

    Usually chased with Grange.

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      Ive been a lawyer for twenty years and Im drinking goon right now. Nothing wrong with it as far as Im concerned.

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        Mad respect
        Been an engineer for 4 years and of the same mindset

        Yes you can afford better but nothing replaces goon

        • how to i get what this goon?

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            @capslock janitor: Go to the liquor store and ask for their finest drop

            Then when they show you walk straight past it and grab a 5L cask of fruity lexia

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    Non alcoholic:
    Also Coke vanilla :-)
    Yuzu soda
    Lemon lime & bitters
    Coconut water
    Sparkling apple cider

    Pinot Noir and Syrah
    Soju (with K bbq)
    Starward Nova Single malt neat
    Espresso martini
    Mojito (on a warm day)
    Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
    Japanese lager beers

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      Yuzu soda - damn u got fancy taste!

      I totally forgot Soju! Soju x Sprite is so goooodddd.

    • I've got a bottle of the Nova - it burns neat what's the deal? Do aussie whiskeys suffer from low maturation?

      • I would say some definitely do, as they haven't had the time to mature in barrel. The Nova is easy drinking (and their distillery is like 10 minutes away from me in Port Melbourne), though i wouldn't compare it some something with age, maybe it lacks a bit of complexity. I enjoy it regardless.

        When I was in Tassie, had some lovely whisky from Lark, Sullivan's cove but those are very expensive. Hellyers road is more within my price range and do some good stuff.

    • We have the same taste.

  • Rockmelon juice on a hot summer day.

  • Carrot juice


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    Dairy Farmers Classic Flavoured Chocolate Milk

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    Ginger ale

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    r/hydrohomies for life

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    Hot day ==> Grass Jelly

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    Non-alcoholic: water
    Alcoholic: Whisky

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    Farmers Union iced coffee

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    Full cream milk

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      Low fat no fat full cream high calcium high protein soy… light skim omega 3… high calcium with vitamin D and folate or extra dollop?

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    Green tea.

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    Tap water

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      True Ozbargainer

      • +1

        From his neighbours tap

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    Water - Bottled Water.

    Vodka - Grey Goose, Grey Goose Ducasse, and Underground Caramel.

    Good coffee and English B'fast tea are in the mix too.

    Not a big soda drinker, but, have a soft spot for AW Creaming Soda… drool

    • AW Creaming Soda is amazing!

      • Been hard to get recently, well, until about 2 weeks ago. Think a few have it back in stock now, including the AU distys.

    • What are your preferred brands of English Breakfast Tea?

      I like Yorkshire, Yorkshire Gold, and Dilmah Extra Strength

      • Usually Twinnings. Have another brand interstate, but can't remember which it is. Haven't seen that bed in months!!!!!! :(

  • Water

    Yamazaki highball

    Green tea.

    Machi machi boba.

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    On a hot day, I love grabbing myself a bottle of chilled glass coke.

    The flavour is just beautiful.

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    bundaberg sarsaparilla

    and 25 year old single malt scotch neat

    • IMO the best Sarsaparilla was Tarax Sars. Sad they don’t make it anymore.

      • i agree, but bundeberg one is the closest i found to that tarax taste. another close one is the schweppes one.

  • Vanilla coke, Pepsi Max and sunkist zero sugar

  • Water.

    Green tea.

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    Water does just fine :)

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    bundaberg sarsaparilla. i would love to try some other countries versions of it, i think bundaberg makes it properly rather than just using a flavouring like most other australian manufacturers, but i'm not entirely sure.

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  • Lemon Lime Bitters for both

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    Water. tap water in a voss bottle.

    I don't like soft drinks but I'm fine with sports drinks (powerade) and some energy drinks (red bull, v).

    golden circle mango nectar juice tastes really good to me

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    The old 1885 Coke formula with coca extracts .

  • F&N - ice cream soda or grape

    Aik Cheong Teh Tarik 3 in 1

  • Coconut or Custard double Malt Thickshake.

    • Coconut thick shake!!! Tell me more

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  • Alcoholic - Wildbrumby's Mango Schnapps and Yuzu Sake

    Non alcoholic - classic Coke, pearl milk tea and latte

  • Wine, single malt whisky, Guinness, gin.

    Chinotto, lemon lime and bitters, tea, tisanes, water (love my puratap and arke machine)

  • Sparkling Water