Cheap ANC Earphones/Headphones for Studying at Home

So I've not seen any recent threads about this, most seem to be from last year so hoping for some fresh info/recommendations. I currently have the Soundpeats T2 which worked great for a couple months but then developed an issue where the left earbud makes weird clicking and beeping noises when ANC is turned on (cleaning it used to temporarily help but not anymore). So while I probably will send them in for replacement, that would also mean that I'd have no ANC with a noisy house while trying to study. Earplugs fall out of my ears (and sometimes I listen to music to help me stay on target)
Any recommendations on cheap ANC earphones/headphones?
So far I've found Edifier W860NB Over-Ear $66


  • Earbuds tend to be really good at just blocking out everything if you have a good fit. if you want cans with actually good ANC you generally have to pay for it. Cheap ones will block out constant noises (i.e. can be alright on airplanes) but good luck blocking out the noises from your housemates.

    I have sony noise cancelling ones and have tried bose, they're not good at getting rid of everything. But jam a pair of earbuds in my ears and I don't notice anything anymore.

    Also with earplugs, how are you using them? I use them religiously at concerts (well, pre-covid) and you need to find a good fitting set, twist it, stick it in your ear and let it expand out again to fill your ear. Then it shouldn't be going anywhere.

    • I kind of roll them in my fingers and then stick them in. I guess I should be twisting them?

      • the foam orange/disposables should be rolled very firmly to make it thin as possible. Have the other hand pull the ear out to open up the ear canal, then quickly release the plugs and insert it deep as you can. It should go in almost all the way.

        They can be reused a few times before they start to expand too quickly to be inserted properly. When they're new they expand slowly.

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    Give up on cheap headphones. I got a pair of Bose QC35's and they've lasted me for almost 5 years.

  • I've used a cheap pair of ANC headphones (~$60, the TaoTronics BH-040s) and expensive pairs of headphones (QC35IIs and WH-1000XM3s), and like others above have said, if you want good ANC, you do have to pay for it. The cheap pair of ANC headphones block out some of the lower frequencies, however, as expected, the more expensive cans block out higher frequencies much more, like voices or wind.

    Don't cheap out; you'll regret it in the long run. Sony and Bose headphones will also come with better customer service too.

  • Why not consider wired earphones. Crazy I know.

    • I can still hear things with earphones, music, no ANC. And sometimes I want to turn the music off.

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    I like the Jabra 75t with ANC

    • Yeah bought mine for $150 recently.
      Use while walking and they’ve been great.

  • Sounds peats, for sub 100$

    • Did you get any charging issue with your T2 where sometimes they don't charge when placed in the case until moved around? Or a weird clicking/beeping when ANC is on?

      • Dont have any soundpeats… yet.
        Just ordered a set of H1 earlier in the week, yet to arrive.
        They don't have ANC.

        I use over-ear (closed back) Oppo's, and HD Sennheisers usually.

        I do have ANC in my TW M2 Sennheisers, but they are $400+ RRP. So prob not what you are looking for.

  • Ok cheapest solution i can think of is some ear muffs (for mowing the lawn etc) with some cheap ear phones in your ears.

  • Didn’t know the African National Congress made headphones.