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Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3200MHz C16 Memory Kit (2x8GB) $116, (RGB Pro) $129, (2x16GB) $225 Delivered @ Shopping Express

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  • This https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/652742 better value for 3600 CL16 (non rgb)?

  • is there a noticeable difference between 2133mhz and 3200mhz? my mobo can only support up to 2133, but for future proofing i would get the 3200 if it makes a difference

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      Yes, its a pretty big difference in CPU heavy workloads or games

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      Check out this video if you have an AMD CPU. It tests different ram speeds and the performance difference. Linus Tech Tips https://youtu.be/iHJ16hD4ysk

    • There are some applications that don't benefit from faster ram. Not heaps. But some. The real answer is to look specifically at your applications. The other answers are good too :D

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      Depending on when you're next big upgrade will be, I would consider skipping out 3200mhz. The benefits over what you're currently using will be marginal and ddr5 motherboards should be rolling out next year, in which case future proofing with ddr4 isnt a good idea

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    I'm slowly acquiring parts for new PC build as the deals occur, should I settle for 32GB 3600 CL18 or wait for good deal on CL16? My use is gaming, office, light audio/video production.

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      Do you have your motherboard yet? If so, check the memory QVL list to make sure whatever ram you're buying is listed.
      If not, wait until you have a motherboard so that you can refer to the QVL list.
      Ram not listed within the QVL list may or may not work at the rated specifications, ram on the list will.
      If you run into any problems using ram that is on the QVL list you shouldn't have any problems RMAing the part.

      • No motherboard as yet, any recommendations? I'm going for Ryzen CPU preferably 5800X.

    • get some 2x16 ballistix, 2x16 b die rn is $350

      • Thanks for advice but I have no idea what the difference of those are?

        • B-die's are the modules used on the ram. Those specific modules are made by Samsung and are considered to be some of the best performance wise.

          I've not built a ryzen system yet so I'm not familiar with what motherboards are good - google/YouTube are your friends, specifically gamers nexus on YouTube, they do very in depth reviews, also hardware unboxed is good too. Check their ryzen motherboard reviews for suggestions.

          b-die ram is great if you a really concerned about pushing benchmark scores as high as possible, but my suggestion would be to look at the QVL list for your motherboard and find the fastest ram on there that has CL16 that is reasonably priced.

          There is also infinity fabric to take into consideration with ryzen systems, that matches the ram clock with the CPU clock (I think), so there may be a limit to what ram speeds are worth looking at.

          If you're mainly gaming, 16gb should be fine. Otherwise 32+ if you're doing production/professional work.

          Edit: ram can increase in price quite rapidly past a point for what is a very minimal benefit to most. That money would be better spent on a different part (better mobo/CPU/GPU for example) so I wouldn't stress to much about ram provided it's compatible and not totally garbage.

        • b die is the best of the best ram ic out there (the brand you are buying does not matter, corsair vs gskill vs patriot vs randoms… they do not make the ic's, what matters is the ic inside and the bin of that ic (how good it is))

          2x16 b die is practically the best setup considering dual rank is better than single rank but it still easy enough on the imc that you can clock it very high.
          only downside is the $350 price point for an ok bin of 2x16 b die.

          ballistix are worse in every way but realistically but $198 vs $350 is a no brainer (https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B083TSLDF2)
          although in this kit your 99% guaranteed to get 16Gbit Rev B which means that it will be single rank. there is a very small chance that you will get 8Gbit Rev E which will be better due to dual rank but its unlikely.

          waiting for a 3600 flat 16 deal to be cheap is doubtful as (that bin would be b die) and b die has just been increasing in price recently so id really doubt that a b die kit like that goes for cheap.

          2x16 of ballistix is also easier on the memory controller so its easier to run. also no fan needed to max out your oc unlike b die which errors at much lower temps compared to rev e and rev b.

          although really, the difference between a random 3200 c16 vs 3600 c18 vs 3200 c16 of ballistix is near to nothing if your just setting xmp. the difference really shines when you start to do even a small manual overclock. where the ballistix (on your 5800x) can easilly do 3800 c16 with tuned timings.

          so unless your a baller going for max performance (were on ozbargain, were not) just buy the ballistix kit, and rn its at an amazing price for 2x16.
          (you could even buy like 5 kits to try and see if you get any dual rank rev e and then return the sr rev b sticks)
          any questions ask me

  • The DDR 5 is coming …

    • hahaaa like beta people testing atm means about a year away righttttt

  • Finally got my 32Gb from Amazon US this week (from the prior deal)

    That was $210, but would rather have paid an extra $15 to have it locally for faster delivery I think.