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[NSW] Buy 1kg Pork Cutlets $25, Get 1kg Free + Postage ($0 with $99 Spend) @ Craig Cook (Sydney Metro, Central Coast, Newcastle)


Have purchased from Craig Cook a few times and have been happy with the quality of the cuts we've received.
Spend $99 for free delivery. More freebies for higher spend tier.

More from https://craigcookthenaturalbutcher.com.au/collections/specia...

Hopefully got the post formatted correctly.

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    What a sad world when all you have to advertise is hormone free, which ain't even true since pigs have their own hormones.

    • What a sad world when all you have to advertise is hormone free

      depends on the hormones…

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      Oh did I make a mistake in the title? Should I remove it? My bad wording…?

      Edited, no hormones in the titles so no one needs to get hormonal.

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        It's not you or this deal, it's pigs and other animals sold as food in general.

  • Thanks, have given them a shot.

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    Careful with these guys I ordered off them previously and the below is what I ordered/received. They then proceeded to come a pickup the meat to probably resell "Fresh" to some other chump. Weigh your meat when you get it.

    Beef Mince
    ordered 1kg vs received 370g

    Wagyu Beef Sausages
    ordered 500g vs received 219g

    Chicken Breast Fillets
    ordered 1kg vs received 372g

    Wagyu Rump
    ordered 2kg vs received 735g

    • That's very worrying. Hope it was just a once off error. Thanks for sharing though.

    • That's unfortunate! Was it recent? Hopefully they fixed it up for you. I've received 3 orders myself the past couple of months and have purchased some steaks for dad and father in law for Father's Day and they have received everything.

    • i reckon this deserves a neg vote so people are aware

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      Just got ours and made sure to weigh them. They seem to be the right weight (actually slightly above). Hopefully your experience was just an honest mistake

    • Glad that you did get your refund back in 2020 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/577943#comment-9575024 Rather unfortunate they didn't give you another batch with the proper weight out in Newcastle.

  • for the pork cutlets, its not fully clear to me at checkout whether you get 1kg or 2kgs for $25

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      This is how it appears in my email confirmation. Um yup I ordered 4kg of it lol, kids are meatosaurases.


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    I’ve never purchased online. But I do regularly buy from the North Rocks store. I buy the Pork and Veal mince. It’s very good quality, much better than supermarket.

  • Thanks op. Tried it and ordered 2kg of wagyu rump, 2kg of pork cutlets and 2kgs of beef minced for a total of $101. Hopefully the quality is good.

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    Received it already which is pretty quick considering I ordered it less than 24 hrs ago. Haven't weighed them as I'd have to take each portion out of their plastic packaging.

    I seem to have received everything I ordered though including the bonus kilos.

    • I've got my order on Wed and everything is accounted for.

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