Drops on the Rocks

Howdy there.

I grew up with my parents running a country pub, and my Aunts would all have their table, and the uncles in the other corner, with a pool table in between, and only the twixt shall meet. (JK)

Anyway, two of my Aunties are turning 70 in October, and I remember that their favourite drink back then was 'Drops on the Rocks' with lemonade. I've been searching and searching, and the closest thing I can even find to it existing is "BAITZ Drops on the Rocks Liqueur", but it hasn't been made since the mid 90's.

I was wondering if anyone knew what it tasted like, or a cocktail that's similar enough that they'd get a kick out of it? I was 5-10 during those years, and have no idea, but I thought it would make a cute little party favour.

Thanks, if anyone can buy me a clue.


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    googled this.

    might be easier to make it yourself


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    I read "drops on the rocks" and think… Booze…
    Yep, I only drink spirits and drink them straight (on ice).

    Let me re-phrase… I don't 'a' spirit - Vodka… While there are variations of different vodka's I drink, it's always and ONLY VODKA and on the rocks!

    aaahhhh is it Friday afternoon yet?

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      Yep, I only drink spirits and drink them straight (on ice).

      This makes no sense

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        The whole thing doesn't make sense.

        • Yep!
          I could say the result of having had a few drinks.. but truth be told… mobile phone in this case. ugh!

          I bet it was you too with the -1, wasn't it!

          insert shifty eyes

      • Depends if you class 'straight' as 'neat' or on ice/rocks.

    • It is if you have a 3 day weekend you can't use anyway like us in Vic!

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    This chap asked a similar question on twitter in 2012. Maybe lime?

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    and only the twixt shall meet

    This doesn't make sense - even as a joke.
    Twixt is a form of 'between'.
    I think you might mean 'twain' - but the expression is 'never the twain shall meet'.
    It's Kipling.

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    Going off this Gumtree listing I'd say it was the Baitz liquer they were drinking.

    And going off this tweet the flavour is "Lime-juice cordial, cake-spices, industrial cleaner, I guess."

    Maybe give them a call?

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      Oooh, smart thinking! I'll give them a call and see if they can help. That chair would make a great present, if they weren't on the larger side.

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    I've drank 'Drops on the Rocks' in the past, but I'm not sure its manufactured anymore. The closest is Pimm's. Drops on the rocks was an aussie imitation and the taste is quite similar.