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Jamie Oliver by Tefal Cooks Classic 24/28cm Twin Pack Stainless Steel Induction Frypan Set $104 (Was $349.95) Delivered @ Myer


70% off
Average 4.9/5 over >100 reviews

Warranty Duration: 24 months
Warranty Type: Manufacturer
Hob Type: All
Fabrication: Stainless steel exterior, Interior: pans with non-stick coating, stainless steel for pots, stainless steel + silicone riveted handle
Care and Use Instructions: Dishwasher safe, recommended to use liquid or gel
Stylish and ultra-durable

Stylish stainless steel is perfect for hob-to-table dining, as it looks as good as it cooks. Not only is the pan non-stick, it's super-durable, taking any knocks in its stride, and making cooking even more enjoyable. Designed by Jamie Oliver: This is the frying pan I reach for most often when I'm cooking it's a brilliant size, top quality, and super-versatile. From restaurant-quality steaks to chicken korma, it will serve you well in the kitchen.

STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL: stylish stainless steel is perfect for hob-to-table dining, as it looks as good as it cooks.
NON-STICK COATING: super-durable non-stick coating infused with titanium, making it long-lasting and easy to clean
100% SAFE NON-STICK COATING : 0% PFOA, 0% lead, 0% cadmium. Stricter controls than those required by current food contact regulations. No lead no cadmium (no Pb no Cd) means no intentional addition of Pb and Cd in the coatings. No migration at a level of 0.005 mg/kg.
HEAT INDICATOR: Thermo-Signal technology for precision cooking
SHAPE: deeper shape for maximum versatility
HANDLE: professional-style stainless steel riveted silicone handle for secure grip
OVEN-SAFE: this pan is oven compatible up to 210C and 410F, offering maximum versatility
HOBS COMPATIBILITY: suitable for all hobs including induction
SIZE: 24/28cm diameter

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  • Are these pans worth the price?

    • Kinda.

      • Not at full price but for $50 a piece yeh they are solid.

        Will last you years and stay non stick for ages too.

    • +1

      Debatable. I find the Teflon coating starts to break down after 2 years at which point I replace. So I just get the cheaper tefal range. And then use stainless steel and cast iron for the most part.

    • Wait for the Tefal Ultimate Premium range to go on sale. You are just paying for Jamies name on these pans. Teal UP is their top of the line consumer non-stick range, they will be cheaper than these and perform just as well if not better.

      • +1

        Howdy, are they called the Ultimate Premium? I tried to do a search for these as I’m in the market for some new pans & it only came up with the Unlimited Premium instead?

        • Yeh i think you are right it is unlimited premium. I got the 24cm saute Pan and the 30cm pan to replace some older Tefal Pro Selection pans. Both perform brilliantly. I thought the 24cm saute pan would be too small, but I use it almost daily and is now the most used pan I have. Its perfect for sauces and currys.

  • +17

    Made in France? Doesn't matter though, we'll go with the American.

    • lol

    • rofl

    • Sacré bleu, comedy gold !

    • Shh… let's keep it on the down low until we close the deal!

      On a serious note, does anyone actually know if these are the 'Made in France' range?

    • These have nuclear technology.

    • +2


      cheaper at victoiras basement i think if you're after these.

      Bought the Jamie Olivers to try - thanks OP

    • I’ve had these for years, they were awesome and the non stick was great, then after some use the non stick wasn’t working well… it didn’t peel… stuff just got stuck… after a lot more use it’s become ‘seasoned’ ( I guess) so it’s non stick again… not as good as before but definitely good enough for just about everything… I like them all over again.

    • Often goes down to $99. Am happy with my set

  • Thanks op. I combined with my $20 off $150 afterpay pulse rewards offer. Some great prices for my bub’s clothing too.

  • Any toxins in these sorts of pans?

    • +2

      Only when my girlfriend cooks. She’s vegan.

      • What does vegan mean? Does it mean you've dumped her since this message 2 hours ago?

  • can be used on GAS ??

  • +1

    Mr. Chilli jam pan 🥘

  • +6


    Do I need new pans?


    Did I just buy?


    Did I follow the other Ozbargainer and sign up for Afterpay Pulse Rewards and get $15 off a purchase for something I don't need.


    I am Ozbargainer.

    • I have no idea what that is but udmb question - does afterpay affect your credit score?

      • +1

        A close friend of mine is a mortgage broker. Afterpay doesn’t affect your actual credit score, but it does affect the internal “credit score” banks use to determine your eligibility for loans, your ability to borrow. It’s another thing that tips the scales against your approval. Some places will ask you to close your Afterpay account and/or credit cards before approval. I have an Afterpay account, but I have a top tier credit score and my discretionary spending is relatively low.

      • Once you complete the payments the impact on your credit score ends. It's short term credit

  • -1

    Don't use olive oil with these, it'll void your warranty which was the case with mine.


    • +1

      No olive oil in a Jamie Oliver pan?!? Haha that's gold.

    • Fake news. In the review in your link they explain it was some DJ representative who claimed they couldn't use Olive oil on them, however Tefal said it was incorrect and changed the pans under warranty.

      Tefal itself even has many recipes on their website where they clearly suggest to fry with olive oil.
      The fact that olive oil ruins nonstick pans is simply a myth and not true.

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