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Ozito 18v PXC Blower Kit with 2.0Ah Battery $69 (Was $99) @ Bunnings


Hi All,

Noticed a reduction in price and picked one up.
Considering the skin was popular at $49 I would say an extra 2.0ah battery plus charger (albeit basic) is decent value for $20.00

For those looking for the skin it is currently priced at $55.00

Looks to be at Australia wide.

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    I just have to keep telling myself I don't need it.

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      Yes, you do (!!!)

      I use this for small areas and clearing leaves out of roof gutters.

      Does a decent job clearing grass clipping off sidewalk after mowing too.

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      I use it to start my charcoal BBQ, blow leaves and grass clippings as well as soil and small pebbles that my dog tracks onto the patio.

      When I looking to buy an edger, I was on the fence with the edger blower kit because I didn't think I would need a blower. Turned out to be one of the more frequently used ozito items I have.

      • ditto.

  • Will this actually be powerful to actually blow anything though unless it's 1cm from it?

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      Only if u don't marry it

    • I use it heaps
      have the ryobi version as well which is a little more powerful but not by much.

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      I have one. Works fine. It struggles a bit to remove wet clumps of grass, but it'll blow the dry stuff fine from a foot or two away.

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      I mainly use mine for sawdust but it does a great job. I also use it to chase my kids around the backyard, which it also performs admirably at.

    • I have the smaller version of this from Ozito and even that does a decent job of blowing dust and leaves from my home gym

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      Its OK for normal leaves like gum trees, dust, saw dust etc and of course easier than a broom or rake in some situations, but personally for our uses its not great. I have the older version of it and this more recent one and its a little less powerful. For things like pine needles or big leaves, its a bit hit and miss. I have the Ozito jet blower as well which is vastly more powerful and for us just soooo much more useful. We use it 95% of the time. YMMV.

      • Which one is the jet blower? have a link?

        • Bunnings/Ozito stopped selling it for some reason i think, i have not seen it in store or on the site for a while now. But here is a link of the ozito website. You might be able to find another brand that looks the same might just be rebadged, dunno. My neighbours saw mine and tried to get it but both ended up with smaller/weaker ones from makita and ryobi because couldn't find one.

          • @Xizor: I hope they take it back, like they did with the brushless angle grinder, but sure is not going to be$30 haha

          • @Xizor: Is this the same one? If so there was plenty of stock when I took the photo yesterday. $135, skin only.

            • @ClownDog: I'm not sure if its a new model/exactly the same but yeah that's the blower to get if you want some oomph! Price has gone well up though.

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    Got this for Fathers day @ $99. Might have to rebuy and return using older receipt

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      100% do it. Nothing pees me off more than price reductions just after you buy.

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        So you just don't buy anything then?

        • You don't have to buy anything buddy you want to pay full price and be happy with that and when they reduce it not long after that's your prerogative to not return… I ain't made of .money

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        Supercheap Auto actually automatically refunds the difference (gift card) if you buy something (possibly only online) and it goes on sale within a month. Would be awesome if this was a common practice with every major retailer.

      • Yep done. Purchased but returning to another store as this one didn't have something I actually need.
        But has anyone actually bought then gone straight to returns for a refund at the higher price?

        • Yeah I did it with a Dewalt kit a while back.

          Bought it again at the lower price then returned it on the original higher priced receipt.

    • I would consider your doing a scan tbh.

  • Hmm was going to buy this skin only on the weekend. Not sure I really need a 2.0ah battery. I already have 2x4.0ah and 2x3.0ah batteries and three fast chargers. Also currently have the mower, line trimmer and Hedger. To get this or just stick with the skin?

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      Maybe get the kit and sell battery and charger on gumtree. Otherwise skin only sounds fine for your use

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    I discovered a few weeks ago this is all you need to get a campfire absolutely roaring.

  • Can this, the hedge trimmer and the line trimmer all work together?

    Wouldn't mind buying all 3 lol.

    Don't really need this blower though haha

    • It's all the same battery type yeah. If you're talking about the trimmer with the little plastic blades, I can't recommend it - they break as soon as you touch anything hard so it's useless for edging or against fences etc. The twin battery one with the actual line is great though.

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      You should look at this item then, get the pair for $99.


      • this is good finding. thanks, i am going tomorrow to check if this can be bought in store as i got some gift cards

      • Worth noting the battery is slightly better in this kit as well.

    • I have all three of those and they are all fantastic. I have replaced the hedge trimmer once but I really give it hell and the replacement warranty is solid gold.

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    Nice deal Shane

    • :)

      • Bowling Shane Blowing deal Shane

  • Same price with a 1.5AH lion - is that worth considering?

    • Not PXC so the battery won't work with PXC skins.

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      It's not PXC, and why would you want a 1.5Ah battery while this one is 2.0Ah?

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    how much run time do you get with a 2.0Ah battery? thats tiny

    • I never seems to have problems running out of battery. Again, usually that involves front porch, driveway and patio, all in all no more than 15 mins each time.

    • It is, if your clearing a large yard, grab a 4Ah battery when they go on sale or if your adding this to an existing set of PXC, you can just have multiple batteries

  • My Jet Blower skin is still new in the box :P
    (for when the Ryobi blower of this style finally dies)

    • Been trying to find one for ages.
      I use the 2x18v mower and whipper so the twin battery jet blower would complete the trio!

  • Do these actually blow a reasonable amount or is it just piss weak?

    • +1

      Clears lawn clippings, dust pretty well. Also good a blowing dry decking.

    • Really depends what you need to use it for, and how much surface area to cover. It blows a modest amount but for us its not great. If you want some proper power you really want a jet blower.

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    Thanks, will be perfect for all those blow jobs around the house.

    • Yea nah, this thing blows.

      You're looking for the vacuum…

      [kids, dont try this at home, seriously]

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    Good when wash engine bay, Degrease, hose off, then use blower to remove excess water. Great 4wd's that get messy engine bays like mine.

  • Would this be strong enough to blow clippings after trimming the hedge? I find I get a lot if clippings stuck inside the hedge between branches etc which I have to shake or poke out.


    • I doubt it would.

    • It is not very powerful. My use case is only to blow fallen leaves off the ground.

    • No blower will do that job

  • -1

    Using a larger capacity battery (4ah) gives more power. You can hear it spinning faster compared to a 2ah battery. Haven't tested if it makes much difference.

  • These are crap. They need to bring this guy back. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/564606

    I use mine daily, hope it never breaks because the next best thing is the Makita equivalent for 300bucks.

  • Is this good for drying a car after a wash?

    • No, the nozzle is too narrow / the "spread" of air isnt very wide.

  • Is this powerful enough for blowing bark?

    • Not really.

      Maybe one at a time…

  • +1

    I have this and it's barely usable. It's a good toy to play with the kids or to take camping to make your campfire blaze but i wouldn't recommend it for a mid size garden.

    It's simply not powerful enough to feel good. This means that you push less volume, and end up spending more time cleaning up as result as you have to point the nossle right at leaves. If you have heavy leaves or small sticks, then forget about moving that. As most people here have stated, if your grass clippings are even slightly wet it won't work.

    Also another negative is the design of the trigger. It's hard to hold the blower without pulling the trigger as the trigger is basically the whole handle so you end up with an awkward position when not using it.

    I have a ryobi and it's more powerful and feels much better to use.

    • I have one too and agree, it’s just not very powerful. Only good for small jobs.

    • Found the ryobi rep

  • Also available with the grass trimmer in a pack for $99.

  • How does this compare to the Ozito 1800W Fully Electric Blower for $72 ?


    • The one you linked is a 240v so get yourself an extension cord for it

      • I meant the blowing power of the Battery version compared to the Fully Electric version ?

    • 210Km/hr vs 320Km/hr

      • Wow at that difference in power I prefer to get the Fully Electric corded version

  • Slightly off-topic but my Ozito BlowerVac stopped working correctly after 2-3 uses. I don't have the receipt but can I just take it back to Bunnings for warranty repair or exchange?

    • Might get exchange as I'm pretty sure ozito is exclusive to Bunnings

      • Suspect you're right - will give it a try, thanks!