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Prinetti Carpet Cleaner $79.00 ($69.00 or Less with Club Plus) C&C Only @ Supercheap Auto


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$99 elsewhere. $69 with coupon, $59 with $10 credit for joining SCA (free to join in store)


Compact, lightweight carpet cleaner for easy manoeuvrability
Retractable 7m power cord easily stores away after use
Accessible foot push pedals for control
Easy one-touch trigger operation
Twin-tank technology provides powerful cleaning
Tanks each 3L offering extended use before refilling

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  • Can anyone comment on how these perform vs the ones you rent from the supermarkets?

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      Pretty sure these are designed for spot cleans/rugs. Pretty for pet owners for example. Might be good for small room apartment owners as well.

      If you are cleaning the entire house best to hire one because you can clean larger spaces easier with little disruption (drying time for the entire house and moving furniture).

      • I thought in cleaning a carpet, the cleaning chemical would be more important in carpet cleaning than the machine itself like this one here, is it?

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          It's probably the other way round, good machines have good scrubbers and superior suction. I've used a good Bissell before, so I'll see how this stacks up.

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      I got $99 vax one from target 2 years ago…. it contains 1L bottle in it, it only covers 3m*3m~4 x 4 area? but bunning rental one is like $1500 worth it so super noisy but also super powerful.. and one bottle cover a whole living room……so I feel it same as cordless vaccum vs ball type vaccum.. if you want to clean a whole house, should borrow from bunnings, but you want to clean room one by one then get this one… if you want to clean sofa and car seat, better buy $200ish one with extra suction.

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    Cheapo carpet cleaner, looks similar to the Aldi one. Not that great. Ended up getting the Bissell Proheat revolution pet instead.

  • I bought one today, but will use a diy cleaning solution to save money. Still scouring the internets for a good one.

    I also read you fill up the cleaning tank all the way (instead of half way), then empty the dirty tank when that gets full (i.e. half the clean tank is used). And also to go light on the water spraying so you don't soak your carpets too much.

    Not expecting much tbh, but at this price I'll take a punt.

  • Coupon not working

  • I bought it with just my $10 SCA Club coupon , so I paid $89. So far so good. The 3 L tank is just enough for a 4m by 4m bedroom.
    I had to buy carpet shampoo from Godfrey's although the manual says you can just use warm water.