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2021 Complete Python Bootcamp from Zero to Hero in Python $16.99 @ Udemy


Yes, a paid Udemy course! Outrageous! But hear me out.

This is generally considered one of, if not the best Python course on Udemy. It's usually quite expensive at $149.99 and doesn't go on sale often, but currently on flash sale for $16.99, but only for another 2.5hrs as of time of this posting.

If the many free Python courses are not doing for you, this one is worth a go.

Note that when I first saw this while logged in, it came up as $19.99. But then I loaded up the page in Incognito and the price was $16.99. Logged in and checked out fine at that price. Dodgy pricing practice.

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  • Same, came up as $19.99 until I went into Incognito mode and fulfilled the order through that.

  • Purchased - hopefully it's a good course.

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    Not sure what is more shocking. A paid Udemy course or someone actually completing one.

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      Probably a lot more chance of completing if it had been paid for. (Value perception - there's probably a Udemy course for that too.)

  • The best course is the one you learn by yourself 😜

    • The best course is the one you learn by yourself under the instruction / mentorship of a great teacher.

  • Still active now and was $19.99 in icognito or normal window but after logging in a normaly windows went down to $16.99 for my existing account

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    Saw this last night just before as it was going to expire.. thought I'd missed it.

    Checked this morning…

    You purchased this course on May. 26, 2017

    Thanks OZB.