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Ozito PXC 2x18V Brushless Jet Blower Skin $29.98 @ Bunnings


Found a pallet of these excellent 2 x 18V Blowers at Bunnings in Bendigo for $29.98.
I have tried a few of these and in my opinion, this is the one to get. Plenty of go in it to move leaves around, clean up lawn clippings or just annoy the neighbors.
As with all Ozito deals; you might find lots or you might find none.

Receipt here: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/14594/82650/blower.jpg
If you want to hunt one down, you can call your local and quote this stock number:
"I/N number 3381275"

Ozito Website

Blurb from Ozito:
Powerful 810m³/h Max Air Volume for moving leaves and loose garden debris
Turbo Boost Button for momentary boost in power
Variable Speed Control for greater user control
Shoulder Strap Included

Voltage 18V x 2 (36V)
No Load Speed 11,000 - 21,000/minMax.
Air Speed 150km/hMax.
Air Volume 810m³/h
Noise Rating 100dB
Weight 2.5kg

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  • doubt other stores will honour it

    • Always worth a try. Who knows, maybe that's the system price now?

    • +5

      Seems to be on their website now so available via click and collect.


    • I can assure you other stores are doing - I believe it's a rebrand thing as they're going from Power X Change to PXC. My local is Coffs Harbour and they had several dozen of these at the same ~$30 price.

      Will just depend on if they have the old stock or not.

      FWIW on the specs alone these are about the most powerful non-petrol blower Bunnings sells, regardless of brand or price.

      • I have the brushless blower vac and it's very powerful and not overly heavy (compared to a petrol version).

      • just need a good deal on batteries =) I have 2 from the small kit that are 1.5Ah

      • Very good value for $30 as much power as my 2 stroke blower maybe a bit more, very good inside the house and for cleaning the computer.
        Bunnings have it on their website and Woodvillle South Australia had a full pallet, staff had trouble finding it and were very surprised at the price when they found it for me.
        Cannot go wrong with this one just do not drop it and knock it about like the 2 Stroke blowers and it will give years of service.
        Many Thanks to the person who found this and to those who updated the information.

        • +1

          Coffs has plenty. Got 3 and will make a ghetto swamp boat.

  • +3

    Also available in the ACT at the Tuggeranong store - plenty left today at midday

  • +2

    I only have one Ozito battery, so might give it a miss. Great deal though!

    • +2

      I'd buy it and try to snap up a battery in another deal. I have it already, it does an awesome job for the price.

      • I also already have the normal Ozito blower - I know there is probably not much comparison, but for what I need, and the single battery I have, I will save the cash.

  • Not on Bunnings' site… must be clearing stock. Great blower.

  • Not on the website (Vic store selected) so sounds like a deleted line type of clearance. Bummer, I probably would've probably picked one up at that price. I never saw the previously posted kit clearance prices at my local stores.

  • +3

    i can confirm that this price is loaded in the system, and some SA stores have some

    • Excellent, thanks for confirming

  • Spoke to a Bunnings here in syd said no stock and flagged as none more coming, so yeah looks like a run out. Could of sworn i saw it only last week though but not on sale.

  • +1

    are these good to dry your car post wash?

    • +2

      yes. ive got one exactly for this purpose. no more water marks from your bootlid and rear view mirrors.

    • I used a pet dryer instead.

  • +4

    Am I the only one who thought there were two of them?

  • +2

    Promotional item. More than 10 available at Crossroads, Sydney.

  • +1

    There are 10+ of these at Bunnings Innaloo, WA, at the end of the aisle.
    They just finished putting them out.
    It scanned at $29.98 At the checkout

  • Kinda want and need one of these but would have to buy another battery :( To be fair my mower, whipper snipper and drill are ozito so I wanted another one anyway.

    • As in your current batteries wouldn't be compatible with this blower or you just don't like your tool to battery ratio?

      • +1

        No no, as in I only have one battery :) I can mow and edge my whole yard with one charge so didn't really need another one

      • You'll need 2x 18V batteries for this to work.

        • They don't have to be the same AH however.

          • @cornbeef: Yes they doo I rang bunnings tonight to get a few of these and was told you have to put the same size in it ie 2x3ah or 2x4ah

            • +3

              @Dex38313: I put two different ones in mine and it works fine. Keep in mind - just because they sell it doesn't mean they've used one.

              • +1

                @cornbeef: The manual says to use 2 of the same Ah batteries at the same level of charge. It will still work with say 1 x 2Ah and 1 x 3Ah battery, but the batteries can be permanantly damaged because one will go flat before the other.

                • @Townstevo: That doesn't make sense to me. Going flat is what batteries do.

                  • +1

                    @cornbeef: It does make sense.

                    It'll drain the smaller battery faster and over drain it so it damages the cell.
                    This is only a problem if you are draining it flat so it won't blow at all anymore.

                    The blower works off a nominal 36v (2*18v)

                    It'll likely run till a nominal 32-33v.
                    If you are using mismatched batteries, the smaller one will drain first to perhaps 15v with the bigger battery staying closer to 18v.
                    This means the smaller one will be damaged because of excessive discharge.

                    • @edrift: Sure. The blower only works with 2 batteries. As the smaller battery loses charge the blower stops working. It's not as if the larger battery is then compensating for the smaller battery.

                    • @edrift: If I use a fully charged 1.5ah and 4ah and only for few minutes, would that be ok?

                      • @rokufan: Works fine rokufan

                      • +6

                        @rokufan: It will work but it also may stress the smaller battery and cause it to fail earlier than it otherwise would have.
                        Why? - the difference in internal resistance.
                        As one battery nears empty and the other is not, the smaller battery will be near its maximum internal resistance and the other will have very little.
                        If both batteries were the same capacity, their resistance would be roughly balanced as they deplete. These batteries are in series (2x18v) to achieve the 36v working voltage

                    • +1

                      @edrift: Your maths checks out, but each battery pack should have its own protection circuit which should cut out to protect the cells.

                      I stress the should because some cheap-arse batteries do not do this. I believe all the mainstream power tools do have it though.

  • +9

    Great for blowing leaves onto the neighbour’s garden

  • Pallet of stock at Windsor gardens ,SA

  • +2

    Do these suck?

  • Great value, I picked up one when it was one clearance for ~$90 and I thought that was a great price already.

    Edit: Realised the one I got was a kit with batteries, but this is great value for the skin nonetheless.

  • Still plenty at Dural NSW approx 12. Got one myself thank you

    • Really? I called them and they said none.

      • Yes - I called and they confirmed 16 in stock. Went down just before close and grabbed one off the pile. Note they have placed them in the area to the right of the registers towards outdoor garden section - not in the power tools aisle.

        • Thanks mate. I just got one now, was about 8 there. When i called them they said sold out so i guess that rep was not the sharpest.

          • +1

            @Xizor: I grabbed 2 at 10.45am today and counted 11 remaining.

            • @BellaWii: The difference between glancing and counting :)

              • @Xizor: Glad you guys were able to grab one

  • +5

    these have a lot of power on turbo i used one for about 6 months mowing contracting i have changed over to ego but in some ways miss the ozito the batteries are so much smaller and easier to carry in the car and on turbo not really much different in power.

  • +2

    I got one of these in a kit with the two batteries and charger early this year as part of some clearance for about $50 - very good unit esp for the price

  • +2

    Great for dusting your PC, just out take outside and blast every few months.

    • Isn't the moist air kills the motherboard?

      • no?

  • +5

    if only that were a quake 3 rocket launcher

  • West Gosford has them.

    • Where were they located in the store? Might do a Bunnings run tomorrow.

  • +1

    Kirrawee has a pallet of them as well

  • Man I have like three xfinity batteries but only one Oziti powerxchange one. Any adapters out there?

  • +1

    I called the Epping store in Victoria, they have 14 in stock. You can pay for it through their special orders over the phone then pick up though click and collect.

  • I logged onto Bunnings Web site and these are available under click and collect. In WA they appear to be in all large stores, only 2 small suburban stores did not have them in stock. I'm picking mine up tomorrow. Thanks Tightarse.

    • what did you search under?

      • +1

        "Brushless Jet Blower" in their search bar. Returned 3 hits and the third hit was the Ozito on special.

      • Only works in WA i think. Can see the item but when changing click and collect to a NSW store it says not available

    • Doesn't work for NSW

    • +1

      I just purchased one click and collect at the Belmont store..Cheers Bro much appreciated

      • Belmont NSW?

        • No…….Belmont WA bro

  • I don't really need a blower, but for $30? Damm
    I can find heaps of stock in SA, I searched the number and NZ came up and just changed it to .com.au

    Bunnings 3381275

    How much are the batteries???

    • +1

      Lot more than the blower

    • Whenever Adli have their power tools range on sale and include batteries, you can get the 4AH ones for $39. In fact, at one stage last year, they were only $29! Which makes them super cheap for using across the rest of the PowerX range.

  • Cheapest bare battery is $35 right now.
    Kits from $99.

    WA says in stock around me Canno Maddo Belmont Harrisdale

    • kits including the blower?

      • Meant random kits sorry, battery+drill or similar.

  • NO!!!Paid $99 for the kit last year!should I buy the skin to break even?

  • Thanks Op! I've been waiting for this.. Ordered 1 with battery, it's gonna be shipped from Nunawading, VIC ($10 delivery fee).

  • Thanks - ordered one through website for pick up tomorrow. There are still some left in Cockburn WA (based on their website) if anyone is looking.

    • What did you type into the website to find it? I can't see it on their website

      • All good…I can see it when I change the store to Cockburn

        • +2

          Cockburn…. blower….all good…..

    • Cockburn has a pallet load at front of store. No price on them either so I guess most non-OzBargainers won't realise how cheap they are ;)

  • Does it come with charger?
    What is the cheapest option to get two batteries?

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