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Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory 2x8GB (16GB Kit) DDR4 3600MT/s CL16 $124.09 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Seems to be a few of these Ballistix Kits for reasonable prices via Amazon at the moment. The headline deal is for the White Dimms, but theres some other resonably ones, like:

White RBG Variant for $8 More - Note the 3600 is cheaper than the 3200… Amazon
Black non-RGB 32 GB (2x16) 3200MT/s C16 for $198.72 - Note it's 3200, not 3600 if you care…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks, I purchased the non-RGB 32 GB (2x16) 3200.

    • Could you please let me know when they arrive what chips did they come with? (underneath the heatsink were they single sided with 8 memory modules or double side with 16 memory moudle) much appreciated

      • Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory

        The 16GB kits are 2x8GB single rank. (single sided)
        The 32GB kits are 2x16GB single rank. (single sided)
        The 64GB kits are 2x32GB dual rank (dual sided)

        All speeds

        Not sure about the Crucial Ballistix Max versions.

        Single rank DDR4 is more compatible and stable especially when using all 4 dim slots.
        You want either 2x dual rank or 4x single rank sticks to get the most out of your system but time and time again reviewers have shown ram speeds have very little to do with performance in games VS buying a faster graphics card or CPU

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          The 16GB kits are 2x8GB single rank. (single sided)

          Correct, in RevE

          The 64GB kits are 2x32GB dual rank (dual sided)

          Correct, In rev B

          The 32GB kits are 2x16GB single rank. (single sided)

          Wrong, these are mixed with 8Gbit Rev E and 16Gbit Rev B.

          Single rank DDR4 is more compatible and stable especially when using all 4 dim slots.


          You want either 2x dual rank or 4x single rank sticks to get the most out of your system

          Rank interleaving does help with performance per clock, quad rank(dual channel) has more performance uplift than dual rank than single rank, as you have more ranks to read/write to when other rank is busy.

          ram speeds have very little to do with performance in games VS buying a faster graphics card or CPU

          Wrong… This is apple to orange comparison.
          Faster RAM allow more info pass to CPU, hence CPU will have less time waiting.
          Faster CPU/RAM allow more instruction pass to GPU, hence GPU have higher utilization.

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            @OMGJL: Sorry.. if you max out CPU to say a Ryzen 5950X + RTX3090 GPU then yes RAM is your next go to for performance.

            But if you were to upgrade your CPU or GPU you will always gain more performance in games

            a AMD Ryzen 5600X with a single 16GB stick of DDR4 2133Mhz CL18 — will crush a Ryzen 3600X with 16gb dual channel DDR4 3600 CL16 in games
            Same with GPU.. a system with a faster GPU will always pump out more FPS then a slower GPU with faster system ram (so long as the CPU isn't a bottleneck) as seen in the latest hardware unboxed Nvidia driver overhead video with the RX3090 performing worse then a RX6700XT on older Ryzen 1600, 2600 CPU's

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              Sorry.. if you max out CPU to say a Ryzen 5950X + RTX3090 GPU then yes RAM is your next go to for performance.

              Still wrong…..with your statement, why would you get performance on faster RAM if both your CPU/GPU is not bottlenecked?

              5600X with a single 16GB stick 2133Mhz CL18 — will crush a Ryzen 3600X with 16gb dual channel DDR4 3600 CL16

              Not once running out of the 32MB L3 Cache and/or cache miss happens, often seen in open world games with tons of players.

              a system with a faster GPU will always pump out more FPS then a slower GPU with faster system ram (so long as the CPU isn't a bottleneck)

              Higher FPS doesn't mean higher frame time consistency, as no cpu will have 100% no bottleneck, For example You get huge performance uplift OC RAM only in Warzone/PUBG.

              • @OMGJL: GPU>CPU>Ram ammount.. then speed.

                1440p or 4k.. ram speeds do nothing.. all GPU buddy!!! … no idea what numbers your looking at… telling people ram speed is important for gaming is miss information big time..
                Even RTS likes a faster IPC CPU over ram speed/timings.

                My FPS with DDR4 2133 is the same as DDR3600 CL16 on a ryzen 3700x RX6600XT 1440p high setting on BF5 have the RGB version of this ram from a a deal a year ago.

                • @vid_ghost: although most of the time GPU>CPU>Ram, but not in every case.

                  You need to know what frame time consistency means (hints, it has to do with 1% low) before making argument with my point.

                  GPU allows the highest possible FPS, CPU+ RAM determine how much frame drop you ever going to get.

                  This is not a perfect world, even 4k res your GPU still won't be > 95% all the time, when it's below 95%, it's likely down to your RAM.


                  explain me why in every benchmark, like 6:14, 10600k with core/ring/memory oc beats 10600k with core/ring OC only?

                  What will happen with low speed ram and high CPU/GPU is you have really high frames, but once you getting into intense scenario your frame will dip like crazy.
                  IMO if you can reach 300fps, but it dips to 100 from time to time, it would be worse than if it only reach 120 fps, but keep 120fps all the time.

        • This is NOT true whatsoever anymore.

          Dual Rank memory gives 10% uplift in average FPS vs single rank through all 5000 series ryzen chips, 3200mhz vs 3600mhz is around 1-5% difference. Even the newest gen intel chips benefit from high speed low latency memory too.

          Running dual rank at 3600 is just a 15% lift at basically little cost… Things arent how they were before where ram would do very little historically.

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    Also some good deals on Patriot Viper ram kits with 5% off coupons, example here: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07CX53TKZ/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1...

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      Note, quite different timings for the kits

    • with crucial kits you are guaranteed to OC to way over 4000 with tRCD timing loosened, patriot memory have no guarantee unless you buy the viper steel 4000/4133/4266/4400, the viper steel 4400 comes with a very high tier Samsung B-Die which only then is better than this crucial kits.

      • even bogged 4000 c19 kit which is bottom of the barrel would still outperform any micron die. assuming your manually overclocking

        • The only IC used for OC over 4000 is: CJR/DJR/RevE/RevB/B-Die

          CJR/DJR both do better tRFC than RevE/B, B-Die does everything better than every other IC. So your statement is definitely correct.

          But we talking about buying 3000/3200 sticks and manual OC here, Top Tier B-Die is priced really high and almost never will be in 3200 kits , and you can't reliably buy CJR/DJR with good chip quality in 3200 sticks.

          TLDR, this is the cheapest kit that you can buy that guarantee OC capability.

          • @OMGJL: i was more so replying to this
            "the viper steel 4400 comes with a very high tier Samsung B-Die which only then is better than this crucial kits."
            but as you said any b die kit would be better.
            and i agree ye this is a good kit for the price
            edit- ah i see how you could misunderstand now, i meant the 4000 c19 patriot viper steel kit, which we know is b die

            • @abjsdhasehasee: I agree completely the 4000c19 viper kit will be better than this crucial (if one know how to manual OC) . we are on same page now.

              • @OMGJL: off topic, you seem competent in ram oc.. what are you running and what cpu? and what kit?

                • @abjsdhasehasee: Sorry I didn't see this reply and I magically saw it like 20 days later lmao.

                  my rig: 10850k with Crucial 16Gx2 3600 SR Micron RevB 1.45v running 4400 17/21/21/38/638/ rrd4/faw16 all territory timing tightened. Z490 Tomahawk, CPU not touched yet waiting for a new corsair waterblock so I can validate full stress test with linpack and p95. current bykski block can only withstand 250w.

                  my wife: 5600x with PBO +200, running per core curve optimiser(negative 15~20 depends on cores), Viper Blackout 4400 (B-Die)@3800 14-15-14-30-45-290 all 2nd/3rd tightened. B550 Tomahawk (this kit hits 4266 17-17-17 on my mobo)

                  spare rig: another 5600x pbo +200 (curve neg 20 all core) + asrock b550m pro 4, with same crucial kit above it hits 3800-16-17-16-34-50-560
                  ram collection: spare kit of Ripjaw V 3200 16Gx2, CJR based, hits 4000c18 can't remember exact timing/ voltage
                  spare kit of Crucial 16Gx2 3000, DR Micron RevE based, hits 4266 18-23-23-42-660 @1.45v

                  there goes all my spare cash lol.

    • Careful. I bought these but cancelled the order after reading the reviews - something about incompatibility and not even able to reach their set speed without OC.

      • ?? Did people not realize they're not all plug and play?

        You need to turn on XMP or DOCP in the bios setting to reach the rated speed. Its just a flick of a switch, not manual overclocking. But you do need to do that or it'll revert to its base speed of 2400ish

        • Sorry that was meant to say set speed unless you increase the volts to oc. Meaning even with xmp, ram could not reach set speech unless adding beyond default voltage - the patriots, not ballistix

  • Is it worth spending more for this compared to the Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 c16? I got mine from the ebay sale so still within return. I dont know if i can check if it is b or e-die

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      I'm not sure if you'll notice the difference, but I did a little research a few months back and people seemed to class crucial as better quality die. I bought the 32gb 3600 cl16 and haven't had any issues. I'm sure both are fine. Got the crucial for $250 though

    • I think you might be confused about the naming, as I think Corsair lpx is using Hynix chips at those speeds.

      The crucial runs micron rev. E colloquially called e-die.

      • Corsair use EVERYTHING under the sun, I've seen Nanya A die, Hynix 4Gb dies(double sided), Hynix CJR/JJR, Samsung C-Die, B-Die, Micron 8Gbit Rev-B, RevE, and bunch of others..

        I picked one set from my local store with Micron Rev-E (checked version number for all packages they've got), the temperature tolerance is way worse than my crucial kits so they don't really OC .

        • My confidence and understanding of ram peaked with ddr2 and then fell off a cliff. I'm looking to replace 2x8gb dd4 sodimm modules that are installed in my legion 7i but between youtube, forums and websites I've had some conflicting information.

          I believe I want dual rank and depending on pricing 32 or 64gb total but Finding more than very basic CL 22 or 3 primary timings if lucky seems to be my limit. It is a common problem with the legion range and probably more so sometimes I can find the detailed timings after someone posts it on discord or a forum though not necessarily get it.

          Would you have any suggestions? I dont know the functions of most of the ram timings nor do I know if there is any guidlines when choosing between ram with lower timings or ram with higher clocks.


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            @xentar: you can hardly find any laptop kit running tighter than JEDEC timing. —— 2133c15, 2400c17, 2666 c19, 3200c22.

            So you just buy any kit rated for 3200c22 for the fastest frequency…

            if you want dual rank here is a thing…. a sodimm memory stick can have at most 16 chips on its PCB(both side together), and those chips could be 1GB per chip (8Gbit IC), or 2GB per chip(16Gbit IC).

            Because usually consumer rams are 8 chips per rank, so if you come across 16GB sticks with 16 chips, then you pretty much got a dual rank, but at the same time it could be a 16gb stick with 8chips…so if you want guarantee dual ranks sticks, then 32GB per stick is definitely dual rank (the only way they make a 32G stick is to use 16 of 16Gbit chips

            • @OMGJL: @OMGJL Thanks for the lesson and useful advice!

              • @xentar: go to a physical shop (if you are not in lockdown like I am in SA), asking for their fastest frequency stick that comes in 16 chips, and hope for the best.
                (packaging like kingston is only transparent on 1 side, if you see 8 chips on this side, then it would also suggest it should be 16chips through out, cuz if there's only 8 chips, they likely spread them out to be 4 each side)

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      Recently (Q3/Q4 2020), Micron actually began mixing their Crucial Ballistix Kit with Micron Rev B chips. Prior to this change. they have been all Rev E chips. These days all Ballistix 2x8GB 3200 MHz kits are Rev B Kits. Rev B 2x8GB 3200 MHz kits are single rank kits (Rev E 2x8GB 3200 MHz kits were dual rank) that still have overclocking headroom so I'm confident you are likely to overclock it to 3600 MHz as easily as you would have with Rev E kits.

      You can check if your kit is Rev E or B by opening up thaiphoon burner and check the part number or check the label on the sticks themselves I believe. Part number for Rev E is BL16G32C16U4B.M16FE1 and Rev B is BL16G32C16U4B.M16FB1

      If you don't plan on overclocking your ram beyond XMP specs, you can get any 2x8GB 3200 MHz kit as they will all perform the same.

      • The part numbers youre listing are for 16Gb modules, not 8Gb modules. Are you sure they're putting rev B in 8Gb sticks now?

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        This info is only for 2x16GB kits. All 3000+ 2x8GB Ballistix kits use 8Gb revE, not 8Gb Rev. B (which is considerably worse than 8Gb Rev. E/16Gb Rev. B). The 2x8GB Ballistix line has always been single rank as with most 2x8GB kits in the last couple of years.

      • 16Gbit RevB overclock as good as 8Gbit Rev E.

        Difference is you only need 8 modules to make a 16GB stick on RevB, but you need 16chips on RevE.

        hence RevB comes in Single Rank in 16GB single sticks, RevE comes in Dual Rank.

        You can argue that Dual Rank have better performance in same frequency/timing, and single rank are much easier to run on low end 4 layer PCB motherboard(and will OC to higher number on better boards.)

        Which ever you get is a win.

    • almost certainly c die although you can check the sticker on the stick and send it here in a link. this crucial kit would be much better though with much more oc headroom.

  • Fantastic starter kit for someone getting into building a gaming pc. I find Micron/Crucial have the best compatibility rates as well, I rarely even think about compatibility if I am buying Crucial memory.

  • Would this kit be really good for a ryzen build? I heard mhz isn't as important as timings? But can someone please enlighten me?

    • For Ryzen, it is more important to have 3200MHz or higher than tight timings. Once you hit 3200MHz or higher, timings are more important.
      The standard is 3200MHz with CL16, so these 3600MHz with CL16 kits are pretty good.

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        FYI, mhz are still more important than timings up to 3600mhz thanks to the infinity fabric. It's the interconnect between cores that you want synced with the memory clock and tends to work best at 1800mhz (so double that, 3600). Getting above 1800mhz is pretty rare. So despite 3200 CL16 and 3600 CL18 having the same latency in theory, the 3600 is better with Ryzen because you're speeding up more than just the RAM.

        Of course, we're talking pretty minimal real world differences. The best option is just to get the cheapest decent ram you can and spend more on the CPU/GPU instead.

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          3600 for Ryzen 5000 and above is pretty common if you're lucky you'll get 4000 but almost definitely 3800.

          3600 was rare for Ryzen 3000.

    • ye you could manually oc to like 3800 c16 on zen 3 with semi tight timings

  • is the clock speed ‎2400 MHz or 3600 Mhz on these because in specs it says 2400

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      usually the base clock speed is 2400, but the XMP settings are 3600, which you have to set in BIOS.

      • I’m not really up to date these days. But I had to do this too.

        It strikes me as pretty lame that mobos/bios and ram can’t just auto configure the advertised specs?

        • The advertised specs are not 100% stable all the time so its good to have that option

        • JEDEC standard does what you describe : mobos/bios and ram just auto configure the advertised specs (that's 2400/2666 on this sticks)

          XMP is nothing but a overclocking profile, RAM manufacturer test this sticks , and find a speed that would likely run on most motherboard, and record it down as XMP.

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    some good deal for 3600 32gb
    3600 18cl is slightly better than 3200 16cl
    I got this yesterday

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    Anyone know the cas timings on the 32gb 3600 cl16 kit?

    • i have a black 3600 kit and my timings are:
      XMP Certified
      1802 MHz / 16-18-18-38-58 / 1.35 V

  • Dang, just bought a 16gb kit to double up my existing kit like 2 weeks ago for $144… ah well. Supported a local business at least.

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    I got the Ballistix 32GB 3200 kit late last year for $140 and they easily overclock to 3600. I've been meaning to double it to 64GB but I haven't seen them go below 200. Finally grabbed these. Thanks for the post!

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      did you get single or dual rank the first time? better hope it was single rank for 4x16 single rank cause if u got dual rank bank then and your buying this now which is almost guaranteed dual rank
      running 2x16 of single rank + 2x16 of dual rank would be scuffy

      • It was dual. Crossed fingers I'll get the same.

        • i really really doubt you will, i think there have been some reports that some of the new newer kits have had some dual rank but i thinks its unlikely.
          not sure how mixing rev e and b would oc tho. or how single and dual rank would work/oc.
          if you do get a single rank kit you could return it anyways if its bogged

  • Got the 2x 16GB 3200 C16. Seems good price for this brand, can't find it cheaper anywhere else. The closest one around $230.

  • thanks, both 16gb white RGB kit

  • Bought the black RGB version of this a few months ago to use with Ryzen 7 3700X.
    Much better than Corsair LPX 3000MHz I had been using before.
    The infinity fabric sync really makes a big difference.

    • Your specs are exactly the same as mine! (RAM & CPU)
      Any tips on OC'ing this?

      • I'm currently running that in an SFF case so I don't plan on OC'ing it haha. Very good combo nonetheless!

  • Thanks mate got the 3200 C16 to go with the MSI tomahawk I got the other day, now gotta wait for a 5600X deal and my upgrade will be finished. not gonna upgrade my 1660 super because GPU prices are just silly.

  • Is it worth spending a bit more on something like g.skill ripjaws 3600mhz that has a bit tighter timing of 16-16-16-36?


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      hmm, it has dodgy description for model: "MPN: F4-3600C16D-16GVKC, F4-3600C16D-16GVK" Only GVK is B die 16-16-16-36.

      • wow thanks for pointing that out
        I didn't know there were two different products ….
        GVKC apparently is 16-19-19-39 …

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          ye id contact seller and ask specifically for a b die kit. although considering the price, there most likely hoping people dont read enough and noone will actually be getting b die.

          • @abjsdhasehasee: Let's say hypothetically they're the same price.. the 16-16-16-36 ripjaws is a slightly better stick than these crucial ones right?

            Are there any pros of the crucials "if" they're the same price?

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              @rian354252: Yep the timing on the rip jaws would be the b-die kit

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              @rian354252: if theyre the same price and your getting the flat 16 kit then your getting a kit of b die. there better than any every other ic in every way possible. no pros to the crucials.