[Switch] Persona 5 Strikers $49, Paper Mario $49, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition $47.97 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Persona 5 Strikers - $49

Cheapest historical price for local stock.

Price-matching JB Hi-Fi - Credits to zxnmcx

  • A summer vacation with close friends takes a sudden turn as a distorted reality emerges; reveal the truth and redeem the hearts of those imprisoned at the center of the crisis
  • Join the Phantom Thieves and strike back against the corruption overtaking cities across Japan
  • Jump into the stylish world of Persona in an all-new story
  • Dynamically control your team during explosive action combat
  • Battle across Japan in an epic road trip
  • Digital pre-order bonus content includes: Soundtrack with over 40 songs, Digital art book and Behind-the-scenes video

Paper Mario: The Origami King - $49

Not as cheap as previous deals

  • Join Mario and his new companion Olivia on a comedic RPG adventure that will take you to the far corners of a papercraft Mushroom Kingdom in Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch
  • Face off against the Origami King and his army of paper invaders, team up with some extraordinary companions and master magical powers on your quest to save the world
  • Journey across the land – from scorching deserts to sailing the high seas
  • Recruit a revolving cast of wacky travel buddies
  • Engage in battles which will put both your tactical thinking and puzzle solving skills to the test

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - $47.97

Price-matching EB Games

  • Discover the origins of Shulk as he and his companions clash against a seemingly-unstoppable mechanical menace; wield a future-seeing blade, chain together attacks and carefully position your party members in strategic, real-time combat as you journey across a massive world
  • During an attack from the mechanical invaders known as the Mechon, Shulk discovers that he can tap into the full power of a mysterious blade known as the Monado; with the mighty Monado in hand, Shulk sets out to defeat the Mechon once and for all
  • In addition to the Mechon, you'll run into wildlife that ranges from docile to deadly; keep an eye on what attracts monsters' attention to avoid unwanted conflict
  • Upgrade your party as you progress through the adventure by selecting equipment, enhancing weapon skills and using benefit-granting gems; put your dependable companions to work by filling the party gauge to trigger a Chain Attack and attack enemies in quick succession
  • See what happens a year after the events of the main game in a new epilogue that focuses on Shulk and his friend Melia

Overcooked 2 - $35.97

Price-matching EB Games. Note: Digital Copy is usually cheaper when on special.

  • Online/Local Multiplayer Madness - You'll knead to work together to get the highest score in chaotic local and online multiplayer.
  • Feast your eyes on this - Cook in new kitchens ranging from sushi restaurants, magic schools and mines!
  • Romaine Calm - Travel through teleporters, across moving platforms and save time by throwing ingredients across dynamic kitchens that shift and evolve.

8BitDo Zero 2 Bluetooth gamepad - $25

Price-matching JB Hi-Fi

  • Pink - Only 4 left in stock.
  • Turquoise - Only 2 left in stock.
  • Yellow - Only 2 left in stock.
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, macOS and more.
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Made for 2D games
  • Play any game, anywhere 8BitDo controllers are designed to be as versatile as possible with each of your modern devices. Easily pair your controller as an X-input or D-input device via Bluetooth.
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  • +4

    Note that the 8BitDo Zero is tiny.
    It's not very comfortable gaming experience and my hands are quite small

    • +4
      • -1

        I bought one online from Big W, didn't have a reference photo. When I saw the box I was quite surprised

        • +1

          Only useful as a small portable controller (ie. for Mobile Games on the Go)

    • Yes, its tiny!

  • +5

    Some good news for Nintendo online - Nintendo 64 is coming! 😃


    • +13

      Of course "at an extra cost" with Nintendo..

      • +1

        The sweetener there is the multiplayer support for games like Mario Kart 64 (and presumably Smash 64 and the Mario Party games if they arrive later on), as well as the Rare games (Banjo Kazooie was confirmed).

        That's how they pull you in - immediately as soon as people saw BK, a lot of people threw away any resistance to not getting the NSO upgrade.

    • +14

      Nintendo Online is a joke

    • I'm more excited at the new controller, much less so the pricing of it.

      • +2

        Agreed. Expecting each controller to be ~AU$65 to $75 though.

        Comparing pricing for NSO Controller

        Controller US Pricing AU Pricing
        Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers $59.99 $79.95
        Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller $29.99 $39.95
        Nintendo 64 Controller/SEGA Genesis Control Pad $49.99 ?
    • +2

      No n64 mini?

      • Unfortunately I suspect the addition of N64 to Switch online is likely the nail in the coffin for a separate N64 mini happening anytime soon :-(

    • Coming to the service in the months post-launch include:


      • Banjo Kazooie

      First they're in Smash, now this.
      Don't do this to me, Nintendo.
      Don't give me hope.

    • +1

      Hmm not really a fan of having them tied to a subscription though. Would prefer to purchase outright, or at least the option.

  • Persona 5 Strikers price matching JB Hi-Fi

    • Thanks, updated description.

  • There must be some weird Sony exclusivity deal for the OG Persona5

    • all gone now, the Americanized Sony would just censor the next Persona at every turn

  • Which game is getting the up doot?

  • Too small, I'd use pair of joycon if I have to choose between them

  • OP, your description has a great format/layout.

    Thanks for the effort.

    Ended up purchasing Persona 5