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20L Car Home Freezer Cooler Warmer For Camping $99 (~$128) Delivered @ AustraliaStock


20L Mini Car & Home Freezer For Camping, Travelling

►Colour: Silver

►External size: about 33(D)28.5(W)41(H)cm

►Internal size: about 23(D)22(W)33.5(H)cm

►Operating Voltage: 12/24V (DC), 220/240V(AC)

►Volume: 20L

►Power Output: <50W

►Material: ABS

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  • Refrigerates down to 27°C below ambient temperature, Min -9°C

    For $99? Really?

    What's the catch?

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      Doesn't work.

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      What's the catch?

      Refrigerates down to 27°C below ambient

      On a 36⁰C day the fridge won't get below 9⁰C so all your food will spoil. If you're camping and had it in a car on a 36⁰C day the ambient temp would much higher and it won't come close to keeping your beer at a drinkable temp let alone stop your steaks from turning green…not that you'll fit much in a 20L fridge.

    • It's not a vapor compression refrigeration system, like your fridge at home or a typical camping fridge. If it says a certain temperature rating below ambient it'll be an absorption system or even a thermoelectric system. The second two aren't the best for our conditions. 35°c - 27°c = 8°c. Too warm for perishable food. Ok to keep drinks sort of cool.

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    By the look of the other stock on sale this is a $2 shop car fridge

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    Peltier cooler which is hugely inneficient.

    Cant freeze without refridgerant and a compressor… bad ad.

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    As others state, this isnt a true freezer in the way we think a freezer is.

    Refrigerates down to 27°C below ambient temperature

    So temp is 30 degrees it wont Freeze. it will be 3 degrees.

    Its in a car which will be much higher temperatures than outside. Thats why you dont leave dogs or kids in a locked car.

    And good luck with keeping your drinks cool when you most want them cool.

    And it will only be a "freezer" or Fridge, as there are no seperate compartments.

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    Adding to the fact it just won't work to expectations - it'll kill your battery in a matter of hours if not being charged by your alternator or solar panels. The current draw isn't specified, and the only power rating mentioned is the output <50W. So, even assuming it's 100% efficiency that's still over 4 Amps. A high end 100Ah deep cycle discharged to 50% that's 12 Hrs. A smaller non deep cycle - far less. But they aren't 100% efficient so I'd expect even higher current draw for that power output.

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    in Antarctica we have to used this for keep our food warm.

  • It's a dud product in being able to deliver what you would expect it to during hot days.

    RockyRaccoon has summed it up well.

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    Yep. These are junk.

  • Too much money.

    However these are great to connect to a spare SATA connector or PCI-E power lead to have a small fridge at your desk.

    I tend to take one to every office ive worked at. "Less than 50w" at 12v is only 4A a laugh for modern psu's.

  • What's a good alternative for a portable fridge about 20L max?

    • 20L is tiny, what are you using it for?

      • Just camping mostly. Don't normally take that much food. Anyone tried these: https://www.catch.com.au/product/6-techni-ice-heavy-duty-reu...

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          I've got some Techni Ice ice packs, they're okay but tend to get slimy when defrosting. Tried vac packing them but they lose their shape after a while and done work as well. I've found frozen 1.2L bottles of water are better and you've got extra drinking water as they defrost.

          Keep in mind that you'll lose a fair amount of space with any sort of ice.

          The suggestion below of cooler bag in an esky would have better insulation than either on their own but I'd guess you'd need to start with at least a 30L esky to end up with 20L storage.

          20L fridge gives you 20L storage but don't know how common the size is…might need to go up to 35L to get something decent.

          Sorry that doesn't really answer your question.

    • A cooler bag, in an esky.

      You'll manage 3 days at a time by double insulating.

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