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Xiaomi 11T Pro (6.67", 8GB/128GB, Snapdragon 888, 5G, NFC) US$603.90 (~A$836.24) Delivered @ Xiaomi Mi Store AliExpress


Global release of the new Xiaomi 11T Pro flagship phone absolutely packed with features. I recommend checking out the review at Techtablets and the Camera review. Before anyone asks, yes it has proper Widevine L1 so Netflix will be in FHD with crisp sound thanks to Harmon Kardon speakers and Dolby Atmos.

Features include MIUI 12.5 (Android 11), 6.67" 2400x1080 120Hz 1000nit AMOLED Display with Gorilla Glass Victus, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 CPU, 8GB LPDDR5 RAM, 128GB UFS 3.1 storage, NFC, 5000mAh battery with 120W HyperCharge, dual SIM with 5G/4G (incl. B28), 108MP/8MP/5MP rear cameras, 16MP front camera and a fingerprint reader.

There's also an 8GB/256GB and 12GB/256GB version on sale with multiple colours available.

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      • how to get s21 ultra under 1k ?

        • You can’t.

          • @sepa: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/651606

            You actually can. I bought the 512gb S21U for $1199, the 128gb is $300 cheaper. You do that maths.

            • @krisspy: As I said, bullshit trade-in deal, requires you trade-in a second-hand phone worth $500+. You can't "buy" a s21 ultra for under $1000, you swap your perfectly good phone and then pay a $1000 premium. Your post is as deceptive as the sammy "deal".

              • @sepa: You don't have to return your phone and you still pocket $950+ worth of discounts, you just have to pay the trade in value of your phone. Which in my case was $30 for an S8+

                Not really deceptive. I literally bought a phone without trading my old one….


                Just did a quick valuation on a $110 old phone. I didn't have $100 chat credit or $50 sign up credit on hand.

                Essentially $1049 if I don't return the old phone for trade in (I pay back the discount given for my old phone, makes sense)
                Less $150 for chat credits and sign up bonus.
                = $899 for a 128gb s21u

  • this or galaxy 21?

    • Oppa Samsung style

    • The s21+ is cheaper. Samsung has more polished software. You're not foregoing warranty and support. No brainier really.

      • Yup no brainer indeed.

        I bought a Redmi Note 10 Pro, waited the almost 3 weeks for it to arrive, then camera died after 2 days.

        Took a couple of days backwards and forward between Banggood before they have an RMA, now I have to pay for international post upfront and wait 3+ weeks after sending it back to see if they will actually honour their warranty.

        MIUI has plenty of bloatware and I thought is very clunky too. Infact, I'd say my almost 2yo LG ThinQ V40 was often more responsive and snappy…

  • Sorry to ask a dumb question, what is MIUI?

    I have "EMUI" or some such on my Mate 20, is this a standardised thing? Is it this like the "One UI" on Samsung devices? Their 'flair' on base Android?
    It's just weird that my Huawei phone has such a similar name to the Xiaomi phone?

      • +3

        @Wonderfool ALL phones have their own ui samsung has one below
        NOTHING to do with play store as said below it is a skin over Android.

        • Not necessarily all. Phones like one plus is relatively stock. So are Sonys, Htcs and Motorolas are skin with practically no extra feature or bloat.

          • +5

            @Wonderfool: Yes and it has nothing to do with whether that manufacturer has access to playstore or not. way to change the context of the discussion LOL

            • @keejoonc: I don't see why Chinese makers would bother the spend the R&D to slow down their phone and move away from windows phone in the early days just to have baseline functionality. There's monetary incentives, and it shows today.

              • @Wonderfool: Do you always have a tendency to go off on a tangent when discussing something?

                • @keejoonc: Is it a tangent?

                  • @Wonderfool: Let's see.

                    You said :

                    Almost all Chinese phone makers have their own ui. This is because play store isn't available in China, so they need to make their own ecosystem.

                    We have established that Chinese phone makers have thier own ui, not because they don't have playstore in China.

                    Then you said:

                    Phones like one plus is relatively stock. So are Sonys, Htcs and Motorolas are skin with practically no extra feature or bloat.

                    I don't see why Chinese makers would bother the spend the R&D to slow down their phone and move away from windows phone in the early days just to have baseline functionality. There's monetary incentives, and it shows today.

                    How are the above points even remotely relevant to the original topic of discussion, which was a question of whether availability of playstore in China has any bearing on Chinese manufacturers' decision to have custom ui on their phones?

                    • -2

                      @keejoonc: How isn't it? The lack of play store is the main reason why China has so many competing ecosystems. Every Chinese phone makers uses their own store, with their own way of monetisation subsidies. We just don't experience it outside of China.

                      • @Wonderfool: LOL you wouldn't do so well in a debating competition that's for sure.

                        • @keejoonc: That was uncalled for. I don't see why you need to be so aggressive despite bringing no arguments to the table, just a series of insults.

                          • @Wonderfool: insults? how about learning to admit you are wrong rather than keep on posting non sense?

                            • @keejoonc: Admit what? You haven't interacted with any of my points.

                              • @Wonderfool: are you doing this on purpose or are you genuinely not following? see costa60's reply to your comment and my comment and still tell me I haven't "interacted with any of your points".

                                • @keejoonc: I genuinely don't get you. Not all phones have custom ui, see the list I made, while Chinese ones predominantly does.

                                  • @Wonderfool: people who downvoted your comment says otherwise. I think you are the one who isn't understood by the majority.

                                    • @keejoonc: Being downvoted doesn't convince me of anything. I need to be convinced by having my points interacted. "No, lol, you don't understand" is not an argument, it's an insult.

                                      What a series of shitshow comment.

                                      • @Wonderfool:

                                        Almost all Chinese phone makers have their own ui. This is because play store isn't available in China, so they need to make their own ecosystem.

                                        As others said, your comment above is 100% incorrect which you refuse admit you were wrong. "No, lol, you don't understand " is not what I said.

                                        You are one who keeps talking about irrelevant crap saying manufacturers like Sony and Motorola don't have their own UI blah blah blah. I thought we were taking about Chinese manufacturers for starters? Not only that, Chinese manufacturers have their own ui not due to lack of access to playstore. How many times do I have to mention this before you give up on saying I haven't addressed your BS argument? Are you from a different dimension?

                                        Love your nickname BTW. How fitting.

                                        • @keejoonc: And it's true that majority of them have a skin thanks to lack of play store. Mention any one of them that don't have their own ecosystem. They all died since xiaomi and bbk took over in market. Even the ones that copy each other like ulefones are barely heard of anymore. Even tcl flip flops between their alcatel and tcl brand cause there's no market for them to penetrate.

                                          The lack of play store is what built the Chinese market it is today, because it's so much cheaper than the alternatives, and China is a super price sensitive market.

                                          • @Wonderfool: No its not. Manufacturers put their own skin simply to differentiate their product from other brands whether it be to add additional features or have different ui. It has nothing to do with playstore. With so many brands within the Android ecosystem how do you think these brands plan on having the upper hand over its rivals? It's not rocket science.

                                            • @keejoonc: It takes R&D to build and maintain skins and features. That's why early phones used Microsoft, and later cheap phones stuck on Android stock, like Alcatel. While you are absolutely right that it helps differentiation (mostly copying IOs), it wasn't the driving force why it became the mainstay in the Chinese market today.

                                              • @Wonderfool: once again you change the subject. you said lack of playstore is the reason why manufacturers use custom ui. can we stay on topic? do you always talk about something else when things don't go your way?

                                                • @keejoonc: Oh i see where the knowledge gap is.

                                                  Because China has no play store, this means that Chinese phones need to create their own app store. But, this means have perfect control over what features that have, and Chinese citizens don't have a choice. They can't say 'oh, there's so many ads, apps that gather data and charges me money for some fancy themes," and go to an alternative store, they have only one choice after they bought that phone.

                                                  And those who had the intention of selling the ecosystem system from the start was the ones that survived. Xiaomi managed to break through the bbk and huawei duopoly through phones being sold at production and logistic cost.

                                                  • @Wonderfool: once again app store and custom ui is unrelated! omg when will you give up?
                                                    app store is as the name states is for apps! you are like a broken record you know that?

                                                      • @Wonderfool: you have constantly drivelled non sense that makes zero sense, not to mention a lot of what you said makes no grammatical sense. waffling on doesn't make your argument stronger and being stubborn and refusing to admit you are wrong is what 3 year old kids would do.

                                                            • -1

                                                              @keejoonc: Oh the irony. I'm sure I would take your criticism had it been presented as a criticism. But congrats, your persistence won the "argument"

                                                            • -1

                                                              @keejoonc: And my petty brain finally figured out where the problem is.

                                                              Despite the name, Miui or Emui, is not just a skin. There's so much under the hood change, to the point that it's basically a custom OS. You can root your phone and you can't remove the Xiaomi's security app even if you root the phone, you need to replace the phone's permission system to do that.

                                                              So lack of play store do matter, because the "Miui" is where Xiaomi makes money, and no play store allowed that, as said in previous post.

                                                              i would've said that had you tried to interact with me, but of course, you're a fantastic debater, and I'm just a 3 just old.

                                                              • @Wonderfool: once again non sense pulled out of your backside. say what you will but they are all Android OS with some customisations built in, nothing more.

                                                                you supposedly wanted to stop and yet keep on coming back with your usual waffling lol
                                                                How funny and proves my point about you not being able to admit you are wrong.

    • short answer is yes, it's basically one ui on samsung or emui on Huawei, just a skin over android

      • So it's basically meaningless? I mean I'm not going to get excited about a newer mui ?

        In fact presumably every single manufacturer has their own take on it and they think people care?

        I switch to Nova anyhow

        • nova is just a launcher and doesn’t protrude as far as a full ui, there’s are different graphics and such but yes, basically meaningless. Although it has been reported miui apparently has ads baked in.

  • Usb 3.1? Desktop mode?

    • +1

      Are you asking what these features are?

      Desktop mode allows you to connect your phone to a monitor and the phone will display a computer like UI on screen so you can use apps (such as the browser, or office applications) in full screen for PC like experience.

      USB 3.1 is the cable/charging/data transfer capability of the phone.

      • No, i mean, are they available here? Xiaomi has a desktop mode since the fold.

        • I like that on my mate wth USB keyboard and the lot. It's quite usable

        • No, i mean, are they available here?

          Yes. Usb 3.1 has been available in Australia since 2014.

          Xiaomi has a desktop mode since the fold.

          Thanks for letting us know

          • @Indomietable: Just for reference, this phone doesn't have usb3.1, so no display out.

  • +6

    Expensive and no local warranty reckon Samsung Trade-in deal is better

    • I have been trying to get the trade-in deal but the trade-in app says my current Oppo, and my old Pixel 3 and Huawei are not eligible. Is there eligibility criteria I can check?

      • Me too, I'm using a Mi phone, I also checked some second hand phone buying website they don't want any Mi phones.

    • samsung would be a no brainer if its using the snapdragon chips in australia - it does get heated up quickly and noticeble and gaming performance not as good

  • -1

    Interesting news article on theregister : https://www.theregister.com/2021/09/22/xiaomi_phone_handset_...

  • -1

    Lithuania banned Chinese made phones due to spyware.


  • I was very keen on Xiaomi being my next phone but it seems I will be sticking to Sammy for some time to come.

  • Such great phones made by xiaomi, unfortunately doubts raise to buy or not based on discussions in this forum

  • +3

    As long-time user of Xiaomi phones, the recent software updates for older devices (Redmi Note 9 Pro) has left me dissapointed with weird bugs that don't look will get fixed seeing as the rate they churn new phones out

    • +2

      Are you still getting updates? My Mi MIX 3 4G is still on the October 2020 security patch.

      I thought I was onto a winner after the Note 3 Pro SE years ago but I feel like old models are abandoned at the same rate as new ones are introduced. Reckon this will be my last Xiaomi.

      • my Mi A2 is on android version 10 - July 1 2021 security patch level.

        but note this is an Android One phone and one of the selling points was it uses stock Android.

      • I recently got the 12.5.1 Stable update with 01-08-2021 security patch. However this was the first time in awhile started getting security updates also.

        I too was on the Note 3 before my current phone now.

  • -2

    There are a lot of good reasons to go for other android phones like s21, Google pixel etc. taking benefit of generous trade in and other ongoing offers. S21 for instance is way cheaper than this Chinese spyware crap. Especially think twice before buying anything from Xiaomi and Huawei due to security concerns.

    • +2

      seems whoever negged you didn't experience the utter BS experience with the warranty process. From my exp, I wouldn't touch chinese junk again. And of course there are these "other" reasons to avoid this crap.

  • https://www.mi-store.com.au/mi-phones. If xiaomi Australia website sells phones. What's the problem in buying in aliexpress global model.

    • mi.com/global even links to this specific AliExpress store too.

    • You willing to roll the dice on a $1700 phone that won't have any warranty? I guarantee you when you return that phone for a warranty claim they'll come back and ask for payment saying it's user damage.

      If you're deadset on this phone then at least buy it from a grey importer in Aus, at least the ACL can give you some protection.

      • +1

        Noone is saying it's the first time

        • +1

          To neg my comment is to say I'm wrong or you disagree. Therefore the neggers think it's the first time.

          • -1

            @Clear: I negged your comment because I haven’t forgotten, when you say I have.

            You talk for everyone when you clearly can not.

            • @cloudy: Can we make it to the most downvoted comment of the month?

              • @Clear: We can try make your comment the most downvoted, but you honestly have too many contenders for that accolade.

      • +2

        Didn't neg you as I agree it's not the first time xiaomi done this. And yet people don't care how serious this could get if ignored. Comes 2021, xiaomi got even bigger. I in fact stopped using xiaomi as I had a really bad warranty related exp with them recently and not because they are sending users data to commie govt. But now I am educated enough and happy with my decision to avoid xiaomi looking at other reasons than simply rubbish warranty issues.

        • +2

          You're not wrong about that. This has come up because of the Lithuanian-China dispute. The difficulty in stopping this is taking Xiaomi to court… in China but we all know that won't happen.

          Best you can do is simply not use Xiaomi if you're concerned. Obviously using another phone means you have our own country and the five eyes accessing your data anyway, but to some people that's not as bad as China.

          • @Clear: Xiaomi knows how to cover their tracks, so does every other company and in trade war it seems everything is fair. It wasn't just Lithuania who thinks xiaomi phones are security threats, if you search, many security researchers have warned against using xiaomi phones. Haven't seen the same with samsung, LG etc.

            Re your own country spying on your data is a given these days, important is what they use it for, is it in or against national interest and a lot of factors but at least I never had as many warranty related issues using a samsung phone compared to xiaomi .

  • I want the one with the screen on the back

    • +4

      just turn it over and viola! Screen on the back

  • Thanks OP, I picked up an 8GB/128GB version to replace my Samsung S9Plus that a bit long in the tooth. The cashback will sweeten this deal even further

  • Is there still memory shortage

  • -3

    No more Chinese brand mobile phone for me……period


  • Lucky I got rid of my s21 ultra and went for the Fold. Samsung always gives us the exynos which sucks.

  • Xiaomi will only provide 1 major android os update and 4 four years MIUI updates.

    Iphone 7 years
    Oppo 3 years including major updates
    Samsung 4 years including 3 major updates

    If Xiaomi can provide at at least 3 major updates, I will be buying one.

  • You need pay more about 70AUD for VAT. So the price is go higher.

    • Where are you getting that? My price is GST inclusive.

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