Hyundai Santa Fe or Honda CRV L7?

Looking for a reliable and good family car, any help?

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    Hyundai Santa Fe
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    Honda CRV L7



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    • OP is after a bit of Lux!

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    Kia Sorentos and Hyundai Santa Fes have been bombproof since the 2000's and the new ones are giving the euros a run for their money.
    Plus i feel Honda hasn't been very innovative in the past decade.

  • One that has the model of the car in small letters.

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    Drive em. Pick one you like.

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    Stop yelling please

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    What? - is the cap. lock key stuck on your keyboard or you just trying to be rude by shouting in public?

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    due to covid i cant

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      Can't what?

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        Can't use reply button

  • current model or second hand

  • current model

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      Use the reply button please

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    Buy Toyota Kluger

  • Honda is pretty well bulletproof.Honda has always had very good engines.

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      I don't know about that! Terrorist usually drive Toyota pick up, so it must be more bullet proof than Honda

  • Depends on how long you want to keep the car for.

    7 years and under then go with Hyundai, Resell value at the 7-year mark won't be too good.

    If Planning to keep the car for more than 7 years then get the Honda as the interior/engine and transmission will hold up better than the Hyundai.

    • Buying a 7 year old one I would agree. It is a tough call but if the diesel is chosen it is a matter of power vs fine Japanese car. Test drive both and the choice is much easier.